Get to Play 30 Ball Bingo to Bet Online

Have you heard about the 30 Ball Bingo game? If you are under the impression that the only online bingo games you can enjoy are the 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo, you are wrong. Many sites are now offering a brand new bingo game, which has not been seen before. Rapid play, excitement, high chances of winning and a tremendous number of games in a short amount of time. This is just a little bit of what the 30 ball game of bingo has to offer.

the brand new 30 ball bingo gameThe 30 ball bingo game is a favourite of so many players around the world. This comes as no surprise because the game is very easy to play and offers great opportunities to win. According to reports, this bingo is profitable for casinos and players alike, and 6 out of 10 players do great in the game.

An exciting thing about the 30 Ball Bingo is that it comes in different forms. In countries like Australia, UK, and New Zealand the 90 ball format is popular, while in the US they play the 75 ball and 80 ball game more often.

30 Ball Bingo is the newest variant in the online bingo industry, and many call it the “speed bingo”. This is because the game is fast, dynamic and exciting and there is a bigger number of winners.

How to Play?

30 Ball Bingo bingo game is the perfect option if you do not have much time and you want instant results. The card contains a 3×3 grid and no free spaces; this means that all 9 squares have numbers in them. You will find the numbers from 1 to 10 in the first column, those from 11 to 20 in the second, and from 21 to 30 in the third. As the name of the game shows only 30 numbers are called throughout the game, and they need to be matched with the numbers on the ticket, which makes the game much faster than other bingo variants.

You can play at any day of the week, and this bingo game will tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you are looking for, a bingo game structured in such a way that you can play off dozens of games quickly without hanging around.

view the card for 30 ball bingoThe cards for this bingo game are tiny containing three rows and three columns with three numbers each. The cost of these tickets is low starting from just 0,05, and you will see that currently there is no faster bingo game available out there.

Given the high speed of the game, it gives you the chance to play many more games within an hour, which increases the opportunities of winning. Because of the few numbers to keep track of you can manage several cards simultaneously, which increases the chances even more.

If you find a site with a progressive jackpot, it is more likely to win it with 30 balls game than with 75 or 90 ball game.

Play Bingo Online

In the online version of the 30 ball bingo, you have cards with 3 rows and 3 columns and nine spaces with numbers, unlike the other variants of the game.

Another difference between the game with 30 balls and the other formats is that you get only one winner, the player who covers all 9 numbers on the bingo card and gets a Full House. This is not the case with the other bingo games, where you have 3 wins, the one line, two line and full house.

As mentioned above 30 ball bingo is the newest variant, that is why many online bingo rooms are still experimenting with it. Some of them offer a three-stage pattern found in other bingo variants. So, there is the option where you get a win for a single line, two lines, and full house while playing 30 ball bingo.

the bingo game with 30 numbersBelow we have compiled a list of the rules of 30 ball bingo with one winner per game:

  1. Every player who wants to enjoy the online 30 ball bingo, has to open an account through their online casino account and use their bankroll to buy 30 ball online game cards. The ticket prices vary per bingo room, usually the higher the price, the higher the jackpot for the winner. New players have enough time to join and get their tickets as there is usually a countdown until the start of every game.
  2. Once the countdown stops at zero, the game starts. Players need to look at their bingo cards as the bingo caller calls out the thirty numbers, which are random and automatically generated.
  3. Every time a player hears a number, they need to daub it on their card. At many of the new sites, players can take advantage of the automatic daub option, which will do this for them, which means less work. But some players find it exciting marking the numbers of their cards as the game goes on, which builds up the suspense of the game.
  4. As soon as all 30 numbers have been called out and checked on the board, players with all 9 numbers on their cards can call bingo, because they are the lucky winner.
  5. The winnings are then transferred to the player’s account.


options for the 30 ball bingo playersIn most 30 ball bingo rooms you will also find the live chat option where you can talk to other players and enjoy the community spirit of the game. There is also a support team from the casino which is there to help you with anything you may need.

At some casinos, you will also have an indicator to show you the numbers which have been drawn already and the ones who have not. This makes it easier to keep track of what numbers are left, which is handy for those of you marking the numbers themselves.

We are not machines, so it is possible to miss a number. The real rush comes when the waiting for the last number to complete a full house begins. But the prize, in the end, makes it all the better.

How to Win

As we already mentioned above, the ease of playing and winning is what adds to the popularity of the 30 ball bingo. But it is a game of chance. The newest options of the game offer a prize for players with 3 numbers, which is one line, 6 numbers two lines and full house – 9 numbers. There are sites which offer one win per game, which is awarded to the gamer who gets all 9 numbers or full house.

At some sites, the prize is split between several players, but the full house prize will always be substantial. So, if you are looking for a fast game with immediate results and high opportunities of winning, this game is just for you.


Even if you are new to 30 ball bingo, make sure you get actively involved in these games, because they have so much to offer. Plenty of instant cash prizes to win, no long games, the winners are known immediately and much more. Due to the design and structure of the cards in the 30 ball bingo game, you go through each game very quickly, which is perfect for all players who are short on time but love the excitement of the game.

Other Types

Here are some of the other popular bingo types you can find on the web.

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