Marks and Spencer will Turn Their High-Street Stores into Bingo Halls

Marks and Spencer will Turn Their High-Street Stores into Bingo Halls

The popular retail company recently announced that they will turn their home and clothing shops into high stake slot machine centres and highly profitable bingo halls.

The retailer is currently struggling, so they came up with this turnaround plan as it is seeking to address the alteration of their customer’s needs.

This change will also put an end to the low-cost children labour exploitation, as the company is now planning to exploit a completely new and untapped demographic, right here in the United Kingdom.

The retailer recently researched their customer base and found out that their main client base is of people in their 60s. Many of them shop with an upright shopping bags with wheels or one of those walking frames. The core support still enjoys Marks and Spencer, however, it is only because they have lost most of their faculties and cannot realise how awful it has recently become.

Simon Williams, who is the retail executive at Marks and Spencer stated that he has looked into these customers and Bingo came to his mind. Since they already have the captive audience of customers who want to give their pensions away on an unachievable lifestyle marketing, this is going to be the next logical step.

Steven Roe, who is currently the Chief Executive of the company, shared with us that he believed that the British citizens wanted fairly affordable clothes in classic styles, however it turned out that they want to throw their money away and into machines and pay small sums to the thrill of crossing numbers of colorful pieces of paper. He finished saying: “If the referendum taught us anything, it is that when the people speak, we must listen.”