The Mayor of Hackney Plans to Build Homes on the Former Mecca Bingo Hall

The Mayor of Hackney Plans to Build Homes on the Former Mecca Bingo Hall

Phillip Glanville, the new mayor of Hackney, stated that developers who wish to overhaul a derelict bingo hall must provide the ten percent affordable housing they claim that they can afford.

The HPH, or Hackney Property Holdings, submitted a plan to build 83 workspace and flats on the site of the previous five-storey Mecca Bingo, which is located on the Hackney Road. It will be a ten-storey block will include three affordable homes and a financial contribution of approximately one million pounds will be made to build five more off-sites, which will make a total of ten percent affordable housing. However, Hackney’s requirement is to create half.

Glanville stated that he believes that ten percent in nowhere near enough. He continued with explaining about the site and its location, saying that there is a lot more that can be done.

The bingo hall has been operating for over a century. However, it closed down last June. Before that, it was a deco cinema dating back to the 1930’s. The developers need to make some changes to from the entertainment to housing and industrial stating that the former building will not generate enough revenue for them.

The building is currently located in the City Fringe Opportunity Area Framework, and it was adopted by London’s Mayor last December. It can deliver space for 53k new jobs and at least 15k more homes.