Bingo Hall in Scotland Puts Superstition to the Test by Bringing in Black Cats

mecca in scotland offer black cats for fun

Everyone loves this time of year when all of the superstitions, phobias, and fears come to life. The black cat being the most popular. However, one bingo hall in Glasgow decided to put it to the test.

Mecca recruited a few black cats to join their staff team. They hope that the fluffy creatures will bring luck to all of the customers that cross their path. Moreover, that the whole experience will result in extra wins for the local bingo enthusiasts.

This extraordinary activity was launched on November 27, or in other words, the National Black Cat Day and will be available for Halloween as well when the superstitions are stronger.

This test also follows recent data from a survey, that Scots believe that the Black Cat will bring them the most luck.

The bingo giant is excited to put this idea to the test, mainly to see the customers being more excited and hope that the players experience an extra happy and lucky feeling with a little magic from their new four-legged feline team members.

Moreover let us not forget about Charles I, who believed that his downhill began after his beloved black friend died, and furthermore lost his crown and his head.

To attend Mecca Bingo Hall, you have to be 18 or over, and be one of their customers. You can sign up on their website, or at the club. Joining is completely free of charge.