It’s Worth Visiting The Cassava Bingo Sites

The Cassava Bingo Sites are part of the 888 Holdings – one of the best-known names in the field of online gaming. Cassava has established itself globally as a well-respected and reputable gambling operator. In addition, Cassava is among the leading providers of licensing, and online payment and its clients include many online bingo brands, famous not only in the UK.

There are 8 websites in the Cassava network, and all of them share intuitive design, quality graphics, and great games. They are easy to navigate and provide many benefits and attractive promos for both the new and the experienced players.

Can the sites of Cassava network be accessed only via PC?All Cassava bingo sites can be accessed not only on your PC but also on any mobile device, thanks to the mobile application. The app works for both Android and Apple users and can be downloaded for free, giving you the option to enjoy your favorite games anywhere and at any time.

You prefer not to download the application? Then you can use your mobile browser and play from there. The application, however, provides very high-quality gaming experience and it is worth to check it out. The design is identical to the PC version, which makes it easier to play and navigate. As long as you have access to the internet (with good speed) the fun time with the bingo sites of Cassava and their great bingo and slot games is guaranteed.

Games and Bonuses

Firstly, it’s important to distinguish Cassava enterprise and Dragonfish, as their roles are very often mistaken by the online bingo players. The two companies are part of the 888 Holdings group, but they are responsible for different online activities.

Dragonfish is a software developer for online gaming platforms, while Cassava enterprise provides different payment methods and licensing. Both companies are working together to ensure that all users can have an amazing time, playing their favorite games, without worrying about the payment details or the security of their sensitive information.

The Cassava network consists of 8 websites – Wink Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo, 888 Bingo, Big Brother Bingo, Posh Bingo, RedBus Bingo, Tasty Bingo and Bingo Street. In all of them, the players can discover different rooms with the classic 75- and 90-Ball bingo games. There are also slot games and casino games and even the popular Blackjack and Roulette.

The Cassava sites provide chat rooms for everyone who wants to meet new people while playing fun games. In short, with Cassava’s bingo sites you can chat with your friends enjoy the diverse gaming portfolio and win big jackpots.

How to use the bonuses of Cassava in order to make winnings?And when it comes to winnings, we must talk about the bonuses as they are very important for every player. Every newcomer to the Cassava websites has the option to play for free or to make a deposit and enjoy the attractive welcome bonus.

The possibility to play in the Free rooms is a big plus for all Cassava bingo sites because it gives the newbies a chance to get to know the site and the games better and discover their favorite activities before depositing real money.

The Welcome bonus in most of the websites is 250% and it goes along with a 50% re-deposit bonus, which every player highly appreciates when they decide to take part in the actual games with real cash deposits and prizes.

Banking and More

The Cassava brand has a really good reputation in the field of online banking and licensing services, so you can rest assured that your financial and personal information is safe with them. The Cassava bingo sites provide many different methods for deposits, and the security of your money is guaranteed with the latest encryption technologies.

If you want to make a deposit to your website account, you can choose from various payment options, including your PayPal account – simply find the one that suits you best. Some of the other options at the new bingo sites at Cassava are Visa Debit and Credit Card, Neteller, Ukash, PaySafecard, etc.

The withdraw possibilities also vary, and the payment is usually very prompt, but keep in mind that some banks take more time to process the transfers, so when will you receive your money depends on the method you chose.

In addition, at the Cassava enterprise bingo sites, you can take advantage of a 24/7 Customer support service with live chat – this is definitely one of the greatest things about the new bingo sites at Cassava . There is no need to write long e-mails or wait for responses and help, you just type your question and get immediate assistance. In case you can’t find the answer you need in the extensive FAQ page, the support will be available after few clicks.

The Top 3 Must See Bingo Sites

All Cassava bingo sites provide great gaming experience, but there are three new Cassava websites that currently have very lucrative deals and diverse promotions – Wink, 888Ladies, and Posh. Here is a short summary of their portfolio.

A Brief Video Message

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is a very well-known name in the online bingo field. The website has a distinguished and yet simple design with unique style and a structure that is easy to navigate. Even the new players can quickly find their way around the bingo rooms. There are also special treats for every newcomer, including generous bonuses and promos.

After registering, you can spend 3 days in the Newbie Room, where you have the chance to win up to £300 every day. Additionally, you get a bonus code, and after depositing £10, you will get £55. As any well-respected bingo operator, this new Cassava website has a number of weekly specials, bingo competitions, cash-back options and much more must-try offers. Another great thing you can check is the ‘Free & Fun Bingo’ rooms.

888 Ladies

Did the website of 888 ladies managed to update its design?The next website is 888 Ladies, which recently updated its design. It has a specific feminine look, and although it’s a bit refreshed now, the website still has the same vibe. And of course, it still offers the previous amazing deals.

The players can enjoy not only the traditional 90- and 75-ball bingo games, but also a 5-line bingo and many jackpot games. The prize pools are substantial, and the cherry on the top for every new member is a 500% registration bonus.

Another big plus of this website is the minimum amount of deposit which is only £5. And keep in mind that there is also a bonus code for your first deposit.

Posh Bingo

The other website with beautiful design and lucrative deals is Posh Bingo. As a member of the new bingo sites, it offers various games, but is mostly attractive for the ladies, because of its stylish design. If you are new to Posh Bingo you can expect 250% welcome bonus. And this is not all! The new players also get 50% second deposit bonus, which gives you a better chance of winning in the 75- and 90-ball bingo games.

There is also a great bonus code that guarantees you a £55 welcome bonus with a £10 deposit. This Cassava bingo website offers everything you want from a gaming website – slot and casino games, penny bingo or scratch cards and fun team bingo.

Choosing Cassava

Of course, there is no wrong choice when it comes to Cassava Enterprise – the bingo is fun, prizes are amazing and the gambling services are top level. Most of the new Cassava bingo sites offer similar design, options, and games at first, but when you get to know them, you can discover some unique offers and perks in each one.

In addition, the Cassava network is the only one that provides combined VIP club and Loyalty program. So, in case you decide that you want to try something new, you can always try out another website in the network. In the same time you can not only keep your LP balance, but also you can add more points to it while playing on the other website.

The VIP members have a similar cool option too – if they are a VIP member at one of Cassava Enterprise websites, they can use all benefits of this status in the other Cassava websites too. As a world renowned bingo operator, Cassava guarantees you great gaming time on every website in their network.

Payment Services by Cassava Enterprises

Which are the payment methods for betting at Cassava Enterprises?As it was mentioned before, Cassava Enterprises has experience in providing different payment methods and licensing, therefore all deposits and withdrawals in the 888 Group websites are ensured by Cassava.

The company also provides help with licensing and other services for online bingo operators. Thanks to a close cooperation with the software developer, Cassava can organise an easy integration between its payment software and the website’s platform.

With their broad experience, Cassava Enterprises can support the bingo operators with many important services, including processing of payments and withdraws. The company implements the latest technologies in all aspects of their work, so both the online operators and the players can be confident in the security of their data. Cassava sites can also ensure that all legal requirements are kept and the operator’s work can continue smoothly.

If you are a member of such website and you want to make a deposit, you will notice that the payment is handled by Cassava Enterprises and probably their name will be in your banking statement. This is the case with most of the 888 Group bingo halls, online casinos and poker rooms. In other occasions, the payment options are ensured by different Dragonfish programs.

Licensing and Compliance by Cassava Enterprises

For the online gambling providers, the process of licensing may become very long and tedious as it requires specific documentation, following different legal procedures and sometimes the operator should move the company headquarters to another city or even country.

All this can also take a long time and additional resources. This is why Cassava offers the option of managing the bingo websites. This approach complies with gambling regulations and laws and is a lot quicker because the company already owns a license to operate in this field.

Their experience with online gambling at Cassava sites guarantees the high quality of the service and the safety of the information for everyone involved (same goes for the mobile bingo betting apps). This is the reason why for more than 10 years Cassava has been the preferred partner when it comes to payment, licensing and management of websites for online gambling.

Website Management by Cassava Enterprises

Big Brother Bingo is a site managed by Cassava Enterprises!It is important to keep in mind that if you see the name of Cassava Enterprises in some website this does not mean that the company is the owner. It simply states that Cassava is managing the games and the payment services.

The company’s mission is to provide a quality experience for the players in a well-organized online gaming environment. All daily activities are carefully planned and Cassava abides by strict work policies in every area for which they are responsible.

The company strives to offer the best for all parties involved – the owners of the websites, the clients and of course, Cassava’s employees. This is an important step towards successful website management.

Cassava Enterprises has a long experience in the above-mentioned services. During this time the company has developed a strong team of qualified specialists, working hard and constantly improving Cassava’s websites and operations.

When it comes to online transfers, you can be confident that your finances and important information are secure, because Cassava uses up to date software and encryption technologies. Whether you are using the payment services or just play in some the Cassava sites, your sensitive data is safe and your transactions are always managed with close attention to detail and according to the highest security standards.

Among the many online gambling websites that use Cassava, services are well-known names, such as United Bingo, Ignite, Joy of Bingo and the biggest one – Dragonfish. In all of those cases, however, the bingo operator is the independent owner of the website, they simply count on Cassava to manage the different activities, as they have the necessary experience and licensing.

Sometimes the operators choose to include Cassava’s name – for example, Joy of Bingo has such sites, but in fact, the owner of the sites is In addition, the games are provided not by Cassava, but by Bridgend, which is another member of the network and they have ownership over the website’s software platform.

On another hand, some Ignite websites use the services of Cassava sites when it comes to payment processing and licensing, but at the same time their owner is Mandalay Media Ltd. and they use Brigend owned Dragonfish software because it gives them more freedom when it comes to the games and promotional offers.

Tasty is one of the online gaming operators that work with Cassava!Another example of this type of cooperation is the operator of Robin Hood Bingo website – United Bingo. Their owner is Newco Entertainment, but the software is powered by Dragonfish and Cassava Enterprises is responsible for their license, financial transactions, and management.

The reason why many online gambling websites want to work with Cassava is the high level of information security they provide. Of course, their experience in the business is a big plus too.

Gaming Policies

Something the players should keep in mind, however, is that Cassava has very strict policies and they adhere to the website’s terms and conditions very carefully. This is the only way they can guarantee the smooth work of the operators and the excellent quality of the services.

So if the players abuse their bonuses or play more than a 100 times in the free bingo room every week, they can be banned from all Cassava websites. Another thing to remember is that if you self-exclude from any site, managed by Cassava, you can’t sign up for any of their other websites until the period of self-exclusion ends. Also, no money (deposits or winnings) will be paid back to your account if you self-exclude or if the operator bans you.

The rules are very strict, but at the same time, the Cassava website provides you with many benefits, diverse gaming option, and guaranteed data security. These regulations are part of what makes Cassava sites so well-organized and it is why the players can be confident that everyone will be treated fairly. So if you choose to play bingo with Cassava, you can do so without worrying about anything – just enjoy the game.

Answering the Most FAQ

If you still question the site – here is some additional information.

What does Cassava Enterprises stand for?

Cassava Enterprises is a company that handles secure internet payments and manages websites for online gaming (such as bingo, slots, and casino). Cassava Enterprises is situated and licensed in Gibraltar. It is also regulated there as a branch of the 888 Holdings plc.

What are the main responsibilities of the company?

Cassava is a company dealing mainly in the field of online transactions and website management. They are responsible exclusively for the 888 Holdings’ sites and branches. They also work with websites, which use Dragonfish software. A big part of Cassava’s activities is connected to Licensing and Compliance.

Are the activities of Cassava about providing License and Compliance?Many online bingo providers work with the company when it comes to their non-UK players, as Cassava Enterprises is licensed by the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. As of November 2014, the license for the UK is held by 888 UK Limited. This last company is also part of the 888 Holdings group.

In addition, Cassava is working very actively in the field of site management. Their clients are again users of 888 and Dragonfish software. However, responsible for the UK players is the 888 UK Limited.

Most of the major online gambling websites work with Cassava for their payment operations and other online transactions. This is why, when you make a deposit, your bank statement may include the name of Cassava. The company is well-known, respected and has a very good reputation in all above mentioned fields.

Final Words

Cassava Enterprises is a company that deals in several areas connected to the online gambling websites – licensing, transactions and site management. The company has proved itself as a trusted partner to many gambling operators, so it is no wonder that its own websites have good reputations as well. They have distinguished design, a wide range of games and many attractive promotions. In addition, the Cassava Bingo Sites offer great welcome and loyalty bonuses and all services you need for an amazing gaming experience.

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