Lidl received permission to work on ex-Hornchurch Mecca Bingo site

When will the new lidl store be built?

The members of the regulatory services committee met at the town hall a few nights ago, and they made a unanimous decision to allow the popular supermarket chain Lidl to begin building its newest store in High Street, Hornchurch. The shop will be built on the place of the former Mecca Bingo club.

The plan to knock down the ex-Bingo hall is thought to be very controversial, and there are hundreds of residents who are protesting against it. However, to their dismay, the members of the planning committee gave permission for the historical building to be destroyed in September this year.

The decision will permit Lidl to start work was suspended for a second time during the last month since the councillors want the developers to redesign the plans for access to the store. The site is owned by the chain. The company has already received permission to demolish the entire building in 2016, and Lidl was and is still hoping to create its newest discount store as soon as possible.

As we stated earlier, the permission was granted a few nights ago on the condition that CCTV cameras would be used to make sure that no right turns will be made by drivers that are entering the parking lot of the site. This will hopefully resolve the traffic issue in the town centre. The date of when the building of the new store will begin has not yet been confirmed yet.