Everything You Need to Know About Video Bingo

Video Bingo is for those of you looking for some extra excitement and fun. It is a high-tech cousin to the stand-alone video slot machines and poker. This game is a great option even for the time when you are waiting for the traditional games to start. It is a stand-alone game which means you can play anywhere, anytime.

Forget about waiting for the opening of a room or the start of a new draw, and most importantly you do not need to share your prize with anyone. Video game of bingo is quickly turning into a favourite, and you can now find it at best online casinos. It is a casino game, and therefore a game of luck, all the limitations apply, including the one for age.

On this page, we will share with you some offers worth trying out, and we will explain in brief how to play.

Check the Gameplay

screenshot from a video bingo game

How to Play Video Bingo

In the Video variant of bingo, you play against a machine, most of the rest is similar to the traditional bingo variants. First, decide how many cards you would like to buy, lay your bet and enjoy the game. You can choose the Auto-Daub option, so it helps you win while you are busy playing other games. Since this game is a gambling variant, you will not find it at traditional bingo providers, but in casinos.

If you would like to try this game, check some of the best casino software platforms, most probably you will be able to find it there. To make life easier, we have selected some of the most popular and preferred places online and their fantastic offers.

If you want to give this bingo a try, check what Clucky has to offer. There you can play up to three tickets, each of them displays the numbers from 1 to 75 randomly. You will win the Jackpot if you get Bingo on the fifth or sixth drawn number when playing on all three. When you purchase your cards, you need to draw 30 balls from a tombola, and the winner is the one who gets five of the numbers from a vertical, horizontal and diagonal row on your ticket.

how the game of video bingo is played

Another great place to enjoy online gaming is 888 Casino. There you will find an attractive video bingo option as well as Super Bonus Bingo. Choose between two and ten numbers and take part in the exciting ball draw. You can get bonus balls to boost your prizes if you collect enough hits and enter the bonus game. There are some unique features to this game like the turbo option to make the ball draw faster or boost your wins with the Bonus Ball feature.

At William Hill, you will find the classic 90-ball bingo in a Pop Bingo variant. The best part is you can play this one for free, even without creating your account.

Concluding the Review

We hope you enjoy Video version of Bingo; it is the perfect option for the mornings in the public transport or during the lunch break. Enjoy and good luck!

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Do not limit yourself to only one type of bingo, try them all!

Last modified: May 21st, 2021 by Sam Barlow