British Man Won £265,000 in Bingo, However, Wagered it Away for Six Months

bingo jackpot gambling addiction

Stephen Milnes, could not believe his luck when he won an online jackpot just a few days after he lost his job. His friends thought that he won enough to live his life, and advised him to buy a house. However, Steven, though it would be a better idea to stay in his tiny flat and try to win more. He managed to lose his entire winnings in approximately six months in online slot machines.

The 48 years old, dad of two, wagered about £20,000 on a daily basis on his phone. One day he woke up and realized that the jackpot was gone, and he had even overdrawn £1,265, so he started considering suicide. He has become aware of his gambling problem and went to counseling. He also wants to warn people about the danger of not knowing when to stop. He shared “I want to make sure this does not happen to anybody else.”

By the end of last month, he had losses of up to £150k on Ted Bingo and around £100k on other slots. Wagering awareness groups believe that Stephen’s case is just another example of big casino operators, who failed to look after their clients.

Stephen explained that his account was not closed earlier, because he was ashamed of losing so much, and he did not want to disappoint his family and friends.