A Bingo Club in Newport is the Luckiest Place in Wales

A Bingo Club in Newport is the Luckiest Place in Wales

Two Welsh Clubs were featured in the top ten luckiest bingo clubs in the United Kingdom. One of them was Castle Leisure Bingo. This club located in Newport, came in the fifth place on the list because the customers there have managed to scoop approximately £230,000 in over 19 wins during this year.

The customers of the Castle Leisure Bingo, which is located in Merthyr Tydfil have won approximately £175,000.

This top ten list was calculated by the entire amount of money which was earned between the 1st of October in 2015 and the 30th of September this year in all of the National Bingo games.

These games are being played twice a day in all of the participating clubs within the United Kingdom. All of these happen simultaneously, and the winners are announced in the national office.

Jason Harries, who is currently the manager of Castle Leisure Bingo, stated that this is a tremendous achievement for their club. He continued saying that he is aware that they are lucky, according to the amount and number of winnings that have occurred in the past years. Harries believes that being number five on the list is an enormous achievement.

The club has been open for the past twenty years, and they are quite proud to be part of the national bingo game. They have returned millions of pounds to their customers, thanks to that game alone.

The top ten list was released on the thirtieth anniversary of the national bingo game. The totals are established on cash winnings and do not include the National Bingo Game Jackpot winnings.