Describing the Features of the USA Bingo Sites

Nowadays the gambling games are developing pretty fast, especially the USA bingo sites. The american betting industry is huge, one of the most famous games are the well-known USA bingo sites which also make a very big profit – $20 billion worldwide and $10 billion only in the United States. Its popularity in the USA brings more and more visitors to the bingo halls– 1.2 billion to be correct. They are not only bingo fans who play regularly but also new players, making their first steps in the game. USA bingo sites are also popular as you can enjoy the game from any location. If we look at the new fans, the game has every year the online bingo USA is on the rise.

which is the right usa bingo operator on the webResearch shows that there is a decrease in the visitors of traditional bingo halls in the last years, particularly in the UK, no matter the enormous popularity of the game worldwide. However, there are still some bingo places, which are very popular and their owners have huge success, but the technical progress is still pressing them. That led to moving the business model online and reducing the number of active bingo clubs in the UK in 2014 to only 400.

The favorite number game can be defined as a women’s game, as 57% of the online bingo players are ladies, and also they play bingo a lot more than men. Bingo games can be considered as addictive because the people playing bingo are spending up to 10 times more money that they normally are ready to spend for other games like football or baseball. Still, bingo can be very well-paying game regardless if you are a professional player or just having some fun; you just need some luck. Thanks to this game 6 out of 10 players are earning more than $28,000 per year.

About the 75-ball Bingo game

In different countries, bingo games can have different rules and versions, but one of the most famous is the 75-ball bingo game. In this game, the players can choose numbers from 1 to 75, ordered in five columns and marked with the letters of the word B-I-N-G-O, normally within 15 numbers. There is a plane area in the center of the card. This type of Bingo is the most famous bingo game in the USA.

Why are CyberBingo and Bingo Hall the best websites to play bingo in the USA?

find the best websites to play bingo in the usaLike in every other area, there are a lot of online bingo sites in the United States, which offer different games. One of them is CyberBingo – it is online for more than 10 years already (since 1996 to be exact), and it gives the players £5 as a welcome bonus. Besides this bonus, your first deposit is increased 5 times, and there are other surprises while playing. You can enjoy not only bingo games but also other interesting free or paid offers; you can choose from different variants, participate in the chat, connect with the community and make new friends.

Another very famous bingo website in the USA is Bingo hall, which was recently upgraded. After the changes, the players can not only play more games but also assess others. If you enjoy making new acquaintances, you can create an account and connect with other players or just take advantage of the bonuses ($25 just for signing up). You should not also miss the other types of bingo and side games on the site as well as the special promotional offers.

USA Bingo User Reviews

There are sites like this one where you can find all the information needed for all of the USA bingo sites – jackpots, gameplay and security, payment options, different bonuses for new or registered players and a lot more. You can also leave a review or rate a game or provider. Furthermore, we take care for our visitors by compiling all of the reviews and categorizing the online bingo pages appropriately. Тhe reviews are also taking players’ opinions into consideration so that you can read objective positive and negative reviews.

USA Bingo Sites

is it easy to bet at usa bingo sitesYou can make a US online bingo profile quickly and easily – it takes just a few minutes. Any American can play online bingo and enjoy the game from the comfy sofa at home for example. However, some of the sites are targeting the European market, so you may not be allowed to play if you are a US player. There are bingo rooms opened for US players too.

In all of the USA bingo sites, you will get a great bingo experience, attractive bonuses, fair gameplay and professional customer support. Always check if the online bingo site has a license and enjoy your game of choice.

Legal overview of USA Bingo Sites

It is pretty difficult to put the bingo game in a law frame, especially when each of the US states has its own rules and regulations. However, the US government needs to find a way for regulation, as it is a matter of money and the bingo game is considered as gambling.

Despite this bingo games are legal in the USA but when you play in a bingo hall. You can also use the popular number game for charity and even get a tax discount or exemption, but you have to prove that the profit was used for charity and also have a valid license for organizing such events. All in all bingo games are a lot more recognized by the law, compared to other gambling games.

Origins of the US bingo games

what are the origins of the usa bingo gameThe origins of the bingo game can be traced back to Italy 500 years ago. The earliest game similar to bingo was called “Tombola”. Later – in 1778 in France the game “Le Lotto” was invented it was an improved version of the “Tombola”. There were 90 numbers and 27 squares in nine columns and three rows. The numbers were marked on five squares on each of the three rows. This is the game that is now known as traditional bingo variant.

Later the bingo game was copyrighted in the USA by Hugh J. Ward after he had already presented it at a different carnivals and fairs in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania in the 1920s. After that, another American – Edwin Lowe succeeded in popularising the Beano game by introducing it to his friends in New York in the 1930s. Although the word “bingo” was already used by the people in England since the 1770s, it became popular in the USA a bit later as beano.

There were two variants, created by Lowe – you had the choice of buying 42 cards for $2 or 12 cards for $1. After that the interesting number game increased its popularity with a fast pace, conquering the entire USA in the 1940s and resisting the test of time up to our modern times.

Can I Play Online Bingo USA?

Online bingo has millions of fans worldwide. In the countries where Bingo was popular earlier, there are endless choices for playing bingo online, like in the UK for example. But what is the situation for the US players? Do you have the possibility to play from your house, enjoying the same bonuses and the same top-notch graphics as the bingo players on the other side of the ocean? Luckily the answer is yes!

at which sites can you play usa bingo onlineAlthough most of the sites are targeting the European market, there are a lot of safe and fun online places where you can play bingo in America. And not only this – there are also very tempting bonuses for making newly registered users. You just need to have a couple of minutes and use them for registering at one of the sites we recommend.

It may not be easy to differentiate which sites are reputable and which are not, but you can trust our references, based on a lot of reviews and cooperation with online bingo operators. You can take advantage of the same bonuses, games and jackpots like on the sites which are off-limits to Americans, and some of them are fortunately even handing out cash for free.

Bingo Hall offers a friendly environment, where you can easily create your own free account, make new friends and play bingo with them, get the chance to win jackpots over $50,000 and play very profitable slots. You can now become a member of one of the best bingo sites only, and not only it will not cost you anything, but you will get a bonus for making a registration.

If you are a US citizen and are eager to play bingo, but unfortunately there is no bingo hall close to you, don’t worry! All you have to do is go to one of the USA Bingo sites we recommend and create an account. You will enjoy an exciting game with great bonuses and get the chance to win life-changing jackpots. Stay up to date and make good use of the online bingo USA sites. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Regarding USA Bingo

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