How a Bingo win saved a man’s life

A father revealed how he did not get caught in a massive explosion because he won £2.50 in a bingo game. Tom McLoughin is a 56-year-old bus driver from New Ferry. The man stated that he was in his car with his son and daughter-in-law and that if they had arrived only a few seconds later the impact from the explosion might have taken their lives.

So, according to him the £2.50 he won at the Gala Bingo might have saved his life as he got delayed by a few minutes when he queued up to pick up his prize. McLoughin stated that he was very lucky at the end of the day since they were the first car that came up Boundary Road. He added that those 2.50 felt like winning the lottery.

The blast destroyed a few buildings one of which was a dance centre for children’s. Not to mention that over 30 people got injured, one of which is in a critical condition. The father stated that his landlord recently renovated the property. This avoided the smashed windows that many people suffered from the nearby homes from the blast’s impact according to the Liverpool Echo.

Several other residents spoke of their shock after the massive explosion. One of them shared with us that after the blast, the scene looked similar to a war zone as he watched buildings collapse and dozens of shops and homes suffering from the damage.