Know How to Pick a Bingo Site to Bet Online

In this section of our guide what we explain is how to pick a bingo site that suits your needs,is trustworthy and worth your while. This is one of the essentials of having a good time playing bingo. There are a few factors to consider when choosing such a portal and we have listed them down below. If you feel overwhelmed by all that stuff, just go ahead and check out the portals that we recommend on this website.

We can assure you all these operators have been researched thoroughly and that only the most reputable have found their way on our list. But if you trust your gut and you prefer doing your own research, we suggest you check out how to pick bingo sites and what things you should take into consideration below. Let’s get to it.

Game Variety

Can you find a great Game Variety online?In the first part of how to choose a bingo site, we should mention game variety. If you play bingo every once in a while, this probably won’t be a concern for you.

But if you are a regular, you will start to find the games a little boring after a while, especially if new ones are not introduced on a consistent basis. The top bingo sites work hard to offer something new so that you are never bored.


You don’t want to deposit money into a brand that has a poor reputation or is not trusted by other players. Don’t be fooled if they appear to be doing things just fine. You definitely need to steer clear of shady companies. Most probably, the reason for their bad reputation is that they don’t pay out their customers. Or it could be that they are struggling with security issues. Whatever it is, if it’s keeping them from being on the “nice list”, it’s not worth dealing with them.

There is no need to explain the first reason. When it comes to security, every self-respecting operator must go out of their way to protect customers’ data. However, if the proper security measures are not taken, your information, both personal and financial, could be jeopardised. We bet you don’t want to have your money stolen or your sensitive personal details exposed to third parties.

How do you know if a bingo operator is reputable?How do you tell if an operator is reputable? First and foremost, read our networks reviews and any comments left by customers. If customers complain of some serious issues, it makes sense to give a thought to it and investigate further the case.

Another telltale sign is the customer base. If the site you have chosen has a multitude of players, that’s a good sign. But we will tell you more about that in a separate section.

Deposit Options

Payment methods are the next thing to take into consideration when you are trying to figure out how to pick a bingo site. The majority of operators offer more than one method. You want to stick with a site that supports a wide range of bank cards, electronic wallets and banks in general. Some bingo and casino sites offer cheques and bank transfers in addition to an already comprehensive list of payment methods, including international and local providers based on the country of residence.

Everybody has different preferences. If you like a given e-wallet, then you’d better make sure that method is available on the site you want to sign up. So, before you decide to play at a bingo portal, go through their payments section and see what they’ve got on offer.


Check bingo offers like bonuses for newcomers!Every gambling portal entices customers with special offers like bonuses for newcomers or free money on different occasions. However, these promotions vary from site to site. And they come with certain conditions.

There are operators that provide a large variety of offers. On the surface of it, it seems that they take care of their customers. But when you read the requirements, you realise the offers are not as good as you thought.

You need to be looking for value. You will be much better off with a few good offers rather than with a plate full of promotions that serve no purpose.

Customer Base

We mentioned earlier in this post that customer base should play an important role when it comes to making your decision about where you want to play bingo on that particular portal. So far, we discussed that the more the clients, the better the operator. Have you ever bought an item that has been claimed by other users as unreliable and that people usually avoid? It’s the same with online portals.

You wouldn’t be thrilled to open an account on a site that is generally avoided by users. Of course, it is absolutely okay for a brand new site to have fewer members at the beginning. But if a bingo site has been in operation for years and they still haven’t managed to attract a solid customer base, that’s a red flag.

Bingo customer base - a place with lots of players!The other reason you want to opt for a place with lots of players is that there will be more fellows to chat with. If you are the social kind and you like meeting people in extraordinary places, this will be a great opportunity.

Gambling portals offer chat rooms which enable you to interact with other players, share your experience and tips or receive advice from them.

This will definitely add to the excitement of the games and improve your experience. Who knows, you may even make some new friends there. It’s worth giving it a try.

Customer Support

Believe it or not, customer support is an important factor to consider when choosing a site to play bingo. The quality of service indicates how much and whether a brand cares about its clients. When making your final decision, do not forget to check out the options for contacting the staff.

The majority of operators offer a phone service and email address. Others also have a live chat feature. You can try speaking to an agent to see their response times. Generally, an email should be replied to within 24 hours, phone calls and live chat should be answered within seconds. If the operators are helpful, this is a good sign.


And last but not least, the software quality matters too. The best bingo sites stick with software content which is interactive, fun, pleasing to look at and user-friendly. Low-quality games will impact your experience. On the other hand, your entertainment will be greatly enhanced if you use software with good and quality graphics.

These are the most important things to factor in when selecting a bingo site where you can have some fun. Use these sections to help you figure out which sites are good and which won’t make it to your shortlist. Don’t forget that you can always take a look at our suggestions. It will save you some time and make the process less painful. But at the end of the day, it’s your decision to make. We are only here to help.

Last modified: October 16th, 2019 by Sam Barlow