Play With a Real Host Online at the Live Dealer Bingo Sites

Do you know that there are live dealer bingo sites where you can take part in a real game? If you are a bingo player, who enjoys playing bingo online, you will see that each number picked during the bingo game is randomly chosen. The same goes for the bingo cards which you can buy and after that use for the online bingo game – they will also have a group of randomly chosen numbers printed on them. Now you have a great option – live dealer bingo sites.

All bingo sites have a certified system in place which generates numbers. It draws up random bingo numbers that are called out of the bingo machine. The system chooses completely random numbers which are shown on the screen and are used on the bingo card or ticket.

This generator always guarantees 100% random and objective access to bingo games. Playing these games is quite exciting as you do not know what to expect – if you are going to win or lose. How are the bingo balls called out?

The process happens through software for each number picked by the number generator. After that, the number is shown on the screen. The drawn bingo balls will be automatically marked off on all of the bingo tickets and bingo cards that you have bought. Usually, the voice of the bingo callers is played in an audio form and in this way it informs you about the exact numbers being picked. In case there is a winner there will be a visual and audio alert as well which players could see and hear.

You can now access different games online on your PC or mobile device. We will tell you more about how live dealer bingo sites function.

How live Dealer Bingo Games Work

Would you like to play online bingo games live? In case you decide to try one of the various new bingo side games with a live dealer you are going to find out that you will not need to play on an entirely computer generated screen. You will notice that there is a tiny box located on the screen where you could see live video broadcasted from a land-based bingo hall.

In this way, you can follow what is going on in the land-based venue. You place your wagers and bets and start playing the game that you have selected. This could happen by clicking on the betting positions that you want to bet on or tapping the screen. After that, a bet will be placed for each of the bet or taps.

How Much do I need to Play for?

It is clear that the amount of money you have to gamble to play casino games and live dealer bingo games is different depending on the bingo site. Of course, bingo sites are aware that not all players play with large amounts of cash, so there are bingo games with a smaller bet for a certain game. Usually, the table games and live dealer card games require a minimum of 1.00. This does not mean, however, that there aren’t any cheaper bets.

For example, some Roulette games suggest even less expensive chips. All you have to do is get ready to choose and buy from live dealer bingo sites that have the lowest requirements for mobile bingo games or live dealer online games.

What Are the Live Dealer Games that I Can Play?

The bingo side games which have been designed as live dealer games consist of different variations – for instance, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. You will see that you can play these games on your preferred bingo site and they are accessible together with ordinary casino games and bingo side games.

Side Games at Live Dealer Bingo Sites

Do live dealer bingo operators offer side games? Many players wonder if they have to leave the bingo game they are playing and close the gaming windows to be able to access and play any of the live dealer bingo games and side games offered on a site. The answer is No. Most online and bingo sites run on a great software which will give you the opportunity to play side games while enjoying the bingo.

You do not need to interrupt your bingo game if you wish to play live dealer games. What you can do instead is click on the small window located alongside the bingo game on the screen while you are playing and you will be able to take part in a side game.

Do I Get Loyalty Points?

Provided that you play at licensed mobile and live dealer bingo sites you will receive some bingo loyalty points. It does not matter which game you have decided to play in a real money mode on the site. The exact amount of points you are going to get will be different regarding the bingo site where you have decided to play at. The same goes for the redemption percentage which the site provides.

So do not waste any time to look for the best loyalty clubs. Check out the bingo loyalty clubs at the mobile and online bingo sites and decide which one fulfils your needs best.

Can you get loyalty points at live bingo? As a bingo player, you now have the best of both worlds – you can play bingo together with any additional game at live-dealer bingo sites simultaneously. This is a great chance which gives you many advantages.

You can play both games, and you will not have to worry about your winning bingo ticket or card. This is an excellent opportunity to grab one of the great prizes the side games have to offer.

The bingo site of choice will monitor the bingo tickets and cards for each game you play for you, and there is no chance that you will miss a winning combination on your ticket or card. Having this option, you can focus on playing side games which are very exciting and usually can bring great extra prizes.

Do not miss this chance and give it a try. Maybe it will be your lucky day – you will never know when you could become a winner of one of the incredible prizes. We hope this short overview has been helpful, remember to enjoy both games!

Last modified: October 16th, 2019 by Sam Barlow