Two Highdown School students organised a bingo day

Why did two kids create a bingo boat?

A couple of year 8 pupils managed to organise a Bingo boat trip and raise money for a deaf charity as well as a special care baby unit. Ollie Bennett and Rhys Palmer were told that they had to learn about charity and try to make the world a better place they decided to be more proactive.

Ollie was born with a kidney problem as well as Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, so he had spent a couple of weeks in the special care baby unit at a hospital. So the student suggested that they should raise money to support the popular charity called Babies in Buscot Support. The kids received help from their parents as well as their smaller sisters called Alicia Benner and Megan Palmer. So the pair managed to organise a boat trip down the Thames.

Ollie stated that he wants to I thank everyone for supporting them, especially his grandpa for providing them with the boat and crew for the event. He added that it was a very successful afternoon and everyone seemed to have funThe kids raised a total of £630.09 through the raffle. Half of the sum went to the Reading Deaf Club.

Nerys Palmer is the mother of Rhys, and she stated that every prize in the raffle prizes was donated by their friends and family members. She added that a lot of people have stopped her since then to tell her what a great day had. If you want to donate or learn more about this charity follow this link.