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Pay attention to this iPad Bingo sites article if you are willing to keep up with the most recent news about the best bingo sites for iPads, as well as the iPad models that are considered to be best choices for playing bingo. We encourage you to take a couple of minutes and read this article from the beginning till the very end because it also provides valuable insights related to some of the most burning questions people tend to ask, i.e. whether it is secure to make payments on iPad. Enjoy!


We would like to begin our article by mentioning that many people find iPads one of the most incredible technology products created in this century. In fact, it was 2010 when we all got the chance to witness the release of this device offering not only an attractive design and remarkable features but also access to an incredibly powerful processor. Moreover, all of this was available at a decent price.

Having in mind the sleek design, as well as the touch screen which is so easy-to-use, it is no wonder that playing online bingo on an iPad is practically effortless. What also contributes to a flawless user experience has to do with the portability, the multitouch screens, and the bright graphics, associated with iPads. On top of that, bingo sites enable you to enjoy the same benefits that you would have access to online when you are on the move.

Moreover, compared to smartphones, there is no chance that you might not hear a bingo call thanks to the larger screens.

Top Rated iPad Bingo Sites

Which are the best iPad websites for bingo?When it comes to playing bingo on the move, you can choose from multiple apps that allow you to do so. Moreover, there are two ways in which you can access such apps – by downloading them or via the mobile-enhanced version. Here are our suggestions:

Bet365 Bingo

This company is most likely better known for their sports betting website than bingo. However, the Bet365 Bingo App for iPad is filled with incredible games and possibly the top bonuses on the market right now. If you are a new client, you will be able to enjoy the bet365 app for up to up to £1,000 in the Welcome room for one week after you create your account. Once you do so, you can also claim 100 pounds with only 10, which is one of the largest sign-up promotions of any of the applications we have seen so far.

Mecca Bingo

If you are looking to win money with iPad bingo apps, we advise you to check out Mecca’s. It is possible to win real money in iPad bingo games in this website, the app is completely free, and you can find it in iTunes. All you have to do is look for Mecca Bingo on the App Store, and you will be able to download it. You can start playing immediately after creating an account with them.

Wink Bingo

The next recommended option for an app is Wink Bingo. There are versions for both iOS and Android devices, so if you would like to play it on your iPad, you would only need to go to the respective link and install the app.

While current players can sign in with login details they used to register in the first place, new members can also register directly via the app. Doing so will enable them to receive the Welcome Bonus, as well as the opportunity to access the so-called ‘Newbie room’ for free within a period of 3 days.

Is Wink bingo an iPad compatible betting site?Playing at the ‘Newbie room’ is associated with the possibility of taking part in 75-ball that can bring real cash prizes. In addition to bingo, there are also multiple slots, five of which get exclusively offered to mobile players only.

On top of that, it is quite easy to pre-purchase tickets for the games you are interested in, as well as to deposit money via various secure payment methods. As soon as you meet the wagering requirements, nothing is preventing you from withdrawing your winnings via iPad, neither.

What to Keep In Mind Regarding Payment Safety

When it comes to playing on iPad or dealing with mobile payments, many people wonder whether it is safe and to what extent. This is why we will focus on this in the coming section of our article. It is crucial to place much importance on security whenever you are about to take part in real-money bingo via your iPad.

One of the things to consider is what kind of a payment method you are going to choose. It should be safe, i.e. some of the e-wallets that do not require your credit card number (PayPal, Paysafecard or Neteller). What could also help is to benefit from the opportunity to try out games for free before you invest real money? This might provide you with clarity whether the site itself is a top fit for you and at the same time, you will once again not need to share your card details.

In addition to this, we would encourage you to rely on the most famous and trustworthy brands so that you can be protected against online fraud and not risk having to deal with operators that may not be willing to pay you back in case you are not satisfied with the service they offer.

What About The Best iPad Models For Bingo

Before we move on to the most frequently asked questions, we wanted to include a section in our article that is mainly dedicated to the best iPad models for playing bingo. Here are the top iPad models offered by Apple that we consider worth your attention.

iPad Air 2

Can you access bingo websites with iPad air?If we need to describe iPad Air 2 with a couple of words, we would need to say that it is both the lightest and at the same time the thinnest iPad among the full-sized models. There are three different modifications users can choose from: Wi-fi-only, 3G and 4G iPad.

We recommend the Wi-fi-only iPad for those of you who are clear that they are about to use it in spaces with high-quality Wi-Fi. On the other hand, 3G and 4G come in handy whenever people are interested in purchasing an iPad that has an inbuilt SIM card.

One thing to keep in mind if you would like to play bingo on a 3G iPad is that this might result in a significantly higher monthly phone bill. As far as performance is concerned, we need to acknowledge iPad Air 2 for using the latest A8X processor. Thanks to the Retina display with its excellent viewing angles, no other tablet that can keep up with it.

Having in mind what we said about the fact that the majority of bingo operators have a mobile version of their site that is iPad-friendly, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

iPad Mini 2 and 3

IPAD Mini 2 is the model we would recommend to anybody who is interested in Mini models. Taking into consideration that both models use the same processor, as well as display, it is worth choosing the iPad Mini 2. This is how you can save some money. What makes the difference between iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 is not the resolution, but the slightly higher density. This means that whether you choose the one or the other Apple iPad model, you will still be able to benefit from the same vibrant graphics and amazing apps.

All in all, we can sum up that it does not matter that much which iPad model you will go for when your ultimate goal is playing bingo. All of them are going to provide you a similar and exciting user experience. What we encourage you to keep in mind is that there are various memory sizes available. So, due to the space bingo apps take it might be worth selecting an iPad with storage of minimum 32GB.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned briefly above, this last section of our iPad Bingo sites article aims at providing answers to the most burning questions people tend to ask. We have listed them here for you:

  • What do I need to take into consideration when I choose an iPad Bingo app?

  • Find bingo sites that are perfect for iPad mini!As a result of the extremely high popularity of iPads, more and more bingo operators put conscious efforts into adapting the mobile platform of their sites in a way that will enable it to work properly on Apple tablets, as well.

    You can come across some of the iPad bingo apps by using the Safari browser, and others are accessible when you go to the Apple App store.

    You might be willing to check out the apps ratings at the App store that allows you to inform yourself about what other users have already experienced first-hand. In addition to this, if you are new in the world of bingo, it might be wise to choose some of the apps that offer deposit-free gifts and a generous welcome bonus.

  • What kind of iPad Models are currently available on the market?

  • When it comes to all types of iPads available on the market, they include nine models in total. They are iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad. The good news is that all of them are acceptable options for playing bingo, so we just encourage you to make sure you keep your OS updated.

Last modified: October 16th, 2019 by Sam Barlow