The Legend of Zelda Bingo

How to play the Legend of Zelda bingo?

If you are a fan of video games or used to be one, you are probably aware of Nintendo’s latest release. There is no doubt that most 90’s kids had an NES console and used it to play games like Super Mario or Super Smash Bros. However, one of these marvellous creations managed to capture every kid’s heart with its incredible story and exciting gameplay. There is no need to mention that we are talking about the legend of Zelda. And now Nintendo minute have released a fun new way you can enjoy the game as an adult. Bingo has taken the UK by a storm, and today even young adults enjoy it. So what could be better than combining Hyrule with a game of bingo?

The rules cannot be simpler. Nintendo’s Krista Yang and Kit Ellis created a bingo card for which you will need to accomplish goals. You have to complete one row it does not matter if it is horizontal, diagonally or vertically. The targets range between catching an insect to setting grass on fire. Of course, you will have to defeat enemies such as Wolf Link or chopping down trees to create fire.

There is no need to mention that this fun addition to the game completely highlights how much Nintendo has placed in Hyrule as well as the surprises that await you on Link’s adventures. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already available on Nintendo Wii U and Switch worldwide. So what are you waiting for, grab a bingo card and save Princess Zelda!

You can watch the episode of Nintendo Minute in youtube.