A woman won £28,800 with a double win at Skegness

A woman won £28,800 with a double win at Skegness

A woman has been a regular player for the last four years in Skegness. She could not believe that she won 20,000 in the prize draw, and this is just three months after the last huge prize in the bingo hall.

She was just one of two people who went home with a prize at the Roman Bank Bingo. The other winner snatched £8,800 in the Majestic Bonus Game.

The lucky lady shared that she has always wanted a bigger house for her and her family, and now they can start looking for an upgrade, as this win will help them a lot.

The other woman is in her early fifties and has been a member of the casino for the past three years. She is currently living in Friskney. Her husband landed a win earlier this year in the same game, as he managed to take home £500 Holiday Vouchers which they later on spent on a trip to the Greek Islands. She does not know exactly what she wants to do with the money, but according to her, it will be convenient for Christmas.

Jason Beauchamp-Hughes, who is the current general manager of the bingo casino, is happy that they managed to give out four huge wins and he hopes that the customer’s hot streak will continue. He shared with us: “I’m delighted for our recent winners. Celebrating wins is good for both customers and staff.”