Dealing Cards With the Joker Jackpot Bingo Game

Joker Jackpot Bingo is something new in the online bingo industry. However, it is quickly becoming a favourite with many fans because of it is easy to get rules and high chances of winning. It offers a whole new experience in the form of a card game. There are 54 cards to play with, which are the usual 52 cards and two jokers, which are famous characters. The Joker Jackpot Bingo has a lot of excitement to offer, so make sure you give it a try.

This new variant is already making a name for itself among the bingo enthusiasts. Some even say it is one of the best variants. Below we will give you some more details on the specifics of this game, and we will also present you some online operators you can try out.

Description of Joker Jackpot Bingo

describing the joker jackpot bingoSome call it a bingo without balls. There are not many new bingo variants out there. We all know of TV shows based bingo rooms like Britain’s Got Talent or Coronation Street, but the rules are the same as the traditional 90-ball game with a few new features.

The Joker Jackpot Bingo is something completely different. The ticket is also something you have probably not seen before, and it is played with cards instead of balls. If you are curious to try but you are not sure where to start read this page through, and you will be ready to enjoy it.

So, basically in this game hand is a grid of nine squares with 3 rows and 3 columns. Each hand has nine cards because each square contains one. A group of 6 hands makes a deck. On a full deck, you can find every possible standard card plus the red and the black joker. A deck is a strip, and a hand is a ticket in this game.

Players aim at two types of prizes. The first one is a J pattern – the player who gets it first on a hand he bought, will win that one. The second prize is a Full Hand, which is better known as a full house in other bingo variants. The player who has the first cards called on a particular hand is the one who wins.

Here we will briefly mention three of the most pleasant and secure places to play, enjoy and win fabulous prizes. We have picked these among other operators because we are sure they will offer you the best.

We are starting with one of the most preferred sites online in the UK – the Crown. The Joker Jackpot Bingo room is opened every day till 2 am. The jackpots are worth checking out. They are starting at 500 pounds for the player who wins a full house in 16 (or less) cards. The another great prize is the Super Joker Jackpot which is has reached 5.000 pounds. It goes to the player who secures a full house in 14 cards or less, where the last card is a joker. This player will also become the crowned King of Bingo and will get this super prize.

William Hill is another loved operator who offers the Joker Jackpot game daily. The ticket prices there start at 10p, and you can win a Joker Jackpot for a full house of 16 cards or less, or Super Joker Jackpot for 14 cards or less, with the last card being a joker. Gina invites all the ladies to a specially designed room. There you will hit the FullHouse Jackpot of 100 pounds in 50 calls or less, if not won the amount decreases for each 12 cards. Even if you win the prize with up to 62 calls, you will get 15 pounds.

Playing Joker Jackpot Bingo

As already mentioned this game uses cards and not bingo balls for playing. There are 52 cards and 2 Jokers. Upon purchasing the tickets, you will get 9 cards from the deck. The ticket is referred as a hand, which means a square with 2 columns and 3 rows.

bingo card for joker jackpotThe bingo strip in this game is called a deck. It is made of a total of 54 cards, 6 hands with 9 cards each. The 2 Jokers also count in.

  • First, you need to get a ticket, and when the game starts, and you see the deck which is being dealt, you will need to match your cards to it.
  • The price of the tickets ranges from 20p each, but the bigger the prize, the more expensive the tickets. You can either win a guaranteed amount which is a fixed prize which finally depends on the hands sold for the game.
  • If you decide to get a ticket from 20p, you can win a prize of 20 pounds. This sum is split for the two prize of the J pattern and a winning hand. The prize can be split in the following way 5 pounds for the pattern and 15 pounds for a coverall.
  • The prize may double up or increase depending on the decks and hands purchased. The Joker Bingo is only 1 type but has 2 prizes as we already mentioned. To win the J pattern, you need to cover the middle column and the left bottom card; this makes 4 cards in total.

The bigger prize is always for a Full Hand, where you match all the cards on the ticket with the ones which are called out. On top of these prizes, there are 2 special jackpots to make your play even more exciting. The first one we are going to discuss is the fixed one, if a winner has a full hand in 16 calls, they will get this prize. The second one is a progressive Super Joker Jackpot which is for everyone with a winning hand in 14 or fewer calls, and the last one covered is a Joker.

The only issues is the lack of mobile compatibility for gaming.

Bingo Snap – Another Bingo Variant with Cards

This is a nice game to try. The hands consist of 5 cards in one row. You can get 5 hands per game, and this will be revealed right after your purchase. At the start of the game, the dealer will be dealing one card at a time. When the cards from the word Snap an ! will appear on them. So, if you have a SNAP! You win. We will tell you about two more ways to win.

The first one is the poker hand bonus; this is when your five card ticket makes one. The second option is the Fixed Game Jackpot, which you get if you have a Snap in a certain number of cards. This number changes for each game, and you can see it in brackets next to the Jackpot amount.

The one who wins the fixed Jackpot gets the game prize too. The RTP of this game is one of the best things because it can be between 80.99% and 85.45%, which is quite a good result.

Where Can I Play?

We already mentioned some sites you can check out and enjoy. In this section of the page, we will mention another 2 where you can play Jackpot Bingo and 2, where you can enjoy the bingo Snap. We will begin with the Joker Jackpot sites. These sites are in a network, so the rooms are connected too. This means the game schedule and the ticket prices are the same. So, how to make your choice easily? This is where the advice from experts in online bingo comes in. We will give you a brief summary of the highlights of these two operators.

options to play joker jackpot bingoOur first stop is Titan Bingo, which was launched in 2014 and quickly became popular among the players. It features great animated design and the Bingo Bunch.

Among the branded games like Deal Or No Deal and Lucky Numbers Bingo, you will also find Joker Jackpot. Everyone who decides to play on this site gets a combined welcome bonus which you will be able to find in the slot section.

The collection is a good one – Dynamite Digger, Zodiac Supernova, and the big jackpot Iron Man and Clover Rollover, the multi-player Marine Mayhem and many more exciting games.

The second operator we will tell you about is 888casino, which is in the industry for a very long time and they are considered one of the most reputable sites. They offer many exciting games too, like Lucky Numbers and DOND as well as Joker Jackpot Bingo. In the special games section, you will also find WWTBAM. If you like slots, you can enjoy X Factor slot, Bouncy Balls, Britain’s Got a Talent and much more.

Two Other Sites Where you can Find Bingo Snap

Sun Bingo which is part of the famous The Sun newspaper. It has 4 bingo Snap rooms all with fixed tickets price. You can buy them at any time of the day if you click on the special tab in the schedule. If you are looking for low-cost options there 3 rooms, which you should check, the Mississippi room with tickets at 5p, Rio – 10p and Atlantic City, where the price is 20p.

There are more rooms like Sun City and Las Vegas which are more expensive, respectively 1 pound and 2 pounds per hand. Another option is the Fabulous Bingo with only 1 room, called Madrid and the tickets there cost 1 pound.

Bingo Snap or Joker Jackpot Bingo, or Both?

Why bother choosing, when you can enjoy both of them. We will share with you a short comparison of these games to show you the best of them at a glance. The developer is the obvious difference between the two. Joker Bingo is created by Virtue Fusion and Bingo Snap by Gamesys. So you will find the games in the respective provider’s network. You may think that these games have similar rules, because of both use cards instead of balls, but this is not true.

With Joker Bingo you need to either daub a pattern or get a Full House, while with bingo Snap your cards need to be matched to the called out ones or if you are lucky to get a hand with a bonus. No matter which game you choose you will have tonnes of fun, so enjoy them both first before you decide which one fits your preferences better.

Lucky Winners

play joker jackpot bingo for the winCan you imagine being bored one day, playing a game and winning 1.3 million pounds? No, this is not a joke. This is exactly what happened to a lady called Lisa Potter, who decided to play at 888casino while her boyfriend was watching football.

Lisa was 33 at the time, and she decided to distract herself because the TV was occupied by her partner Terry, who was a football fan and was enjoying the European Championship.

She switched on her laptop and impressed by the progressive jackpot she purchased a ticket for one of the games. She was shocked when she found out she has just one more than a million pounds, a few minutes into the game.

She said she does not remember the first minutes after the won the jackpot because everybody was screaming around her. The kids rushed in the room and started jumping around. The check she got from 888casino was exactly £1,364,745.23. The first things Lisa bought with the money is a new home for her family and a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play with the same cards over again?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot use the same cards in every game. This is no surprise as the fairness and randomness of results is something very important in each game. The hands and decks are changed after each game, and each has their own unique code to guarantee transparency.

  • What are networked bingo rooms?

  • In this room, you will see different games hosted across a whole network in a single bingo site. The opening hours, game schedules and ticket prices are the same, and the jackpot is accumulated from the tickets sales in all operators in the network. This makes the prizes in these sites much bigger and much more attractive. Also, the community is bigger, so you will meet friends from all sites in the chat room during the bingo session.

Other Types

There are many various types of bingo games, you can read about them in the section below.

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