Bingo is More Popular than Tennis as the Number of Players reached 1.9 Million

Bingo is More Popular than Tennis as the Number of Players reached 1.9 Million

The number of Bingo players has overtaken the number of those who play Tennis in the United Kingdom.

Sport England released a report showing that around 1.7 million Brits play tennis every month, compared to the 1.9 million monthly bingo players in the country.

The research found that Bingo has skyrocketed in popularity during the recent years, and currently have more players than for most sports.

If bingo were a sport and not a game, it would take the 6th place, while pushing tennis to the 7th spot.

December is known as the bingo season because there is approximately a 50% rise in the number of players if we compare them with the rest of the year.

The number of Bingo players has plummeted by around 75% during the recent years. However, around 800k people still go to play Bingo each week.

Bingo is currently regularly enjoyed by more players than many of the sports we play in England, and we should celebrate its popularity at the most exciting time of the year. We assume that online bingo is so much more popular during the winter mainly because more people prefer to stay in the comforts of their homes, because of the unpleasant weather outside.

Here are the top sports in the United Kingdom according to Sport England:

  1. Swimming – 10 million
  2. Athletics and Running – 9.2 million
  3. Cycling – 8 million
  4. Football – 7.2 million
  5. Golf – 3 million
  6. Tennis – 1.7 million
  7. Badminton – 1.6 million
  8. Equestrian – 1.1 million
  9. Bowls – 822k
  10. Squash – 850k
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