Listing the Best Options for Online Bingo Payments

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to consider when choosing an online bingo room is the online bingo payments and bingo payment options available. The online bingo payment methods are what you will need to deposit money, buy bingo cards and of course receive your winnings and jackpots.

We believe that the payment method is the one part of any bingo site which should save you time and effort when making a deposit or getting your winnings. A handy tip we would like to give you is to always have more than one payment options available before you even start playing.

There are excellent banking options available and experienced online bingo players always have several different options ready to use when they want to make a deposit or cash out their winnings. Bingo sites are doing their best to offer as many payment methods as possible because they want to make it more convenient, fast and easy for their players to fund their accounts and withdraw winnings.

Method Deposit Time Fees
Visa Immediate None
MasterCard Immediate None
Visa Electron Immediate None
Maestro Immediate None
Paypal Immediate None

There is another type of bingo sites, which make it hard for players to withdraw funds and we are not going to mention these because we do not believe this is a good strategy to keep your players. That being said any of the bingo rooms you find reviewed on our site offer a variety of ways to deposit and withdraw money. On this page, you will find more information about the major payment methods and gateways used by reputable bingo rooms to make online transactions. We have picked some of the preferred methods for online bingo payments which many players trust and opt to use.

Meaning of Bingo Payment Options for Online Gambling?

This is quite a big topic, and we can write a lot about what payment solutions there are and how they work. But this is information which is widely available and we do not want to repeat it all here. In short, the online payment methods or solutions are ways to process monetary transactions online. They go via the internet and use an e-commerce platform or an application which is the virtual equivalent of a physical cashier. They look to match account online (here we are talking about bank accounts, credit, and debit cards, e-wallets) and transferring funds from that account to the bingo room or the other way around when withdrawing winnings.

You can read more details at the website of the payment method you are interested in and find most convenient.

What to Look out For?

We have listed the three most important factors we believe every player should look at when choosing an option for online bingo payments below.

  • which are the varoious debit and credit cardsSecurity choose to work with a company which uses the latest technology and makes sure both your information and money are safe and secure from any online fraud.
  • Usability pick an online payment method which is easy to use, you can create an account quickly and link it directly to your main bank account.
  • Accessibility – go for a payment method which is accessible through most online bingo sites and available to many or all locations of players.

Which are the Best Bingo Payment Options?

On this page, you will find the most secure and safe payment gateways and solutions online. They are easy to set and use and are also available on the major bingo sites. It is hard to select the single best method from all of them and it often depends on the personal taste of bingo players. However, there is a rule of thumb we can share with you. Usually, the most accepted online payment options are Visa and MasterCard. E-wallets like PayPal or Skrill also offer excellent service. Again the – which is the best question comes down to personal preferences.

There are many different payment methods for depositing and withdrawing online. We will do our best to give you a short review of the main methods used in both US and UK bingo rooms. We have added bingo rooms we are sure to accept these forms of online transactions.

Debit and Credit Cards

MasterCard/Visa This is the most common method for online bingo payments. These are the most common, easy to use and secure payments. Usually, when you first register your bingo account, you can link a card to it. You enter the details on the card and make the payment. At most bingo rooms you can also save the card details for future use. You will be required to add full card numbers, expiry dates and billing address. Once your card is saved, all you need to do for the payment to go through is add in the CCV (the three-digit number on the back of the card) number and one more verification step to make your deposit. This is an easy and very secure payment method; the same applies for getting your winnings. The bingo room will just transfer the winnings back to the card you have linked to your account.

what to choose choosing between skrill and netellerMaestro This is a debit card which is mostly used in the UK. Its popularity in the banks is decreasing, but bingo rooms accept this type of payment, and it works in the same way as Visa and MasterCard.

American Express This payment method works in the same way as the other major credit and debit cards we mentioned. However, if you are playing in the UK, some bingo rooms may not accept this card, so it can limit the sites and rooms you can play at. It is a popular bingo payment option in North America. Most US online bingo sites accept Amex, some of the biggest names are Vic’s Bingo, CyberBingo, and BingoHall.


E-wallets are a popular solution for online payments. They are linked to your bank account or credit/debit card, and you can fund your account. Then you can use the e-wallet to deposit money, and you do not provide your banking information to third parties. This is a preferred method of making a transaction online especially when it comes to bingo sites. Most players do not want to give out their info directly to the bingo sites. The e-wallets we have listed work in pretty much the same way and are the most used ones for online transactions.

PayPal – This is one of the first and best known and most reputable e-wallet. While in the US the option could be more limited in the UK almost every bingo site allows you to make deposits and withdrawals.

why to use a mobile e-wallet to pay onlineMoneybookers/Skrill – These are offered by the same company. The products underwent some rebranding, but along Neteller, these are the largest emerging e-wallets on the market. They are a safe and secure method for online bingo payments. Most bingo rooms in the US accept this method, so it is a good option for players from North America.

Neteller – What make Neteller one of the best options for online bingo deposits are the great safety and accessibility. You can use this payment option in the US as most bingo rooms accept it along with Skrill.

Ukash – This is an excellent e-wallet for UK players, although it is less popular than PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller it has all the potential to be among the best bingo payment options.


There is a huge variety of methods for online bingo payments out there, which are used successfully for online bingo. Many companies provide excellent service, so the choice is a matter of taste. Other payment options used in the bingo rooms are Papercheck, eco, Bankwire, Clickandbuy and Paysafecard.

Usually, bingo rooms have a whole page on their site dedicated to the payment methods they accept, so check out the bingo site you want to play at to see if your preferred method is accepted.

Best Online Bingo Payment Methods

In this section we will introduce you the most used bingo site deposit methods:

Debit cards

The majority of online bingo players prefer this method to fund their bingo accounts. The success rates for transferring money to online bingo sites is very high, but the main advantage is that there are no fees for making a deposit. This method is preferred for claiming a bonus.

Credit cards

Another popular method used by many bingo players is by using a credit card. But when using a credit card, you will be charged with different feed by the issuer. This is because the bingo deposits are considered a cash advanced and a percentage of the amount will be charged as a fee.

Virtual wallets

These are also known as e-wallets and are becoming more and more popular among bingo players, who do not wish to use a debit or credit card to deposit money. There are many different e-wallets available, but the most popular among them are Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller.

how to make an online payment through a virtual wallets


You can fund your account at an online bingo site using a prepaid voucher. There are no fees associated with them, and you can find them in stores worldwide, the best pre-paid vouchers are Ukash and PaySafeCard.

Mobile Phone Payments

This is a great payment method for all players who prefer to play through their mobile device. The deposits are charged to your monthly mobile phone bill. Often there are limitations to how much you can deposit, but if you do not wish to use any other payment option this is quite easy and simple.

Withdrawal Options at Online Bingo Sites

There are various options when it comes to getting your winnings from online bingo sites to your account. Below we have listed some of the most popular ones. These offer the best and quickest ways to cash out your winnings.

Debit Cards

This is again one of the most preferred methods to get your winnings because you will notice that the payments are quite fast. Soon after you request your winnings to be sent to a debit card, they will rapidly be available in your bank account. This, of course, depends on how fast the bingo site processes them; sometimes these funds may be available instantly.

Virtual wallets

read to learn how the bank wires workAll e-wallets have the option to withdraw winnings to them, but they may charge a small fee to send them back to your bank account, and usually this happens via a cheque.

Bank wires

More and more online bingo sites have this option available. They give you the option to send your winnings back to your bank account. The process time for these transactions depends on where you are in the world, so it is best to get informed about the expected time frames for your country in advance.


The cheques are a possible option to get your bingo winnings, but you will be at the mercy of your postal services when using this method. Most online bingo sites will be able to send you the cheque by a courier, but you will have to pay a small fee.


Online bingo payments are a very important topic which is also connected to questions like online safety, security, and technology. Constantly there are new bingo payment options being launched, but only some succeed in offering the three most important aspects of these services namely: security, usability, and accessibility. We hope our online bingo payments review will help you find the best method for your needs and taste.

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