888 Ladies Bingo’s Easter Jackpots

Since Easter is just around the corner, it was just a matter of time until the bonuses and promotions started sprouting. 888 Ladies Bingo will definitely not disappoint you, with the exclusive offer the organisation is calling, Egg Crackin’ Jackpots. So between not and the 16th of April, the website will give away a huge sum of £10k! The are 3 designated rooms, where you will have the opportunity to play and win.

The first room is called Choccie Egg. It will be open every Sunday and Thursday night at 8 pm, and the games are 90-ball. Tickets cost only 5p each, and the prizes are these: 1L: 50, 2L: £100, FH: £150. This is a jackpot of £300!

Lil’ Egg is the second room. It opens doors one the Good Friday which is April the 14th this year at 8 pm. The games are also 90-ball. The tickets start at 15p per one, and the jackpot you can win is £3K. The prizes are divided in the following manner: 1L: £500, 2L: £700, FH: £1000. However, there is a split as well: 2TG split: £300 and 1TG split: £500.

It is obvious that the biggest jackpot is saved for last, and the sum you can win on Easter Sunday is a whopping £4,600, which is on April the 16th this year at 8 pm. The prizes are divided in the following manner: 1L: £300, 2L £500, 3L £700, 4L £1000, and FH: 1500 alongside a 1TG split: £600.

You can read the full Terms and Conditions here.