Enter the Gaming Network of the Cozy Games Bingo Sites

Welcome to today‘s Cozy Bingo Sites article – the place to be if you would like to learn more about Cozy games bingo sites! Before we start let us take a minute to clarify what we mean by bingo sites.

For those of you who are not familiar with the terms, it might be useful to know that utilising a specific software is considered to be one critical element in the process of operating, providing and offering online games. What is typical of this software is that quite often they belong to bigger networks which tend to use one common platform and server even if there are differences in the look and feel of it as far as different network members are concerned.

Exactly those specifics, however, are what enables the customization of the software to the needs and preferences of each user. Having this in mind it is easy to understand how it can be possible that multiple bingo sites “share“ a common database of players to reach the minimum necessary amount. Only those sites that have already attracted enough subscribers can afford to operate independently, the rest, need to cooperate with each other within the frame of the networks.

While there are sites like XBingo that have released a unique proprietary software, others utilise a frequently found version of software without sharing the database of players.

About Cozy Games Software

Let us now concentrate more specifically on Cozy Bingo Websites. Cozy Games (Cyprus) Ltd. is the company that owns and operates the software.

Which is the software provider used by Cozy Bingo operators?2005 is the year when Cozy Games, situated in Malta, was established. What they are famous for in the online interactive entertainment industry is the competence and expertise when it comes to developing Product Design, Testing, and Applications in a way that enables scalability, customization, and changes.

Apart from providing a wide spectrum of bingo and casino games, it is interesting to know that there is a sister-company – Chelbis Co Ltd – associated with white label solutions, licensing, compliance, support, and management for their white label sites. And the person who runs Cozy Games Ltd is namely Sreeram Reddy Vanga who happens also to be one of the co-founders of Chablis and a key figure as far as the creation and release of Party Bingo are concerned.

We can‘t deny that since their creation in 2005, Cozy Sites have managed to succeed tremendously, which is obvious if we take into consideration the huge amount of online bingo sites utilising their software – more than 40. What is more, it was not a long time ago when Cozy Games shared publically their intention to provide 25 gaming operators of the platform EveryMatrix with an access to their mobile games.

We should also keep in mind that Cozy Games have also reached an agreement with MatchMoviGames.com, according to which they are supposed to provide social media games.

Games and Features

What about the games and features of the Software at the Cozy Sites, one may ask. Well, the in-house developed software enables access to a remarkable variety of games: 75 balls, 80 balls, and 90 ball bingo, providing operators with the opportunity to choose between 3 reel and five reel video slots, casino games, video poker, as well as more than a dozen scratch cards.

More specifically we can mention the following variations of each type of games: 4 of bingo games (75, 90, 80, 30), 2 of blackjack games (Traditional/Classic and European), 3 of video poker games, 3 card poker games, roulette, keno, as well as multiple arcade-style games of chance.

What is more, there are also twelve different scratch card games, and more than 70 different slots games (3 & 5 reels, jackpot, bonus and more traditional slots).

As part of the quality control, there is a games management system including back office, customer support services, game reports, and affiliate marketing support. Also, there are both Mobile and Social gaming platforms available.

Cozy Games Software is considered to be an extremely good alternative for mobile bingo players because it is most prepared for the mobile bingo shift that is currently taking place. No wonder that Cozy Games is recognised for its striving for innovation and defining the trends in the industry which is inevitably about to make it a global leader when it comes to offering games on various platforms.

Why То Play at Cozy Bingo Sites

Now that we are clearer about Cozy Games and its software let us look more specifically at the benefits of choosing their sites. There are multiple advantages that we tried to summarise in a concise way below.

Cozy bingo sites can be directly implemented. The reason for that has to do with the white-label solutions we have already mentioned above. Having this benefit in mind, it is not surprising that the promotion system across the networks is quite unified and that there are so many attractive bonuses: welcome bonuses related to the initial three deposits, weekly cashback up to 20%, as well as reload bonuses when it comes to every deposit after the first three.

Most of the sites provide attractive no deposit bonus and deposit bonus deals for players. In addition to that, we should not underestimate the significant diversity of games including the 30-ball speed bingo and the 80-ball version. Having in mind the success of Gone Bingo, for example, it is no wonder that more and more sites pop up in the network (Mira Bingo, Taj Bingo, House of Bingo, Wow Bingo and Bingo Hero), all striving for brand themselves as an even better and more innovative solution.

A Brief Video Message

What is more, there are irresistible promotions and community specials available for loyal players? You can benefit from the opportunity to win various prizes, cash gifts, and breathtaking jackpots on a daily basis.

Additionally, there are attractive promotional events taking place monthly at the Cozy websites. And the best part is that bonuses are not restricted to bingo but apply to all types of games. Higher cashback, as well as deposit specials, are available thanks to the VIP program. And as far as mobile fans are concerned, there is the possibility of playing easily more than 50 games via any device or system.

Among the few disadvantages that we need to mention to be objective, we can list the lack of penny bingo and guaranteed jackpot games, as well as the insignificant variety between the various sites and relatively high wagering requirements due to which you end up losing the remaining bonus in the process of withdrawing. Therefore it is advisable to check the withdrawal terms at all sites.

Also, keep in mind that the processing of withdrawal requests (minimum £50) takes place only on Mondays and Wednesdays, and applications can be made every 7 days!

About The Cozy Games Network

A wide range of sites belongs to the portfolio of the platform Cozy Games, among which we can list Gone Bingo, Harry’s Bingo and Landmark Bingo. And the way these sites are organised within the network is by splitting them into smaller networks. One of these networks worth taking a look at is called The Live Bingo Network.

Why is the Live Bingo Network the best among the ones at Cozy Bingo?The Live Bingo Network is considered to be the leader when it comes to Cozy Bingo Sites. Soon after its establishment in 2009 the network has managed to position itself as a bingo network that is widely recognised.

Despite the more beneficial positions of other providers, we can‘t deny that the enthusiasm of the newbie has helped the network stand up through the implementation of innovative ideas.

What is more, the experience gathered by the founders while working for some of the industry leading companies has enabled a more confident start, as well. The Live Bingo Network was specifically recognised by the eGR Magazine for enabling playing a game across multiple platforms, which lead to the award Innovation in Bingo in 2011.

The largest network in the Cozy Games platform has attracted more than 1.3million players so far, and it consists of more than 40 brands like Landmark, Ready Set, Bingo Bytes, Comfy, Mummies, New Look and others. However, there are no significant differences when it comes to the promotions, the free trial, the diversity of bingo games and the sites optimisation. Wagering conditions and withdrawal terms are identical, and as far as acceptable payment methods are concerned, they include Neteller and Paysafecard.

Benefits of Cozy

If you are interested in getting clear about the benefits of choosing Cozy websites, you will be happy to learn that there is a great bonus system. Apart from the huge no-deposit bonus of free £15, you can extend the welcome offer to your first three deposits, which can result in a total of 900% of your deposited amount. Based on your VIP status you can, later on, receive bonuses related to every additional deposit.

When we talk about membership statuses, it is worth knowing that there are only four levels of loyalty, which makes it easy to start gathering points as soon as you sign up. It is also so appealing that the bonuses you can get on each deposit vary between 100 and 250% and that you can enjoy a complete freedom as far as going for your preferred bonus scheme is concerned. This is not something that you can come across often, so it is one of the innovations that Cozy Sites have brought to life.

So, all in all, you are the one to decide whether to benefit from a bonus when joining one of the Live Bingo Network sites. If you make up your mind to do so, you can pick up a Cash Bonus that is to be withdrawn or a typical Bingo Bonus.

Fun at Other Bingo Networks

You can bet online at other bingo networks like Chelbis!As we already mentioned above, Bingo Sites have a sister company called Chablis, and it is exactly this company that stands behind the three famous networks we are about to share more info about  – the Fun Bingo Network, the Best Bingo Network, and the Super Bingo Network.

In fact, there was a fourth one, the Winners BN, which was transferred to the LBN in the middle of 2014. Everyone interested in Cozy Games Ltd can check their website. However, in the rest of the article, we will concentrate more specifically on those three networks, their typical offers, as well as a couple of features that can be considered to be better than the Live Bingo Network.

Fun Bingo

Let us start with the Fun Bingo Network which consists of six online bingo websites with more than 900,000 players. Even if some of the players do not necessarily seem significant, we need to take into consideration the fact that the network has been created quite recently. Some of the advantages of the Fun Bingo Network include the opportunity to benefit from amazing bonuses while experiencing first-hand what makes each site unique.

The bonus system consists of a £20 no-deposit offer, plus 900% on the initial three deposits, as well as between 150% and 400% bingo bonus on all your deposits from the fourth one on. Another alternative is to grab a cash bonus that can amount to up to 25%. In general, you need to know that the size of each bonus correlates directly with how much money you put into your account.

Best Bingo

What makes the Best Bingo Network so great for online gaming?When it comes to the second network – the Best Bingo Network – it was founded seven years earlier. It includes new sites that are not recognisable yet, as well as leading sites like Gone Bingo.

To give you an overview of the scale on which the network operates, let us share that over 2 million players are playing the various games included in the portfolio and when it comes to the tickets sold, they equal more than 410 million.

Even though the no-deposit offer still amounts to £15, you can get a 300% bonus and £30 in bingo tickets as soon as you make your very first deposit. What is more, there is the opportunity of receiving 25% additionally to that, as long as you use Ukash or Skrill for making your deposit.

As far as the jackpots are concerned, it is particularly appealing to see that unlike other networks the Best Bingo Network provides you with a chance of winning a jackpot even when playing the 30-ball game. And last, but not least you can make use of a login bonus promotion, enabling you to get £1 free for a daily login and £30 within a month period.

Super Bingo

The Super Bingo Network is also a network that is operated by Chelbis. Among the seven sites it hosts, Harry’s Bingo is considered to be the most popular one. When it comes to bonuses, it is worth knowing that there is a 400% welcome offer when you make your very first deposit. This allows you to not only get your free £15, as soon as you sign up but also to begin your play by having £50 in total.

What is particularly attractive about this network, is the fact that the multiple coupon codes that are part of the available specials enable you to benefit from diverse prizes, based on the games you would like to take part in. It is also very nice that you can receive cash in multiple ways.

As far as the VIP levels are concerned, we can‘t deny that their names sound cool: Super Brigade, Mega Brigade and Awesome Brigade. The fact that the network differs tremendously from the typically used colours, metals and stones also contribute to its magnetic power that simply makes you eager to give it a try on the spot.

Bingo Websites From Now On

Do you know what is the future of bingo websites?Now that we have briefly gone through four of the most recognisable Cozy Games networks, it is time to give just a few more tips. Even if there is no specific order to take into consideration, if you happen just to get to know Cozy Games, you may find it useful to first try the Live Bingo Network.

Regardless of the network you choose, you will have the opportunity to give it a try by signing up and verifying your email without having deposited real money yet.

The more benefits you use (loyalty points, participating in tournaments, etc.), the more entertaining and enriching you will find your experience to be. For now, we wish you all the best, hoping that this article has managed to inform you in a practical way about the main aspects of Cozy Games bingo sites.

Other Networks

You certainly do not have to limit yourself to only one network, so why don’t you check the ones below:

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