Information Regarding the Western Union Bingo Sites

Western Union bingo sites use an international payment service, covering most of the big cities worldwide and also some of the smaller towns. It has about 350.000 agents in the whole world. Western Union bingo sites accept this type of payment for UK based bingo players. By using this payment option, you can pay online, through local merchants or via phone.

To get it started you only need to register an account, then you can instantly connect a credit card to your account or also use a bank transfer. Afterwards, it is easy to pay at an online shop or site. The transfer may be either in cash, or online bingo players can arrange a transfer directly into the receiver’s bank account.

Can you make an online money transfer at Western Union? The tremendous advantage of Western Union as a payment method is the fact that you can easily schedule your payouts to merchants, perform payments in advance and set up the money transfer multiple times to selected WU bingo sites. When you make the transfer, you have the option to either pay in cash or use a credit card. Then you will receive a receipt with an MTCN code on it (money transfer control number). With this code, you can easily track the transfer online or via mobile phone.

Operations of the Company

Western Union operates as an intermediary; its main benefit is confidentiality. You do not need to share your confidential bank details with third parties every time you pay; only your identification card will be needed in some cases. Thus the chances of fraud and theft are reduced. Western Union prioritises the safety of customers’ money. The customer can be sure they will receive their money securely in cash or on their credit card in the currency they wish.

For your convenience on the Western Union website, you can read a list recommendations when transferring money to the western union bingo sites.

Available Currencies

The services of Western Union are offered in almost any currency which available nowadays worldwide. By paying online to western union bingo sites, you can choose from more than 200 countries to transfer your money to, and this can be done in the local currency. The online service makes the process convenient and simple for their customers. They can quickly check and work with their funds.

Find currencies to companies that use Western Union! Western Union offers the following currencies to companies WU bingo sites users:

  • Euro, UK Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Kroner, Turkish Lira, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand;
  • Brazilian Reais, Lithuanian Litas, Polish Zloty, Hungarian Forint, Thai Bath, Slovakian Koruna, Swiss Franc, South Korean Won, Iceland Krona, Latvian Lat, Singapore Dollar, Israeli Shekel, Czech Koruna, Romanian Lei, Russian Ruble, Croatian Kuna, Estonian Kroon;
  • Bulgarian Lev, Malaysian Ringgits, Indian Rupee, Mexican Pes, Taiwan Dollar, Argentinian Peso.


The online service of Western Union is available in 7 languages and 13 countries worldwide. They provide online customer support in all the different languages via email or phone. Western Union local agents can transfer money to all companies which accept Western Union as an online payment option. The company can be reached in almost any country and language in the world through these local agents. The online service is available in the following languages: French, Italian, English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian.

General Info

In 1984 Western Union was listed on the United States Dow Jones index as a public company. With more than 350 000 agents, it is well-known as the largest money transfer agent in the world. By using Western Union as a payment option to play in your favourite western union bingo sites, you have the opportunity to choose between a few ways of transferring your money to companies – online, with the assistance of their local agencies or via phone.

What information about western union do you need? Bingo players have the opportunity to avoid using a prepaid card or a credit card by contacting the Western Union local agents which accept cash. The consumers do not need to provide any personal details, the transfer does not appear in any bank account, no third parties have access to any confidential information.

The online payment service keeps a record and provides a secure overview of all transfers ever made by their customers.

History of Western Union

Western Union has an interesting history; its original role was far different from its current function. It is founded a long time ago before the times of internet, in 1851. Its first role was to offer worldwide means of sending telegraph messages across the world, shortly it grew rapidly and covered a lot of nations in the whole world by 1861.

The company was created over 150 years ago in 1856 under the name the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. After consolidating several Telegraph lines throughout the USA, 5 years later they changed the name to Western Union as a sign of new times in the company. The same decade it established its first connection with Europe. Only within the US century, Western Union had already installed a million miles of telegraph lines and laid two international undersea cables.

Western Union became the first company to send money all over the United States of America. In 1871 the company started offering a new service, money transfers through Telegraph. As time passed, the telephone quickly replaced the telegraph as the primary means of communication. This resulted in a huge growth of the importance of money transfer service and of course, became the main revenue earner of the business.

How did Western Union Operate during its early years? Throughout most of the 20th Century, people relied mainly on the telegram as secure means of information transmitter, especially when banking was involved, and the process reached its high point during the Second World War.

At that time the telecommunication line disruption occurred which meant that the telephone was no longer an efficient way of communication. Unfortunately, by the early 1980s, the telegram was no longer a preferred method of communication and was replaced by alternative technologies.

Only around 20,000 telegrams were being sent each year in the early 2000’s. The traditional telegram became more and more unnecessary due to the competition of alternative communication services and the emerging of e-mail and instant messaging.

As a result in 2006 Western Union closed down the telegraph business altogether, a period of over 150 years of sending telegrams was history. Western Union launched a worldwide money transfer service, and today it is a world leader in money transferring. The use of Western Union as a payment method is a good alternative for players in WU bingo sites, poker or casino sites. In 2001 the company celebrated their 150th birthday, and the number of their agent offices increased to over 100,000 worldwide.

Almost 100 years after the company went public, early in 1980, Western Union’s financial service generated more revenue than the telegrams. Now Western Union provides payments, prepaid services, money orders and transfers worldwide.

About Western Union Bingo Sites

Online bingo players like you can rely on this excellent payment method to deposit and withdraw money from favourite western union bingo sites. This payment option is accepted by many WU bingo sites all over the world. Most of the bingo sites and providers we have already reviewed on this site accept Western Union, so do not waste valuable time looking for the right payment option, rather use it to enjoy the game.

Other Methods

Wesrtern Union is not one of the widely accepted options, so we advise you to try something else.

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