The Wildest Part of Bingo and Why It May Be the Future of Nights Out

What is rave bingo and why it is here to stay?
Everyone needs a good night out from time to time, and for most people, this usually involves many drinks, loud music and a lot of dancing with friends. However, most of you probably have not even considered adding bingo to the mix. Fortunately, someone came up with this idea and has managed to create a brand new kind of club night.

The Wildest Type of Bingo

You are probably still not sure, but it is completely safe to say that Rave Bingo is not something your granny will enjoy. It is currently run by a company that calls itself Bingo’s Bongo, and it was officially released last year during December. The launch party was held at the Boiler Shop, which is located on South Street.

A Fresh Twist

You are probably wondering why you should give Rave Bingo a try. The club night will offer you all the classical things you love about Bingo, with a few fresh twists for the millennials. For instance, standard practice is the rave intervals, in which players drop everything, grab a glow stick and join the fun. There are also pinñatas and lots of unknown prizes. You are probably wondering about the age range for such parties. Well, this idea has been mainly embraced by university students, and the freshmen events are more common, so you know what competitors you might face.

Genuine Fun

Bongo’s Bingo stated that their inspiration behind this game has always been to offer a fun and exciting experience to everyone. So if you are looking for a fun evening filled with an unadulterated experience featuring an old classic you should head on and grab a ticket for the newest Bongo’s Bingo event and experience all the madness yourself! And if you want to read more exciting news, check out our other news segments.