Comparing Pros and Cons of Online vs Live Bingo Games

Herein we will compare online vs live bingo, discussing any differences and similarities in detail. Whether you are playing live at a land-based facility or you are up for some online bingo, you will essentially be playing the same game. The rules are the same, and the main goal is to win money. However, there are some dissimilarities that you need to know about. This is what sets the two types of games apart.

We suggest you have a look at our online and live bingo comparative article to find out what you can expect from playing live and online. The experience will be different depending on which way you go. This is why it is best to be prepared by reading our post from top to bottom. Let’s get started.

Diversity of Games

The first point of our online vs. live bingo comparison is game variety. It goes without saying that bingo sites offer a greater diversity than venues. There are many reasons for this. For one, you can play at as many sites as you wish. The more portals you sign up to, the biggest array of games you will get your hands on. Another reason is that sites have the capacity to accommodate more games. In comparison, bingo halls provide only a few games and lack variety.

Availability and Ease of Play

Check out the availability and ease of playing bingo!When it comes to playing bingo at a brick-and-mortar venue, there are a few inconveniences that bother us.

The most obvious one is that you need to leave your home and walk or drive to the nearest bingo hall. The trouble with this is that it is time-consuming and it also limits you in many ways.

For example, you cannot play live bingo whenever you wish because, normally, these venues have fixed operating hours. Not to mention, the weather comes into play too. If it is stormy or rainy or cold or too hot, it will make the whole journey a little less pleasant.

In comparison, bingo sites allow you to play from the comfort of your own home, regardless of the weather conditions and time. There are no restrictions, you can play round the clock. Plus, there is a greater variety of games online. You can play at a few sites simultaneously and enjoy yourself in a way you never could at a land-based venue.

Pricing of Games

Overall, online vs traditional bingo pricing is hard to compare. There are less expensive offers and some very costly games out there, both online and offline. However, it should be noted that in terms of playing online bingo, you are free to select your stake. What is more, the fees online are more varied than those at bingo halls. When it comes to playing offline, your choice will largely depend on the options available at the very moment of playing.

Fairness of Online vs Live Bingo

Can you rely on bingo when it comes to game fairness?When it comes to game fairness, there is nothing to be concerned about as long as you stick with the best operators, both in terms of online bingo and offline venues. The truth is, the majority of companies are reputable, but there is always a chance that you come across some rogue operators.

In most cases, random number generators are used to guarantee the fairness of each outcome, whether at an online casino or a bingo site.

Hence, there should be no doubt that the games are fair. You know, these operators are monitored by different independent agencies and authorities, so there are zero chances that you will be let down by these companies.

Of course, we do advise you to stick with the most recognisable brands, which we recommend on our site. Before we add an operator here, we spend some time researching, playing, and testing. This is the only way that we can come to a decision whether that given bingo site is worth using.

As for playing at a bingo hall or casino, fairness is only a concern if you choose a shady company. We suggest you stick with a well-known, respectable venue and you will be fine.

Rewards and Prizes

Learn how to win big bingo prizes and rewards!Online bingo sites are at an advantage in terms of prizes and rewards. There are so many people playing online, which automatically translates into more money that should be given away. If you choose to play online, you will have the chance to win much bigger prizes than if you go to a brick-and-mortal bingo venue. What is more, there are different rewards and incentives to lure you into playing. That does make online bingo more fun and rewarding.

The Social Factor

Truth be told, live bingo involves much more social interaction than online bingo, which is completely understandable. In fact, in the past, the main idea of bingo halls was for friends to meet and have fun together while also earning money. With the arrival of online games, however, people seem to have forgotten what socialising really means. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that playing bingo online is a solitary thing.

Playing bingo online is not a solitary activity!If you are so keen to find someone to interact with online, you can always be a part of a bingo community. Most bingo sites have these, and it’s really easy to join. We are talking about chat rooms where people share their experience or just have some fun with the other members.

If you like meeting new people, this is a great opportunity. Of course, it cannot compare to face-to-face interactions, but it is still a way to communicate. And if you don’t want to be a part of that, then live bingo is the better option for you.

Bottom Line

It is obvious that online bingo has more benefits than bingo halls, but at the end of the day everybody has different needs and thinks differently. If you like the feeling that you get when playing live bingo and interacting with the other people, then that’s great. If you enjoy keeping what’s happening to yourself and staying anonymous, that’s fine too. The choice is all yours. And the truth is, you can try both.

Why limit yourself? When you feel like socialising, go to your local bingo venue. If the weather is bad or you are just too tired to go out, opt for online bingo.

Last modified: October 16th, 2019 by Sam Barlow