Have Some Fun with the New Mobile Bingo Sites

New mobile bingo sites are hotter than ever. The demand for mobile friendly sites has grown rapidly, and all bingo players have gone mobile. In this guide, we will discuss the newest sites which are compatible with mobile devices. You will also find bingo brands you have never heard of before, but we will give you more background information on all the mobile bingo sites out there.

It Is easy to explain the popularity of mobile playing. Who would not want to enjoy a great bingo experience on the go on their phone or tablet? That is why the bingo operators have put so much effort into providing more and more opportunities to their fans to play their favourite games on mobile devices.

Brand Devices Bonus Review
Mecca Android iOS Blackberry £120 Play Review
#AD, New customers only. Deposit and stake £10 to qualify. Wagering requirements and expiry dates apply. See full T&Cs.
Betfair Android iOS Windows Mobile £20
+ 200 bingo tickets
Play Review
Kitty Bingo Android iOS Blackberry
Play Review

* 18+; T&C’s apply.

However, a significant part of the mobile bingo sites are just ‘skins’ of well-known software development companies. This means they have the same license and the same selection of games. Moreover, of course, many players are already familiar with the interface. However, there is also a chance to see innovative and exciting new offers which you have no come across before.

Another important thing is that bonuses on mobile are excellent, and many operators also offer no-deposit gifts. This is one thing which makes the new mobile sites so attractive. So, let’s jump right in and see which are the new sites for mobile bingo that are worth your attention.

The New Mecca App: One of Our Top Choices

On top of our list of new bingo sites is Mecca. Mecca is running on the Virtue Fusion software and is an established operator with a strong mobile presence. They did a recent update on their mobile platform. Moreover, these things combined place it at the top of the mobile offers we are about to review.

Mecca offers one native app where you can find all the bingo variants and games optimised for mobile devices. There are no longer several different applications for individual games you can find everything in the same app. All in one place. Convenient, right?

The app is easily available in the App Store for iOS devices and can be reached through a link on their site for Android. On the new application, you will find all the features, bonuses, and promotions available to online players.

Other New Offers from Top Providers

Other well-known providers also offer a great experience on mobile, and there are other mobile bingo sites worth mentioning here. Cozy Games and Dragonfish are among the preferred software providers. They have developed excellent applications, which are not only popular among mobile players, but also attract many white labels to use their skins. Moreover, this is because the sites are adaptable to any display size, they offer easy navigation, user-friendly interface, and various convenient features.

We would like to focus a little bit more on Dragonfish on this page. It is one of the top suppliers of bingo software, and you will find some of the best brands running on it. They are always releasing great new bingo skins, which work perfectly on different devices and offer fantastic promos. The newest options from Dragonfish can be used in landscape mode and offer sign-gifts and other regular bonuses and promotions. To claim the free bonus, you will have to enter your card details.

Two of the sites we recommend are Monkey Bingo and Giant. There you can play your free money and also make use of the convenient payment system. It allows you to both deposits and withdraws funds directly from your phone. So all your winnings and jackpots are available to you.

We tried the mobile websites of Giant and Monkey Bingo and must admit that they are excellent. We played our free money without any problems. You can both deposit and withdraw on your phone, and all the jackpots are available to you.

New Mobile Bingo Sites from Other Networks

Still, one of the biggest disadvantages of playing through a mobile device are the banking and payment options, as well as the quality of the customer support. Some of the issues that you may face while playing are that you cannot withdraw funds quickly and do not get help from the support team, or there are technical problems you cannot solve yourself. Still, many networks put great effort into their mobile presence and try to offer a great experience to their players.

check the brand new mobile bingoAnother network which we would like to present is 15 Network running on Jumpman Gaming software. They are a growing network, which is in a hurry to offer an excellent mobile platform for all devices. We also decided to look at two of the newest members, which may be unfamiliar to some players: Brand New Bingo and Empire.

If you open them in the browser, they both look like the desktop site, which can cause some difficulties on small displays. If you are a novice player, you need to deposit a minimum of 10 pounds, and you are offered Spin and Wheel. You will be rewarded with extra 20 pounds and with the wheel you can get a guaranteed bonus of anywhere from £5 and £2,500.

Although the sites offer the same promotions, their graphics vary, so they do not look identical. A drawback with these sites is that you can make a deposit only through a card transfer and the support team is available only through email or phone.

What to Expect in the Future

The future of online bingo is exciting and dynamic, so we decided to look a little bit further and share some ideas on what the next years have in store for the world of online bingo. Here is a list of the most important changes we see happening in brief:

  • Player protection will be more important than ever, so there will be more regulatory changes.
  • Restrictions on advertising.
  • Omni-channel playing
  • More linked bingo games
  • No deposit bonuses are going to vanish
  • Free bingo will be restricted even more
  • Bonuses will be limited too
  • The withdrawal restrictions will become even sneakier
  • More incentives to play slots
  • Sliding Jackpot Games
  • The domination of the top names in the industry continues
  • Increased presence of boutique networks
  • More new bingo variants
  • The decline of charity bingo continues

Player Protection Regulations

the mobile bingo site monkey is newThe industry and players still remember the massive changes in 2014 when the online gambling sites were regulated onshore. But since then a lot has happened, and there are further changes that are slowly happening and the mass of them have to do with responsible gambling.

For example in 2015 the UK regulators stated that every site operating in the country has to provide an automated self-exclusion method, which allows players to self-exclude themselves without interacting with a member of the staff.

There are further changes of this sort happening. The self-exclusion option will need to be available for all UK regulated gambling sites, so in one click a player will be able to get excluded from all gaming sites. Of course, this change will take some time as it requires particular IT technology as well as it needs to comply with data protection laws. However, the UK regulators have set a deadline, and it is approaching – 2017.

However, what is already available now is a national self-exclusion scheme, where all the licensed bingo sites in the country operate, and a player can be excluded after photo identification. Another area which has undergone changes is the auto-play. Now it is required to set a loss limit before engaging into auto-play. Sites are required to send notifications and messages to the users to remind them in real time how long they have been playing for.

Other provisions include UK standard testing, which means that all individual games need to be tested before they are allowed on UK sites. So, if you cannot find your favourite game on any of the UK sites, this may be the reason. We believe that these regulations and restrictions will directly affect the new sites for mobile bingo and offers.

Restrictions on Advertising

Advertising authorities are strict when it comes to advertising gambling, and they have taken actions against TV and print advertising on the mobile bingo sites. However, they are now getting even tougher and going after web ads, which also includes advertising on the own company website.

In 2015 there was a case in which the ASA objected to the use of cartoon images on a slot site as well as the names of some slots because they could attract children. Another instance is the use of a cartoon pirate on a gambling site. The ASA is strictly following the gaming industry and is restricting various slots sites and casinos.

Another body which is interested in gambling advertising is the Gambling Commission, which has its own guidelines. A big part concerns the advertising of bonuses and any requirement such as the wagering requirements need to be mentioned and explained in the ad. This is to protect players and to make them aware of the strings attached before they claim the bonus.

Some bingo sites have already made the changes to their ads and web pages to comply with this requirement, and the rest are expected to follow.

Omni-Channel Gaming

mobile bingo sites of land based casinosWhat is Omni-channel gaming, you would ask? This is the ability to play games and betting in land-based casinos or on any device, all with the one and the same account, wallet, and functionality.

This integrated approach is something to come in the future, but it is coming. We have seen progress in this area already.

If we look online, at Playtech and Virtue Fusion, you can play seamlessly across all devices and although there are still some problems it is still a great functionality which will develop even more in the future.

More Linked Bingo Games

These bingo games are something we have already seen on Virtue Fusion. They are running a £5000 game every single day. Moreover, these games are getting massive. Twice a year almost all of the bingo sites on 888 UK Limited license ran a massive linked bingo game with a huge prize. Several different networks and standalone sites took part in this networked bingo game. Thousands of players participated, the experience is great, but the chance of winning – small.

However, bingo players took an active part, and thousands of tickets were sold. More of these huge games have been announced, so we expect them to become something regular in the future.

No Deposit Bonuses are Vanishing

This type of promotion has slowly been disappearing. You will not find such a bonus on any of the Microgaming sites, but you will on the Cozy Bingo sites. Free rewards cannot be considered real money. You could withdraw up to £30 of earnings from such a bonus, but you had to make a deposit for it. Now the rule is that when you make the first cash deposit, any winnings are replaced with a casino money bonus up to a certain amount.

You still cannot find any deposit bonuses at the new bingo sites of Mandalay Media. They give you the possibility of winning real money, although a deposit is still needed to be able to participate and even bigger one to be able to make a withdrawal. Apart from these sites, there is a tiny amount of no deposit bonuses, which are intended to give players an opportunity to test a new bingo platform.

Restrictions on Free Bingo

Many bingo sites had open access to free bingo rooms, before the changes in 2014. Now the majority of bingo rooms have the restriction of entry requirements. Players have to make a deposit to be able to enter. Usually, this deposit needs to be recent, made within the last seven days or 24 hours.

Another requirement which is also quite common is the one seen in Sky Bingo, where you need to play a sum of 2.5 pounds, which gives you access to a free bingo room until the end of the day. Such rooms were mostly used as a reward for reaching a certain loyalty level as well as an incentive for new players. It is a common practice now for free bingo rooms to pay out in bingo bonuses rather than cash.

More Restrictions on Bonuses

Many new bingo sites are not offering automatic redeposit bonuses anymore. What appears to be trending is to send bonus codes to selected players to attract them to come back play, or to reward their loyalty. The Dragonfish network has been offering re-deposit codes with reduced wagering requirements.

Even Sneakier Withdrawal Restrictions

Wagering requirements now need to be communicated clearly following the advertising restrictions, so now we can expect new ways for bingo sites to prevent players from cashing out. Recently 15 Network allowed players to cash out at any time after playing with £30 real money; now this amount has increased to £100 and still, players do not get their bonus or loyalty points upon withdrawal.

The Dragonfish network did not change their wagering requirements regarding the number of playthroughs, but what did change is what follows if you try to withdraw winnings without completing it. Previously you would not get the rest of your bonus, and now you will not get your winnings too.

More Incentives to Play Slots

We have been noticing a tendency for new mobile bingo sites to offer more slots and to try to attract players to play them more. The reason is a future increase in revenues, because, with slots, users spend more and a lot faster than bingo. Plus, slots are something to do while waiting for a bingo game to start or even while it is running.

With the revenues from the slots, the bingo providers can pay for the consumption tax introduced in 2014. It is easier for the sites to add more slots than bingo rooms because you do not need a new chat host to hire for a slot game.

Sites have been working hard to provide a better selection of slots. The big names like Microgaming, Cozy, and NetEnt, as well as Gamesys and IGT, introduced new slots into their game portfolio. Another way to steer more players into trying slots is by increasing the slot bonuses or free spins. The Wheel of Bingo sites even replaced the bingo bonuses with slot bonuses and free spins. The downside of this is that the bonuses usually have quite some wagering requirements attached.

Other slots promotions are also on the rise. They do not offer free spins or bonuses, but other incentives like raffle tickets, bonus back on losses; bingo cards awards for slots playing, and tournaments. The slot competitions are where players get points according to the amount of money they play through. The prizes are usually smaller than what players need to spend to win them.

Sliding Jackpot Games

play jackpot bingo games on your mobileWe have already seen quite some games with sliding jackpots, and we expect to see even more. This is rather a result of increased visibility rather than an increase in the big money games.

After the advertising restrictions, bingo sites now need to make it clear to their players if a game has a sliding jackpot by advertising the prize up to the headline amount.

Even when the full details of the sliding jackpot are presented, players will not realise that the chance of winning the big headline prize is small. Some sliding jackpots are free for funded players, and others have very cheap tickets so that the guaranteed prize amount looks worthwhile.

The Domination of the Big Names in the Industry

The news about bingo are that more and more of the mobile bingo sites will be using one of the big bingo platforms – Virtue Fusion/Playtech, Cosy, and 888/Dragonfish/Cassava. Although Microgaming and Gamesys are still holding a significant part of the market share, there have not been new launches recently. Big brands like Sun Bingo and Fabulous Bingo left Gamesys and moved to Virtue Fusion.

However, in the last year, smaller players continued to appear such as Relax Gaming at Maria and Grizzly Bingo at Spin Genie, the large portion of new bingo sites opt for the big platforms in the industry, which are quite known to players already.

The Boutique Networks at the Top

These are small networks compared to the big players in the industry but are providing the perfect balance between some players, the size of prizes, chances of winning and strong community, and we believe they will continue to evolve further.

More Bingo Variants

Some of the newest bingo variants include Emmerdale Bingo by Playtech/Virtue Fusion exclusive to Gala Bingo, Wizard of Bingo from Cozy and Rainbow Riches Bingo by Virtue Fusion. Another exciting new addition is the Cash Cubes by Playtech, which is mobile, HTML5, and tablet only.

The Decline of Charity Bingo

The last charity bingo that was launched was Tickety Boo Games. We have not seen any new ones appearing on the scene. The existing ones are also are donating less than they used to. Charity events are also on the decline. The significant events ran by Gala and Foxy are not taking place anymore.

Of course, there have also been some exceptions like the charity games at Mecca Bingo which are a part of the Rank Cares initiative and the event Peter Andre Hearts of Gold at Wink Bingo, which went on for a few months. However, this is a downward trend which we expect to continue. Check out our list of latest additions to the world of online bingo.

Latest Additions

  • Sailor Bingobehind the curtains of satin bingo
  • The Kingdom of Bingo
  • Satin Bingo
  • Bingo Palace
  • Fantastic Bingo
  • Find the best site


The topic of new and mobile bingo sites could be ambiguous. On the one hand, naturally, bingo players want to react to the increasing interest in players. On the contrary, players need to be more selective and critical when jumping to new sites. There are many regulations and rules and market conditions which are on the way of bingo providers launching mobile bingo sites and apps.

As for players, we would recommend always to check the license and read users’ opinions in the forums before playing. The best part of the apps is that you do not need to download or install anything; it is easy to avoid mobile sites you do not like and to focus on the ones you do like.

However mobile bingo sites are coming, so still be adventurous and try new things. You never know where the next excellent new mobile bingo site will come from. Stay tuned for updates on the new mobile bingo apps that are about to be launched!

Last modified: January 3rd, 2024 by Sam Barlow