Enter the Chat Bingo Games for a Conversation

The chat bingo games are a way to enjoy some fun and great company on your favourite bingo sites. At most big bingo sites there is a strong community of players, who enjoy the busy chat rooms not only because of the game but also because they can interact with each other while playing. These rooms show very well the social side of a live game and are becoming more and more popular among players.

The sense of community is very strong in some sites, and the chat rooms are full of friendly folks who are your fellow players. In every room, there is usually a chat moderator who keeps an eye on everything and makes sure everybody is nice to each other.

In some of the best bingo sites, you will also see these moderators organising additional games that may bring you some extra prizes and are a lot of fun. The chat is not there to distract you from your bingo game, so the games in it are very easy, short and simple to play.

Below, we have explained in more detail about how these games work and why give them a try.

Why Play Chat Bingo Games?

reasons to play chat bingo games

A friendly chat room always helps give a good sense of community and makes people feel more relaxed playing, which improves the overall experience. That is why bingo sites encourage the active participation of the players in the chat rooms. Chat games are not only entertaining but also help people get involved and also give away great extra prizes to the winners. Since the games are short and easy, the prizes are not big, but you have a good chance of winning something, no matter how small it is.

The chat games are free for everybody, so you have nothing to lose by taking part, on the contrary, you can win some additional prizes. These games make playing bingo online much more fun and dynamic, so it is worth giving them a shot.

The chat games come in different forms and are never complicated and do not require a specific skill set or a huge amount of time and attention. You can keep your focus on the main games while enjoying everything that the chat has to offer.

Rules and Advice

Chat rooms are there to make the online bingo experience a more enjoyable one for everybody. This means that anyone who decides to join has to respect this. There are common rules and etiquette in these rooms, which all players need to adhere to. It is not a strict one, mostly common sense, but we think it is important to share it with you.

This etiquette is about treating others the way you want to be treated yourself. You must always remember you are chatting to real people, so no matter that the meeting point is virtual; you need to behave as you are in public.

Always make others feel welcome and be kind and friendly with everyone. The chat moderators do not tolerate abusive comments and offensive behaviour. Avoid discussing topics like politics and avoid comments that might be racist, discriminative or prejudiced. As already mentioned this is very simple stuff, but there is no harm in saying it anyway.

advices for live chat bingo rooms

Also, remember that the chat rooms are not a customer support system. Do not use them for technical issues or queries with your account – the customer service forms are there for these cases.

The chat moderators are those who are in charge; they set the chat games and their rules. Before the start of each game, they will explain the rules, so make sure you read them well before deciding to participate.

The rules of the chat bingo games are easy and simple, but if you have questions do not hesitate to ask. You may need to register your interest in participating, so make sure you know where and how to do it. Usually, it is mentioned in the rules.

The best advice for these games is to practice. Take part in as many as you can and enjoy. While playing chat games, it is a good idea to turn on the auto-daub feature, so that you do not miss out any of the called out numbers.

Many games give a prize to the one who is first in answering a given question, so you must be alert and ready to type fast.

Chat Bingo Games Prizes

The prizes vary per game and are different depending on the site you are playing at. There are no particularly big prizes on offer, but remember that these games are free and are there just for fun. One of the most common prizes is free games and bingo bonuses, which are often given away. The prize may also be extra money added to your account or some gift voucher.

Types of Chat Bingo Games

It is difficult to list all the chat games on offer, simply because they are literally hundreds. Across the various bingo sites, you will find new and exciting ideas coming out all the time. It is not possible to keep up with all the different variations available, so the best would be just to play and learn about the games that way. However, there are three main categories that most of the games fall into, and next, we will tell you some more about each of them.

One of the popular chat games are the so-called Trivia games, which are quite simple too. The idea behind them is that the first to answer a question or series of questions correctly wins. The questions are asked by the moderator, and they can be on any subject including film, celebrities, music, and television. The second type is the buddy games, which are entirely based on luck. You can win a prize only because you share a birthday with the main game winner, or having a similar username as them.

The next category is number games, and it can be divided into several subcategories. You need to select a number or numbers in the chat rooms before the game begins. For example, before the first ball is out, all participants must give the chat moderator a single number, the player who guesses the number which is called out first in the main game is the winner.

There is also the last ball out the type of game, where the winner is the one who gives the same number as the last one in the main game. There is a huge variety of number games, but you will quickly get the idea is to get involved in them regularly.


Do not miss to visit the chat of your preferred bingo site, there you will find a welcoming and friendly people, ready to have some fun and win some additional prizes. Enjoy the chat bingo games, the community spirit and show your competitive side.

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