Bingo Adverts may be Banned from Being Showed during Daytime on TV as a Part of an Extensive Crackdown on Gambling

bingo ads can be banned from television

The number of adverts being showed on TV has increased from 90,000 in the year of 2005 to approximately 1.4m in 2012.

In a victory for the Daily Mail, betting machines will also be examined by the Department of Culture and Media. Fixed-odds betting terminals, also known as FOBT machines have been linked to gambling addiction, two suicides, money laundering and debt. These devices allow you to wager £100 every 20 seconds. If the damage they wreaked becomes confirmed, the max stake could be reduced to £2. There are over 35,000 FOBT machines across the UK, and the maximum possible money a person can wager for a minute is £300.

The current Gambling Minister Tracey Crouch said: “It is important that gambling regulations strike the right balance between allowing the industry to contribute to the economy and enable people to bet responsibly while ensuring consumers and communities are protected”.

Under the current rules, lottery, sports and bingo gambling ads are allowed before the 9 pm watershed. Other gambling advertisements have to abide by it. However, the government was forced to reconsider, when they noticed the gaming popularity amongst the young. The review will most likely result in all gambling ads being banned before the watershed of 9 pm.

The machines rake approximately 1.7b a year for their bookies. The review will also take a look at changing the prize and stake limits which are currently set out by law, and alter the locations at which the machines can be played.