Did slot machines change bingo halls?

Did slots change bingo?

An interesting article was recently released by BBC, and it focuses on the growing number of slot machines in the bingo halls in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the article raised a question whether the increased numbers are causing a rise in people who anticipate problems with their gambling.

The article is entitled “The slot machines that changed bingo”. To do the proper research, the author visited a bingo hall in east London, which he did not name to talk to the regular visitors about their experiences with slot machines. He spoke to one woman, who he calls Mary to protect her privacy. Mary explained that she was drawn in by a huge £500 jackpot win, but since then has lost more than £70,000 on the machines for only a few years.

He spoke to another man, who was only identified as a former general manager of the venue. The ex-boss described slot machines as legal mugging. He added that it is quite horrible to watch people gamble and lose so much. There is no need to mention that this article by the BBC’s article is pretty scathing. However, it is crucial to remember that responsible gambling checks are in place at all bingo websites and venues. I can recall of a particular quote from The Bingo Association which stated that this industry’s attitude to problem gambling had evolved quite a lot, and now even the employees are properly trained to recognise and help addicts.

Responsible gambling is crucial to our industry. That is why there are groups like GambleAware and GamCare who work tirelessly to make sure that players have the help and support they need.