Are you Familiar With the Most Common Bingo Myths?

Today, Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the world, and this is why there are a lot of bingo myths related to topics like how you can be more successful in it and how you can trick the system. Also, there are a lot of myths, which are easy to believe in, especially if you are a little bit or more superstitious.

No matter if you are an addicted bingo fan or a beginner in this entertaining game, it is nice to know the most common myths. You can then see for yourself what is worth to believe in and what not. These bingo myths and strategies can be amusing – like playing bingo only under particular circumstances or dancing on the left or the right leg a certain number of times.

However, for some people, these tricks are effective, and they believe that doing weird things like this can increase their chances of winning the big prizes. Furthermore, if these people have the opportunity to win the jackpot, there is no doubt for them that everything is thanks to these let’s call them “rituals”.

We have decided to do a small research on the most common bingo myths on the internet to prove if they are true or not. We hope it will be helpful for you to find out about these strategies, which of them can help you win and which are just a waste of time.

Buying more Cards Increases your Winning Chances

Can buying more bingo cards give you better chances? Like in many other sectors in bingo there are paid articles, where you are advised to buy more cards to increase your chances to win, and this is a very common deception.

Such articles in combination with the strong will to win, make the typical bingo player think: ‘If I buy more cards, I have more chances to hit the jackpot…’ , but this is an completely wrong idea, and we can prove this with a short example.

If you buy 10 bingo cards, it is more likely to think that you will have 10 times bigger chances for winning but unfortunately the odds do not change. That is because the more cards you buy, the more money you spend, and in the end, the prize is not bigger.

We do not advise you to buy 10 cards at once because you can get confused and miss your chance of winning. When you play bingo online, your computer can mark the cards automatically, and it is not very likely to miss a called number, but no matter what, you can call it just luck.

Following Certain Patterns Guarantees Better Odds

Another of the widespread bingo myths is that there are successful bingo patterns, which guarantee you are winning, but that is another entirely wrong assumption. For example, if you are aware that diagonal patterns are your lucky ones and guarantee you the big hit, don’t forget that you are not the only one playing in front of the computer and there are a lot of other players in the online bingo rooms who are using the exactly same patterns like yours.

That means automatically that you, like them, have the same chances to hit the big jackpot from the bingo game. There is no need to think about how you can trick the game and waste your time and money testing the different myths. You should just enjoy your game and draw the maximum pleasure out of it. All you need is luck and positive emotions!

Playing the Same Numbers Will Help you Hit the Mark

Can you hit the mark by using the same numbers? You can never be sure that this type of strategy can be the winning one, but one thing is for sure – if you want to try it, you can spend a lot of money and nerves.

We are sure that every person has their own favourite numbers or believes that there are certain numbers, which can bring them luck – like anniversaries, birthdays of family members and friends, but this is all just in their head, and the bingo machine can’t understand it.

No matter what you think and what kind of combinations you make, the numbers are drawn virtually by a random number generator.

It is nothing but a machine designed by an online bingo network and as soon as you understand that, the better it will be for you. Don’t waste your time with such thoughts and strategies, because this will only distract your mind and stop you from enjoying the game.

Bingo Myths About Beating the Computer to Get the Jackpot

This is another utterly useless strategy and one of the popular myths, especially if you are not a computer hacker and know how to trick the system, which by the way is illegal. We have already explained that the numbers are randomly called, and there is no such thing as manipulating the machine. You cannot sidestep the law or make the computer draw your numbers. Be realistic and don’t believe anyone who tells you that they have succeeded in tricking the system. Be sure that they are either very fortunate or big liars.

Playing Online Makes You Less Social and is Just a Waste of Time

One of the bingo myths tells us that bingo players are less social. We live in the 21st century, so finding new friends and socialising is a lot easier online.

Online bingo can be very helpful for this because the chat rooms are always full of people of different ages and interests. The social feature can be found at every new bingo operator on the market.

Is it true that online bingo players less social? If you are connected through Facebook, you can play bingo and chat with your current friends or use it to find new buddies. It is awesome that you can join a chat room, share your thoughts and experience whenever you want – 24 hours, 7 days a week with other players online.

New research shows that playing online not only doesn’t make you less social but helps people who have problems with finding new friends, socialise easier and make new acquaintances on the internet.

This is also another advantage, compared to traditional bingo halls where conversations during the game are not allowed, and there are a lot of strict rules, which prevent players from socialising.

You can be sure that your time is not wasted because you can not only make new friends but play bingo while you are at work for example and there are a lot of people, who earn money and enjoy playing at the same time.

You need a Lot of Money to Play Bingo & the Prizes are not High

One of the widespread bingo myths is that you need to have a lot of money if you want to play the popular number game. If you believe such statements, better stop now! Just use the internet and look at the big number of online bingo sites, where you will find different offers and some games where you should invest no more than $1 to play. Nobody can guarantee you that you will hit the big jackpot, but there are other equally tempting prizes, exciting promotions and offers in the online bingo rooms.

Online Bingo is not for Old People

Another one of the common bingo myths states that playing online is only for young people. The bingo companies have considered that the game is popular among all ages and they have provided different types of games for all fans, so if you are 18 years or more, you can easily play, have fun and eventually earn money. Also, a big part of the older people have smartphones or internet access, so it is not impossible for them to play their favourite game online, they just prefer land based operators.

Bingo Sites are Scam and Unsafe

Are all bingo sites on the internet unsafe? We cannot say for sure that this is just a myth because there are bingo sites which are not honest and are made to trick you. But you can avoid these deceptions by doing a short research and avoid some infamous bingo sites. If you are worried about your credit card data, for example, you should keep some things in mind.

The big and popular bingo sites are using the best encryption software to protect the information and cannot afford to shake your trust. Some of them are also legally established as the local authorities give them license only if they have proved their security measures.

Some Tested Methods to Help You with Online Bingo

As we have already revealed the truth behind the common myths, we would like to give you some hints to play one of the most popular games in the UK and have fun at the same time without taking any serious risks.

First of all, make sure that the site you have chosen is legal and has a good reputation. It is not just a matter of quality gaming and special offers, but also there is a big chance of not getting the money you have won. Be careful!

If you are a beginner and are not keen on playing paid games, not only bingo – take it easy! If you have some doubts about a specific site or bingo room, it would be better to try some of the free versions or invest a little amount of money. That is a proven way to protect yourself against online cheating or a chance to move to another online bingo site if there is something you do not like.

Do you know how to play paid bingo games? No matter how social you are, it would be better if you play with fewer people. It is better to play in rooms where it is not crowded and use the days during the week, but not the weekend. You know how bingo works – there is always a winner, so if there are more players in the room, your chances of winning are decreasing.

If you manage to win your prize will be bigger, and if for some reasons not – you will have to share it with fewer gamblers. In any case, there are more benefits for you.

No matter what bingo myths you have heard and what you believe or not, don’t forget to have fun! There will always be myths and some reasons why you should not play, but one thing will continue increasing – the popularity of the game. Of course, there will be people who will try to give you evidence that bingo is not safe, but you should not trust them!

Do your research, try different types of bingo and don’t get discouraged. Nobody can guarantee you that a strategy will help you or you will not lose your money, but keep trying. Remember that you just need some luck, strong will and some fun!

Last modified: October 16th, 2019 by Sam Barlow