How to Use Bingo Books to Prepare a Game?

Maybe you are one of these players who enjoy playing with bingo books at home with family or friends. Playing bingo is an entertaining way to spend some time. Moreover, there are many providers selling stuff which you need to have at home before you start playing bingo.

There are some halls or club owners who want to entertain players at their own venue while organising a bingo event there. Of course, they want it to be done in the best way and not to disappoint customers. In the text below we will give you some more information about bingo books and events which are lots of fun and can be quite profitable too.

Bingo Game Type

Let’s assume that you are an owner of a hall. Like choosing which bingo games you will include. Keep in mind that there are three general types of bingo games.

  • There is 75 ball bingo. If you choose this type, you will see that each bingo card consists of a five column by 5-row grid-like formation. This gives you the opportunity to select one winning pattern which players will play. All of the patterns are very exciting and fun to play.
  • Secondly, there is the 80 ball bingo game. There are four lines by four columns which form a grid. This type of game is played very rapidly. That is why it is not appropriate for all players and events. Especially if you want to play at a quieter place or you do not have that many prizes to hand out.
  • The third type is 90 ball bingo game. It is played on bingo tickets and bingo cards. They are separated in three lines of numbers with nine numbers on each ticket. Here the players will compete for three great prizes – they can win if they fill in one line, two lines or a full house.

Bingo Books & Bingo Tickets

If you want to organise an event at your venue, then you will have to buy bingo tickets or bingo cards. You should know that you can buy bingo tickets and cards from various stores. First, you have to decide which type of bingo game you will host (don’t forget to check the rules) and then the price for the bingo book of tickets or each separate ticket.

Better ensure that you put a fair prize for the books of tickets. This guarantees that more players will purchase the tickets and thus you will attract more people to your event. They will see that the prices are affordable and will want to participate.

Bingo Machine

Do you have to buy a bingo machine for the game? After you have selected the bingo game that will be played at your place and you have bought bingo books (cards and tickets) here is an essential thing that you need to do. Next, you need to purchase a bingo machine. You will use it to pick a number for each of the bingo games you decide to play.

Generally, there are two types of bingo machines. The first one is new and advanced digital bingo machine. It picks random numbers and players could see them on a LED display panel. There is also an older type of bingo machine. The balls are put into it, and the machine picks one number at a time.

However, you have to ensure that you have each ball needed for the type of bingo game you are playing. For instance, in case players will take part in 75 ball bingo game put in the bingo machine not more than 75 balls. It is evident that more balls will not be necessary for that particular type of bingo game.

Bingo Prizes

There is something else you should not forget besides the Bingo Books when hosting a bingo game. It is up to you what kind of rewards you are going to give away for each of the games you play. It is nice to know that if you, for example, are hosting a bingo event at your venue for charity, there are many companies which will be willing to donate some prizes for your event.

Also, there are many events where you can win money. That is why you will have to fix what part of the ticket price will go for the money prize. Make sure that you have determined a percentage for the cash prize because you need to pay for your expenses and use the remaining amount for the charity event.

Bingo Caller

Do you really need a bingo caller to play? Last but not least if you decide to hold a bingo event you will need to find a bingo caller. Their duty will be to call out the numbers for each game played. The person for this role should be energetic and high-spirited so they could keep players entertained and interested in the game while playing bingo.

Keep in mind that the majority of players enjoy hearing the nicknames of bingo balls being called out. Make sure that your bingo caller has a list of all the bingo ball nicknames. This will certainly make the game even more entertaining.

We hope we have helped you with our brief overview of what you need to host a bingo event. You can read more about hosting a bingo party and get some additional information regarding the various bingo games you could play on our website. We provide many reviews of bingo games and other useful articles. They will not only explain more about the structure of bingo games but will also advise you how to make the event unforgettable for you as a host and the players as your guests.

Last modified: October 3rd, 2022 by Sam Barlow