Student Wins Car Worth £16,000 in Her First Bingo Game

student wins car during first trip to bingo

The 20 years old university student Katherine Reid, was forced by her friends to take part in a bingo game, during a girls’ night out and her numbers actually came up. It was her first trip to a bingo hall, and she won a Volkswagen Beetle worth £16,000, although she cannot drive yet.

The student was handed the keys to her brand new car after hitting the jackpot in her first session. She confessed that she is, in fact, a bingo virgin, and was quite happy that her friends managed to drag her along.

She is currently studying Geography in the South Hampton University and just decided to visit her friend in Cardiff on a whim. They decided to go for a game of Bingo in the city’s Depot indoor food market. Unfortunately, she will have to wait quite a while until she can show off her new flash wheels since she has not had any driving lessons yet.

She shared that she still cannot believe that she actually won a car during her first bingo experience, and when she was handed the keys she started calling her closest family and friends in a hysterical manner.

She said: “At 4 am I rang my boyfriend hysterically crying. He thought I’d got myself into some serious trouble.”

Now that Katherine won this brand new car, she is determined to get her driving licence and go on a road trip with her mum around South Hampton. She even named the car Erica.