A Complete Bingo Glossary – Terms From A to Z

Here are the most common gambling terms, summarised in our bingo glossary. You have probably noticed that the caller attaches terms to some of the numbers he calls out no matter if it is in a land-based venue or an online site. The experienced players instantly recognise the sayings and terms that are related to the numbers that are getting called. However, if you are an inexperienced player, they might sound weird to you.

So we decided to put together our glossary that shows you the Bingo terminology numbers as well as the words and phrases that are commonly used in the different varieties of the game. So you can refer to this if you do not have a clue what these words refer to.

Bingo Glossary Terms Explained

90 Ball – This is the type of bingo is most common in the United Kingdom, and it uses a total of 90 balls, as the name suggests. Most bingo sites use this variation of the game.

75 Ball – This type is most common in the United States, and it uses 75 balls.

80 Ball – This variety of bingo was entirely popularised by the internet, and it uses 80 balls.

Letter A

what a cup of tea means in bingoA cup of tea – Ball 1.

A crutch and a duck – Ball 72.

A dozen – Ball 12.

A duck and a Flea – Ball 23.

A flea in heaven – Ball 37.

All the eights – Ball 88.

All the fives – Ball 55.

All the fours – Ball 44.

All the threes – Ball 33.

All the sevens – Ball 77.

All the sixes – Ball 66.

All the steps – Ball 39.

Any way up – Ball 69.

Ask for more – Ball 34.

Letter B

Bakers bun – Ball 61.

Bang on the drum – Ball 71.

Between the sticks – Ball 86.

are you familiar with the bingo callBINGO! – You are probably familiar with this one. It is what you yell when you manage to hit a winning pattern on your card.

Board – This is an electronic screen that lights up the numbers during the game.

Bingo Card – This is a piece of paper that has rows and columns. They contain numbers that help you keep track of the ones you hit.

Blind 20 – Ball 20.

Blind 30 – Ball 30.

Blind 40 – Ball 40.

Blind 50 – Ball 50.

Blind 60 – Ball 60.

Blind 70 – Ball 70.

Blind 80 – Ball 80.

Blind 90 – Ball 90.

Brighton line – Ball 59.

Buckle my Shoe – Ball 32.

Buying – This is how much it costs for a ticket.

Letter C

do you really need the bingo glossaryCaller – You don’t need the glossary to figure out that this is the person who calls out the picked numbers.

Candy store – Ball 74.

ChatMost of the online bingo halls offer you a chat so you can speak to the other players.

Chat Games – These are mini side games in which you can win money by playing them during bingo.

Christmas cake – Ball 38.

Clean the floor – Ball 54.

Clickety click – Ball 66.

Consolation Prize – This prize is given to the players for either the second place or if during a progressive game no one gets bingo after the max amount of balls have ended.

Coverall – This is a variation in bingo, in which you have to cover all of the numbers on your card in order to win.

Crutch with a flea – Ball 73.

Letter D

Dancing Queen – Ball 17.

Daubbers – This is a marker that dabs your numbers as they are being called.

Diagonal Line – This is a winning pattern from a corner to another. It includes a free space.

Dirty Gertie – Ball 30.

Doctor’s orders – Ball 9.

Down on your knees – Ball 43.

Droopy drawers – Ball 44.

Duck and dive – Ball 25.

Letter E

Early Bird Bingo – This is the first game of the day or night.

Either way up – Ball 69.

is bingo betting fair and squareFair And Square – This is a variation of the game in which every person has to purchase the same amount of tickets so that no one gets the advantage of multiple cards, like in traditional bingo. These type of games are available in most of the online websites.

Fat lady and a little wee – Ball 81.

Fat lady with a crutch – Ball 87.

Fat lady with a duck – Ball 82.

Fat lady with a flea – Ball 83.

Four and seven – Ball 47.

Four Corners – This is a pattern in which every corner has to be marked for a bingo call.

Four dozen – Ball 48.

Free Space – In every game there is a such a space. Usually, it is right in the middle of the card.

Full House – This happens in a regular game when a person manages to hit every number on his card.

Letter G

Gateway to heaven – Ball 27.

Get up and run – Ball 31.

Gandhi’s breakfast – Ball 80.

God’s in heaven – Ball 7.

Goodbye teens – Ball 19.

Letter H

do you know about the 50 bingo ballHalf a century – Ball 50.

Halfway house – Ball 45.

Halfway there – Ball 45.

Hardway Bingo – This is when you manage to hit a straight line without having to use the free space.

Heaven’s Gate – Ball 78.

Heinz varieties – Ball 57.

Letter I

In your prime – Ball 29.

Inlaid Cards – These are cards that are built-in to the tables.

Instant Bingo – This is part of the lottery – they are scratch cards that get you instant prizes.

Letter J

Jackpot – Just like in most of the other casino games, this is the biggest prize.

Jump and jive – Ball 35.

Letter K

Kelly’s eye – Ball 1.

Key at the door – Ball 18.

Key of the door – Ball 21.

Knock at the door – Ball 4.

Letter L

when is the last call in bingo madeLast Call – This is the last game for the night.

Late Night Bingo – This is either a game that starts at 10 or 11 pm.

Legs eleven – Ball 11.

Life’s begun – Ball 41.

Lights Out – This is the last game for the night.

Lucky Jar – A progressive jackpot that you get after you win the money ball.

Letter M

Made in heaven – Ball 67.

Make them wait – Ball 58.

Man alive – Ball 5.

Max Bet – Maximum amount of money you can buy one ticket for in any game.

Maximum Tickets – The max number of cards you can purchase in a single game. Note that it varies depending on many factors.

Min Buyin – This is the minimum amount you can pay for a ticket.

Money Ball – This happens when a winner hits bingo while on the money ball. Usually, they double the jackpot they have won.

Moonlight Bingo – The same as late night bingo.

Multiple Winners – This is when the prize gets split between two or more players who yell bingo at the same time.

Letter N

Nearly there – Ball 89.

Letter O

Old age pension – Ball 65.

learn how to play bingo on the wayOn The Way – This is the game that is played before coverall.

One and two – Ball 12.

One fat lady – Ball 8.

One little duck – Ball 2.

One more time – Ball 79.

One score – Ball 20.

Overweight – Ball 28.

Letter P

Pattern – The formation of numbers you need to win the game.

Payout – This is either the percent or amount that the winner of the game gets.

Pick and mix – Ball 26.

Postage Stamp – In this pattern, you have to get a block of 4 numbers that are blacked out in any of the four corners. Alternatively, in other words, a 2×2.

Progressive – Typically, a jackpot has to be won in a specific number of balls. Moreover, if it is not, the amount of the jackpot grows until someone manages to win it.

Letter Q

Queen B – Ball 73.

Quickie – In this game, the numbers are getting called very fast, and you have to hit all of them on your card.

Letter R

why bingo ball 64 is called the red rawRed raw – Ball 64.

Rise and shine – Ball 49.

RNG – This is an abbreviation for a Random Number Generator, which makes sure that the game is fair.

Letter S

Saving grace – Ball 68.

Session – This is a very long bingo night.

Seven ‘n’ six – Ball 76.

Seven dozen – Ball 84.

Shutterboard – This is a special bingo ticket in which shutters or slots cover the numbers. Moreover, when the numbers are called out – you close them.

Six dozen – Ball 72.

Snakes alive – Ball 55.

Staying alive – Ball 85.

Stuck in the tree – Ball 53.

Strive and strive – Ball 75.

Sunset Strip – Ball 77.

Sweet sixteen – Ball 16.

Letter T

The Beatles number – Ball 64.

which are the famous steps in bingoThose famous steps – Ball 39.

Three dozen – Ball 36.

Three score – Ball 60.

Three score and ten – Ball 70.

Tickets – A ticket is the piece of paper in which you keep track of the numbers.

Tickety-boo – Ball 62.

Tickle me – Ball 63.

Time for fun – Ball 41.

Time for tea – Ball 83.

Tom’s tricks – Ball 6.

Top of the shopBall 90.

Trombones – Ball 76.

Tweak of the thumb – Ball 51.

Two dozen – Ball 24.

Two fat ladies – Ball 88.

Two little ducks – Ball 22.

Two score – Ball 40.

Letter U

Uncle Ben – Ball 10.

Unlucky for some – Ball 13.

Up to tricks – Ball 46.

Letter V

Valentine’s day – Ball 14.

Letter W

Was she worth it? – Ball 56.

Weeks in a year – Ball 52.

Whinny the Pooh – Ball 42.

Wrap Up Game – The final game of the night.

Letter Y

Young and keen – Ball 15.

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