The Biggest Online Bingo Jackpots Explained

There are many reasons why online bingo is so appealing, but one thing that really gets the excitement level up is the size of the prizes one can win – the bingo jackpots. This is almost certainly one of the biggest attractions. Because of a number of people playing bingo online the sites can give away much larger prizes than the ones won by playing the game live.

Compared to the price you pay to enter, the jackpots in many of the games are excellent. However, the jackpot games are where big money is to be won. You can test your luck in most big bingo sites. The majority of them offer a number of great games. People love the thrill of big money, so the sites with the biggest bingo jackpots are attracting the most players.

There are countless stories of people who have won life-changing amounts of money which come to show that the jackpots at the top sites can be quite huge. Below we have listed a selection of websites which offer big jackpots, and we also discuss the different types of jackpots and how these games work.

Big Jackpots

So, where is the big money you will ask? Many people are after the big prizes, so we recommend the following sites.

find massive jackpot at the listed bingo sitesThe sites we have listed below are not only reputable and high quality, but they regularly offer massive jackpots. We do not promise you will win, but you have the chance to, plus the fun while trying is guaranteed.

Regarding the best betting sites, where you can make a big win, our top picks are:

Types of Bingo Jackpots

There are many different types of jackpots players can win in online bingo. The sites have their own way of creating and offering their prizes. However, these can fall into four main categories: guaranteed, fixed, sliding and progressive. Some jackpots can fit in more than one of the categories. We will discuss the types of jackpots in further detail below.

In brief, a fixed jackpot is when the prize amount does not change, as the name suggests it is fixed, regardless of how many people enter the game. The guaranteed jackpot is a certain amount as well, but it might be higher than that, it any case it will not be less. Progressive jackpots increase over the time if not won. They are usually the biggest and most difficult to win. The sliding jackpot is the reverse of the previous type. It is when the main prize is a specified amount which is reduced after every few calls.

Fixed Prize Jackpots

do bingo gamblers play for fixed prize jackpotsIt does not matter how many people take part in this game; the jackpot stays fixed. It will be paid to the one who meets the required criteria. Players should know that the prize in these games is not guaranteed to be won.

If no one completes the pattern within the specified amount of numbers called out the prize will not be awarded. The game will continue anyway, and there might even be a prize for the person that completes the required pattern.

Guaranteed Jackpots

If you see a game advertised with a guaranteed jackpot it can mean two things: the prize may be at least the amount stated regardless of how many people enter the game, which is no different than a fixed jackpot game. Alternatively, it can also mean that the prize is guaranteed to be won, irrespective of the number of numbers which need to be called before the winner is announced.

Progressive Jackpots

which are the top progressive bingo jackpotsAs the name suggests these prizes increase over time if nobody wins them. In the games with progressive bingo jackpots, you need to complete. In these games, typically you need to complete the required pattern, which is often all your numbers, before a certain number of calls.

If no one wins within these calls, the jackpot is not won, and it keeps increasing until it is. This increase can be a fixed amount every time or a portion of the ticket price each player has paid to participate. Progressive jackpots can grow quickly and can reach a life-changing amount.

Sliding Jackpots

The jackpot of these games starts at a specified amount but decreases after a certain amount of calls. It then continues to drop with each call or few calls until someone wins it. Understandably, these are not the most popular of the four types of jackpot games, but still, they offer the chance to win some decent prizes, so do not ignore them immediately. Plus, the sliding jackpot games are also quite exciting.

Jackpot Game Rules

what are the bingo rules for jackpot gamesAlthough the precise rules may vary across sites the basic principle of the bingo games is pretty simple. In essence, there is a large prize on offer called jackpot and some criteria to be met to win the award. This might be to complete a particular pattern, cover every number on your card, or win within a set number of balls.

The exact criteria may also vary depending on the site or game you choose to play. The prize offered may change depending on some factors like how many balls are called before someone wins, how many people are participating, how long since the jackpot was last won.

In some games, it can be easy to win, in other pretty hard, but you should not be put off where it is difficult to win because often these games tend to have the biggest jackpots.

As we already saw the bingo jackpot games can be classified into the following categories: fixed, guaranteed, sliding and progressive. Games can fall in several of these categories, and we have explained more about them above.

Are there Standard Rules

What we need to make clear here is that there are no standard and fixed rules for bingo jackpots in all sites, these may vary from one game to the next. The guide on this page provides an overview of the different categories and the general rules of the game. However, we advise getting familiar with the rules on the site you have chosen to play on. The top bingo sites we have already mentioned typically offer the best versions of the games with easy to understand rules and big prizes.

can you win a jackpot with a bingo bonusYou should read the rules very carefully, especially because there can be cases in which you cannot win a jackpot when playing with a bingo bonus, which is an important thing to keep in mind.

You should always find out if this is the case on the site you prefer to play on because it can spare you the situation in which you win a huge jackpot while playing with bonus money, only to find out you were not eligible for it in the first place.

Playing with bonus money is something you should be well informed about. The rule about prohibiting players who use bonus money from winning is reasonably rare, but it exists, so it is important to always check that first.

In Conclusion

We would like to say that although most sites try to keep the rules of the games as simple as possible so that more people can play, in jackpots games these basics can be quite complicated. So our best advice would be to take the time and read the rules as well as the terms and conditions and fully comprehend them before playing.

Last modified: February 26th, 2021 by Sam Barlow