Fund-raisers showed some love for Camp Hill Nursery During a Bingo Night

How a bingo night can help kids?

Nuneaton nursery hosted a Valentine’s themed fund-raiser bingo night to help achieve its dream to develop a porch way as well as an outdoor area. This was the first-ever Friends of Camp Hill Nursery‘s event to help raise money, and it was the brainchild of Sonia King, who is one of the members. Her idea was to get families to socialise together while raising funds that are very much-needed for the organisation.

The event was led by the nursery team who created entirely everything from the table decorations to the cookie bags. They even wrapped prizes and crafted some chocolate hampers for this particular event. During the evening both the adults and the kids played a couple of games of bingo. The pleasant evening managed to raise a total of £462.50. The entire sum will be used to improve the porch way entrance as well as the outdoor space.

The Camp Hill Nursery manager, Emma Kimberley, wanted to give special thanks to Ms Maxwell, Mrs Seymour, Mrs Brown, Mrs Senter, Mr Paterson and Miss Cartwright as well as Sonia King for all their support and help with the event. Kimberley stated that she is quite lucky to have such an incredible team who are always prepared to go that extra mile to help the kids as well as their families and even the people who contribute to making the nursery a beautiful place.