It Is Time To Say Goodbye To Gala Bingo And The Royal Oak In Chorley

It Is Time To Say Goodbye To Gala Bingo And The Royal Oak In Chorley

These buildings have been across from the town hall for quite a lot of years.

The Gala Bingo was an art deco Odeon cinema, and the building still has most of its historic features. Not to mention that the Royal Oak has been standing on the same plot of lands for several decades. There were three versions of the hotel built on the same foundation. However, these buildings are set to gone for good, as Alastair Bradley, who is the council leader stated. He reported that the Royal Oak has been closed for several years and he added: “It is starting to become a bit of an eyesore in the middle of town.”

The demolition of these buildings is part of the city’s plan to extend the famous Market Walk. This means they will need more room for parking since more visitors will be visiting the town.

However, many of the residents in Chorley are worried about the amount of work that will go on during the next two years. Moreover, it will continue for two years, and there will be massive changes in the centre of the city.

Jack Smith, who is a historian has hopes for a new street to be built on the site of the Royal Oak, which will look in its place across from the Town Hall.

It is as the council announces that they will be expanding the parking in Chorley in the future, with more free parking spots to be offered. Moreover, there will be a new cinema and many shops added, as well as the extended Market Walk.