Try Your Luck With the Highest Paying Bingo Jackpot Games

One of the main reasons why players choose to start playing bingo online is because of the highest paying bingo jackpot games, and the fact that you can log on and play at any time.

Thanks to the new pre-buy option offered on the licensed online UK bingo sites you do not need to be online to play and take part in these huge paying bingo games. What you need to do is simply buy your tickets in advance and leave the bingo software to do the work for you. It will mark off each ticket you buy for you and even claim house if and when you win.

Below you will find the highest paying bingo jackpot games which you will find available at various times of the week at the online bingo sites. The following bingo games are certainly the ones you should be looking for if you want to have a real chance of winning big while playing bingo online.

If you like any of the bingo jackpot games listed below remember to check out our reviews of the bingo sites where these games can be played. We will also mention some of the exclusive and generous bingo bonuses offered at each of these sites.

Each of the bingo sites we have reviewed offers a large range of daily and weekly big paying bingo jackpot games. Take a look at their respective sites where you will find a daily bingo playing schedule with more details of each bingo jackpot game. Here are the best features online:

Costa Night Fever

First on our list of the highest paying bingo games is the Costa Night Fever. This game is on every Saturday night at 8.45pm, and the game itself starts at 9 pm, so make sure you are online in good time as you do not want to miss out of the life changing prize of this bingo game. Entering the Costa Night Fever room, you will be playing for a guaranteed prize of 2,500 pounds.

The price of the tickets is very low at just 10p each and you can pre-buy them. You can start with as little as one ticket to participate in the game or buy up to 96 tickets. This game is based on the 90 ball bingo game.

Costa Crazy Jackpot Game

This game is available to players every Friday night, the game starts at 10 pm, but you can enter the chat room 15 minutes earlier and interact with the rest of the players to build up the excitement. You need to be in the Costa Crazy Room with a guaranteed jackpot of 10 000 pounds which is split up into different pattern prizes. The best part of this bingo jackpot game is that it is a free 90 ball bingo game.

Costa Beach Club

Would you check out the Costa Beach Club game?This is another high paying bingo game you need to check out. It is one of the top rated games we highly recommend. The Costa Beach Club game is played every Sunday evening at 9 pm.

You can access the bingo room and the chat 15 minutes earlier; it is open and accessible from 8:45 pm onwards. You will find this particular jackpot game in the Costa Bach Club room. If you want to give it a try you need to know how much you can win and the price of the tickets.

We are pleased to tell you that the jackpot on offer is large – 2500 pounds and the tickets cost just 10p. The minimum amount of tickets you can buy is one and the maximum ninety-six on each of these jackpot games you decide to play. The game is a 90 ball bingo variant.

Costa Fiesta

Another one of the highest paying bingo jackpot games is the Costa Fiesta. The Costa Bingo site offers a variety of jackpot games and another one which we think is worth your attention is the Costa Fiesta. You can play this game every Monday, and the chat room is accessible from 8.45pm onwards.

The game is offered in the Costa Fiesta room with ticket prices of just 10p and with an attractive jackpot prize pool. It is a fun game with many winning opportunities, the game is based on a 75 ball bingo variant, and you can buy from one to 96 bingo cards per game.

The One Mill Thrill

Do you want 1 Million Diamonds? This is exactly what you can win if you choose to take part in the Costa Bingo sites’ One Mill Thrill bingo game which is running every Tuesday at 9 pm. Like the other games we mentioned above, this bingo chat room opens fifteen minutes before the jackpot game starts. So, get there as early as you can so you do not miss out taking part in this must play jackpot game.

Be aware that to find this bingo game you need to look up and enter the Mill Thrill 1 room with a cost per ticket – 10p each.

You can always choose to buy the number of tickets you would like from 1 to 96 per jackpot game you play and take part in. This bingo game is based on the 90 ball bingo variant, so there is plenty of fun moments in store for you if you decide to go for this game.


These are some of the highest paying bingo jackpot games we recommend. Definitely, give these a chance as they guarantee lots of fun and life-changing prizes. Do not forget to plan your gameplay ahead, so that you do not miss the hours when the bingo rooms open for players.

Take your time and enjoy a fun conversation with your fellow players before the game starts. Share the fun and excitement with the online bingo community in the rooms because this will make playing even more enjoyable. Most of these games offer tickets at very low prices so you can test any game without risking a lot of your own cash. Good luck and enjoy.

Last modified: October 3rd, 2022 by Sam Barlow