Bongo’s Bingo April tickets are already on sale

what happened with bongo's bingo

Do you remember that last month we discussed the excess of 200,000 people who were trying to buy tickets for the upcoming Bongo’s Bingo games in Liverpool? Well, this is quite the proof that if anyone these shows are nothing less than a phenomenon.

Yesterday at 6 pm, Bongo’s Bingo decided to release tickets for their upcoming April shows. Moreover, they also announced a brand new exciting show with BeWitched as part of the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend on the 18th of March (Saturday).

Since the demand last time round was unbelievable, they have upped the servers which will make your ticket buying experience a lot smoother. However, it is very likely that they will be sold out in a matter of minutes like last time.

Dates for the upcoming shows in Liverpool

The first event is the BeWitched Special which will be on the 18th March (Saturday). This event is an extra one, and it is already sold out. However, you can apply on a waiting list. The first Camp and Furnace for April will happen on the Thursday before Easter – the 13th. The next one will be during the same week on the 15th (Saturday) and two more during Sunday the 16th and Monday the 17th. The last two Camp and Furnace shows will happen at the last week of the month on the 27th (Thursday) and the 29th (Saturday). Most of these shows are already sold out, but as we stated earlier, you can apply on a waiting list.