What Happened To The Couple Who Clicked At Bingo?

What happened to the couple who went bingo right after their wedding?

A couple was featured on the front of the Grimsby Telegraph 20 years ago playing Bingo after their wedding. So now Aubrey and Denise Inkson decided to share the news of being exactly One Score into their marriage.

The happy couple made headlines when right after saying their vows, they went to the nearest bingo club to play before having fun in their reception.

The now 44-years-old Denise explained that they did not want to get married on Valentine’s day since it was too expensive, so they had to wait until the 15th. After they had got married, she wanted to show off her dress to her friends at the bingo Hall who could not attend.

Aubrey said that over the last 20 years there were several couples and they are they only ones that managed to stay together.

Denisse added that many people stated that it would not last and she even thought that they will not manage to pass ten years.

The happy couple credits their close networks of incredible and true friends for supporting and allowing them to blow off steam with them when they have arguments.

So we asked them how they celebrated their anniversary this year. Aubrey revealed to us that he got dragged to see 50 shades of grey last year. He did not want to see it at all but went anyways. This year Denisse bought him off with a video game so he would go with her to see the sequel.