Shout out the Right Bingo Calls When the Numbers are Drawn

What are bingo calls good for? Maybe you are the type of player who enjoys playing mobile or online bingo, and you want to know everything that will make your gameplay even better. One more thing you may find interesting and worth knowing is that each number that is called out during any bingo game you play on your mobile phone or online has its personal bingo number nickname. These are the so-called bingo calls.

This means that when playing bingo, each number which is called out first will be announced with the nickname it has through an audio signal. After that, the same number will be called out again, and the number will be shown on the bingo screen so players could also see it.

As you probably already know, there are three types of bingo games – 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo. Below we will share a list of the numbers that possibly will be called out. It also includes the original nicknames of the figures which will be shown on the screen together with the number.

Better check this list out, and you will see that the number nicknames and the calls are not only special and unique but also very funny and entertaining.

Mobile and online bingo sites have an option which is called auto dab. What is its function? It means that you will not need to tap or click on each separate number when playing mobile bingo to mark them as they are being called out. The software system will do this for you. Moreover, it will also call bingo if you win the jackpot.

Nicknames of Bingo Balls

The bingo ball nicknames are different on different websites. In the list below you will find the most popular bingo calls. They are common for most of the bingo sites that provide playing bingo online. First, we are going to start backwards with the group of nicknames for the numbers from 90 to 72.

  • 90 – Top of the shop
  • 89 – Nearly there.
  • 88 – Two Fat Ladies.
  • 87 – Torquay in Devon.
  • 86 – Between the sticks!
  • 85 – Staying alive.
  • 84 – Seven dozen!
  • 83 – Stop Farting!
  • 80 – Gandhi’s Breakfast.
  • 77 – Two little crutches.
  • 76 – Trombones.
  • 72 – Danny La Rue.

The Rest of the Numbers

Now we are going to present you the next set of bingo calls – this contains the numbers from 71 to 52. Keep in mind that if you are playing online bingo, you will not have to cross off, mark or tap each one of the bingo ball numbers that you see on the bingo tickets or cards. The software of the mobile or online bingo site will keep an eye on the numbers for you. It will mark them immediately after a number has been called out and in this way, it will let you know how much you have progressed in the game at any time!

  • 71 – Bang on the drum.
  • 69 – Anyway up.
  • What do you call Clickety clicks in bingo?66 – Clickety clicks.
  • 65 – Stop work.
  • 62 – Tickety-boo.
  • 60 – Grandma’s getting fisty.
  • 59 – The Brighton Line.
  • 57 – Heinz Beanz.
  • 56 – Shotts Bus.
  • 55 – Musty Hive.
  • 54 – Egg and sausage.
  • 53 – Here comes Herbie.
  • 52 – Danny La Rue.

Other Bingo Calls

We will move on with the next group of bingo calls from 44 to 21. Do not forget that you may have one or more tickets where you will need to mark off a small set of numbers in case you get a winning combination. These cards will always be displayed at the top of the bingo site. This will help players see immediately which tickets are expected to be winning and which numbers should be called out so that these bingo tickets and cards become the winning ones.

  • Why number 44 is called droopy drawers?44 – Droopy drawers.
  • 39 – Steps.
  • 36 – Just Three dozen.
  • 35 – Jump and Jive.
  • 33 – All the threes.
  • 32 – Buckle My Shoe.
  • 30 – Burlington Bertie.
  • 28 – Two and eight, in a state.
  • 27 – Duck and a crutch.
  • 26 – Two and six, half a crown.
  • 25 – Jump and Jive.
  • 24 – Knock at the door.
  • 23 – The Lord is My Shepherd.
  • 22 – Two little ducks.
  • 21 – Key of the Door.

Numbers Between 1 & 20

Which are the most common calls from 19 to 1? Finally, we are going to take a closer look at the set of commonly used bingo calls – those from 19 to 1. While playing online bingo, you will notice that you will have access to the 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo games. Pay attention to the fact that each of the bingo games you choose to play will have their personal unique winning combinations.

One more thing you should know is that the prices of the bingo tickets and bingo cards are different. The ticket prices depend on the site you choose to play on.

The majority of bingo sites have many bingo rooms which offer promotions. In such cases, players select their preferred rooms. Each room has a fixed price for the bingo tickets on sale. Moreover, you are going to discover bingo sites that give you access to totally free bingo games as well.

  • 19 – Goodbye Teens.
  • 16 – Never been kissed.
  • 14 – The Lawnmower.
  • Are there calls that are considered unlucky?13 – Unlucky for some.
  • 12 – Just One dozen.
  • 11 – Legs Eleven.
  • 10 – David’s Den.
  • 9 – Doctor’s Orders.
  • 8 – Garden Gate.
  • 7 – Lucky 7.
  • 6 – Tom Mix.
  • 5 – Man alive.
  • 4 – Knock at the door.
  • 3 – Cup of tea.
  • 2 – One little duck.
  • 1 – Kelly’s Eye.


Do bingo ball calls make the game better? Provided that you want to enjoy playing one of the bingo games on your mobile device or online many bingo sites allow you to access very profitable sing up bonuses. They are even bigger if you are a new player which is really cool and a good reason to test your luck.

Just take a look at our guidelines which will give you some extra information regarding the bingo calls and you will quickly select which type of bingo games to play.

We hope we have made the bingo calls much more clear so that you can have fun without worrying. Check the bingo sites we have reviewed, select the ones you want to try out and join the action.We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Last modified: October 3rd, 2022 by Sam Barlow