Farmer’s Wife Won £1.2 Million from Bingo, but She does not Want a Luxurious Life

farmers wife wins 1 million at bingo

Mandy Bowman was married two years ago and will have a honeymoon. However she said that she has much work to do on the family farm before they can take some time off.

The lucky Bingo winner does not want to settle down for a luxurious life, on the contrary, she will spend the money on the horses they own. The Daily Record reported that she will be spending the money on an indoor riding school.

The 45-year-old woman plans to spend the rest of her money on machinery and buildings on the family farm, so she and her 40-year-old husband can have a stable life. The happy couple got married two years ago, and still have not had a honeymoon. However, Mandy said that they have too much work to do on the farm before she can enjoy some time off with her beloved one. The cows have to be out on the field, so Mandy said that they cannot go on vacation before May or June. They will not be able to go to an exotic place either since her husband does not own a passport, so they are planning a trip to Scotland.

She is thinking about purchasing a 4×4 so she can get in and out of the farm easier. She asked her husband if he wants a new car, but he likes his old one. The lucky woman said, “I’ve become a millionaire, but the day I really hit the jackpot was the day I met my husband.”