Loughborough University students play bingo for charity

How did student volunteers help the community?

Students from Loughborough University spent over 1,400 hours playing bingo, taking dogs for walks and mucking out stables as a part of Student Volunteering week. Over 400 students helped the community from the 20th of February (Monday) to the 26th of February (Sunday).

On the 22nd of February (Wednesday), the University sent 130 students to 17 projects which totalled in 400 hours on that single day. The week started out with a visit to the Action Nursery in the University where volunteers worked with small children and helped them with their crafts, told them stories and played with them outdoors.

Some volunteers headed to College Garth Kennels to walk dogs every day, paint stables, groom horses and muck out stables. This happened in Woodhouse Eaves at WENLO riding for the disabled.

As we stated earlier, the busiest day of the week was Wednesday, as 400 volunteers headed to various projects all over the area.

Some students played bingo alongside Abbeyfields residents, helped gardening at the Loughborough Cemetery, and some completed IT sessions with elderly people at John Storer House.

During the weekend when Storm Doris arrived, the horrible weather die not stop 40 students to head out and help refurbish one of the old buildings at the Charnwood Forest Alpaca Farm. Moreover, the Students’ Union ran their first one-off project, called Kids Cooking. Volunteers spent the entire day teaching kids about how important eating healthy is and helped them make healthy pita wraps and fruit kebabs.