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The Virtue Fusion bingo sites form one of the major online gambling networks. Their speciality is bingo and thanks to their long experience and good reputation, they have acquired a large number of members. And this means that they have bigger prize pools as well. If you’ve explored other bingo networks, like Dragonfish, for example, you know that they prefer to have similar designs for all website.

VF bingo sites are different. Each one has a unique interface and incorporates standalone rooms, diverse games, exclusive promos and VIP programs for its customers. Also, Virtue, Fusion has won many prizes through the years and has been named Bingo Supplier of the Year by eGR for three years in a row.

Of course, all these awards are well deserved considering that VF offers very high-quality services. And they can do so mainly because of the modern software platform they use, which is powered by Playtech.

Virtue Fusion works with one of the best software developers - Playtech!As one of the biggest software developers nowadays, Playtech is capable of providing superb software services, so it’s no wonder that all bingo sites of Virtue Fusion are so prized and manage to always be ahead of the competition.

The fact that Virtue Fusion Bingo belongs to such big company also allows them to evolve constantly and implement innovations. The latest one is the new bingo tablet interface (you can check it at Gala or Bet365). It has many new upgrades, including an option to schedule your games for the whole week.

The players can also use different sorting options when they choose their games (according to the price of the ticket, the amount of the winnings, and time). These are only some of the new features, which make the new interface useful and attractive for the bingo players. And it’s only one of the many improvements VF implements to provide their members with better gaming experience every day.

Games Included in the Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

VF is among the few networks that develop unique bingo games and also allow online gaming operators to implement specific games for their sites. One example of an exclusive game is Joker Jackpot, which can’t be played in other bingo networks. Here players use not bingo, but playing cards. After buying a ticket, you get nine cards, and your aim is to bingo on the pattern J.

Another game you can find on the Virtue Fusion bingo sites is Lucky Numbers. The game has an Irish theme and is essentially a 90-ball game the difference being that it comes with three additional jackpots. At the beginning of the game, the player should pick three numbers from 1 to 90 and if any of them (or a combination) is called out, the player wins.

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Deal or no Deal

The Deal or No Deal Bingo is one of the most popular games. It’s available in both 75- and 90-ball versions. There is a box corresponding to the called-out number, which is taken away after the number is picked. In the end, the player with a Full House plays an extra game, where the banker makes different offers, and the player can accept or decline them.

If you’ve seen the TV show, you know intense the game can be, and you have all these dramas in the bingo room too. This makes the game very interesting and extremely fun.

Because of the big number of websites in the VF network, there are also many active players every day. More than 60 000 players come to try their luck at some of the Virtue Fusion sites daily. And almost 13 000 players are participating at the same time. This, of course, contributes to the substantial prize pools and is the reason VF has more than one jackpot games, which are available several times a day. There are also amazing progressive jackpot slots where the prize can get to hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds.

Other Games

All bingo sites at Virtue Fusion offer excellent variants of bingo games. Among the traditional 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo players can also enjoy specials like Rainbow Riches Bingo. This is a 40 ball bingo with three progressive community jackpots and a coin-collecting bonus.

Do the Virtue Fusion bingo operators provide great variants of bingo?There are also the abovementioned Deal or no deal bingo and Lucky numbers bingo. But, even the classic bingo games have some new treats. In the Roll On Bingo, the number won’t stop being called even after full house until a set number of further (smaller) full house prizes have been won.

At Chance Saloon all losing players get a scratchcard to play if they bought the number of tickets required to qualify for this consolation prize. Thanks to this variety of games and offers you can have really good time at all Virtue Fusion bingo websites.

Special Features and Exclusive Rooms

The games in the VF bingo websites also have some special features, which make them even more intriguing for the players. For example, for a small amount, you can upgrade your free ticket and get the chance to play for the more substantial jackpot. This is if you take advantage of the ‘Superbooks’ feature.

There are Linked Games with amazing prize pools and if you play 1TG & 2TG games, but don’t win Full House, you can still be rewarded. At some of the sites, you can also find games, based on the TV shows. The most popular among them are:

  1. Who wants to be a Millionaire
  2. Deal or no Deal
  3. The X Factor

These special rooms are developed as a standalone game by the different sites. This is why they are available exclusively to only one site, thus contributing to its unique style and gaming portfolio. For instance, the X factor bingo can be played only on Mecca. During the game, the player chooses a category and each ball counts as a vote for a different category. If you chose the winning category, you get the award.

Gala Bingo has another exclusive game, based on the UK’s famous soap opera Coronation Street. It’s a 90-ball game, and the Coconut Island has become a special 50-ball game. Another beloved TV program – Ant and Deck’s Saturday Night Takeover is turned into a 90-ball room, and it includes a great community feature.

If you’ve visited other bingo networks (like Live Bingo Network or Dragonfish), you know that the chat host is the same for all sites in the network, and you can follow the conversations from all websites.

All the bingo operators of Virtue Fusion have a chat host!In the Virtue Fusion network, every bingo site has its chat host that usually covers several rooms on the site. This contributes to the creation of a community atmosphere in ever site. Also, VF strives to keep the number of players in one game fairly constant. This is why there are several instances of the same game happening on the different site.

The numbers called in each instance are different, and you constantly have information about the number of players in your game. This means that the prize pools can be a bit smaller, but the possibility of likelihood of winning becomes higher.

The Virtue Fusion bingo sites offer many Linked games and also many exclusive promos and unique games for each site, which allows the players to try the different options, find their favourite one and make the most out of their gaming time.

Bonuses and Promotions

Similarly to the games, the bonuses and promotions vary among all bingo sites at Virtue Fusion. It is mainly because each site can provide its own promotional and loyalty programs, according to their users. This is very good when it comes to diversity of the games and features. On the other hand, most of the bingo sites operated by Virtue Fusion don’t have a no-deposit bonus.

Because of the good reputation, VF has and the quality of their services the players are usually very willing to start playing for real cash. Therefore the Virtue Fusion sites can afford to exclude this type of benefit from the bonus list. The only exceptions are Sky, which gives a £20 free bonus and Bet365 where the players have access to free games for a whole week. But to compensate for that, all bingo sites at Virtue Fusion have amazing deposit bonuses and for only £10 players can get some very good deals.

The only site that takes less than £10 for a deposit is Paddy Power when you pay only £5. This is a cool offer, which allows players to test the site and check out the games before investing more. One thing that is missing from the bingo sites of Virtue Fusion is the reload bonuses. But the website members can enjoy many exciting daily promotions, and there are some attractive offers for the experienced players, so, in the end, you will be provided with an excellent experience no matter which of the Virtue Fusion bingo sites you’ll choose.

Promotions can be found at all bingo websites of the VF network!Thanks to the big network of websites that are part of the VF network, usually the promotions are valid for all of the sites and the jackpots are very big. During the last weekend of each month, the prize pool can reach up to £250 000. There were also several occasions with a 1 million slots prize draw.

In many Virtue Fusion websites, players can enjoy customised promotions, such as the slot of the week promotion. To participate, you should use a bonus code. When you use the code and play £10 on the slot, you get a bonus. The detailed rules of this game are different for each site – the slot, the time of the game and the wagering requirements are unique for the various operators.

In some cases, the bonus could be related to your VIP level. You should also keep in mind that, as the operator defines the rules of the promotion, they can also choose not to include it on their site at all. The same procedure applies for the Free Newbie Room. All bingo sites at Virtue Fusion can decide individually on the opening hours, prices and requirements for entering and playing in the room. On the contrary, on the Dragonfish network, the rules for playing in the free bingo room are the same for all websites.

Other custom promotions you can find on the bingo sites of Virtue Fusion are daily scratch cards, reload bonuses and bonus back on losses. Again the terms of the games are different for every website. This makes every site from the network unique and full of nice surprises for the players.

Play VF Bingo on your Mobile Device

Almost all Virtue Fusion bingo sites have mobile applications, which can be installed on both Android and iOS-based devices. Additionally, for smartphones and tablets, the company has developed an HTML5 mobile bingo.

There is also the before mentioned tablet interface. With many new functionalities and useful updated features it gives the same comfort of playing the PC version, but at the same time allow the freedom of playing anywhere and at any time. Once again the mobile bonuses and promotions are different for every website’s mobile version.

Some Virtue Fusion sites have the same promos, bonuses and loyalty programs for both desktop and mobile players. Others, like Mecca, for example, prefer to give something new for each medium, and they have developed a Mobile Promotions Section. Unlike other online gambling operators, Virtue Fusion has not only a traditional 90-ball bingo app but also Cashline – a game that is famous for their clubs and Bingo, which is a free-play application.

About the Company

Virtue Fusion became part of Playtech in February 2010, thus making the software provider an owner of 97 bingo websites. Playtech had steadily developed since 1999 when it was established. The company has around 3400 employees nowadays, and 400 of them work at Virtue Fusion. Currently, Playtech is the largest publicly traded gambling company on the UK’s Stock Exchange.

Virtue Fusion is licensed by one of the most respectable gambling control institutions – the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Some websites, such as bet365, provide different types of gambling like sportsbook. This is why they have their licenses. All other websites operate under the Virtue Fusion’s license.

Which of the VF bingo gaming sites would you like to visit?Whichever of the VF bingo sites you decide to visit, you will be treated fairly and transparently. You can be confident that your personal and financial information is safe and simply enjoy the variety of amazing games and attractive special offers.

Playtech strives to provide the players with ‘seamless play across all channels and devices’, so we can expect many new features and cool offers in the future. After the websites migrated from Flash to HTML5, the users expect the desktop and mobile versions to become even more similar and to offer even better user experience.

There is also an option to add an omnichannel gaming wallet system, such as Coral Connect, to the new online bingo sites of Virtue Fusion. Also, VF started to work not only with well-known brands like Gala but also with many smaller operators. This will surely lead to the appearance of many new Virtue Fusion bingo sites, which will strengthen the company’s presence in the online bingo market.

Final Words

Virtue Fusion is one of the biggest online gambling operators nowadays. With a diverse portfolio of games, flawless reputations, and high-quality services all the bingo sites at Virtue Fusion offer excellent gaming experience for both new and experienced bingo players. For more information, click on the links below:

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