Chipping Norton bingo player shocked over £25,000 win

Did a chippy woman really win in the national bingo?

A Chipping Norton lady has been playing this game for about 34 years, and now she managed to win approximately £25k in the national game. The 52-year-old winner goes to the Gala Bingo, located in Banbury every Sunday and has been playing since she was 18.

Her name is Diana Marlow, and she comes from a family which plays bingo since her mother, father and sister all loved the game. She has won several small prizes over the years, the largest of which was £1,200. However, all of that changed a few weeks ago when the decided to play the National Live game. To take part, she paid only £1.

When she spoke to top bingo websites, the lucky lady stated that when she told her sister the numbers had come up during the game, she replied that Diana had won £25k. Mrs Marlow recalled that she was white as a sheet. She had to continue playing, and all she could think about was that she had won some money. When we asked her on what she wants to spend the money on, Diana replied that she would purchase a new car and the rest will be deposited in a bank.

The mother of two received her cheque on Sunday. Which was just the cherry on the cake since during the same weekend she was gifted with her second grandchild Archie, who joins her lovely granddaughter Eve. The lady will continue playing bingo as she simply loves it.