Online Gambling at the EcoCard Bingo Sites

If you are looking for EcoCard bingo sites, you are at the right place. We have created a recent list of bingo sites and rooms where you can easily make your deposits with EcoCard. This page is entirely dedicated to providing information about EcoCard bingo sites.

Bingo providers and operators know that it is extremely important for bingo players all around the world to be able to make deposits quickly and easily. That is why it is essential to provide them with enough reliable and secure payment methods to choose from. EcoCard provides a convenient way to make deposits online.

mobile app for an ecocard accountIn fact, EcoCard is not just an online system; it has teamed up with MasterCard to provide even more convenient ways to make your transactions. Now, EcoCard account holders can apply for a prepaid Eco Debit Card, which can be anywhere a MasterCard can be used, but with the difference that all funds are drawn from an EcoCard account and not from a bank account.

You can use EcoCard from any location in the world. There is a backlog system available in 23 different currencies, and you can choose from 7 languages when depositing money with EcoCard. This is a safe and secure way of making deposits on gambling sites.

The EcoCard financial services are strictly regulated. They are operating from Luxemburg, and they do not give out any user details to third parties. This method is very secure. There are ways to block the card or to limit the amount in it, so even if it gets stolen the card amounts will be protected.

The EcoCard is a very commonly used way to make deposits in bingo accounts and is used by thousands of gamblers on a daily basis. Read on for more details about the payment method and the EcoCard Bingo sites.

What is EcoCard and Where is it Accepted?

EcoCard is accepted widely for making online bingo deposits. It is a quick, simple and secure method to use. There are no credit checks, and you have a limit, so you cannot overspend.

There are various ways to top up the EcoCard – by debit card, bank transfer, credit card and the best part is you can use different currencies to credit any bingo account instantly.

where to find ecocard online serviceThe EcoCard is basically a virtual credit card. You have the same security features as a MasterCard. EcoCard was introduced in 2000 by the PSI-Pay company, since then it is a method many online bingo players prefer.

The company is based in London and are approved and regulated by the Financial Services and Conduct Authorities, which means they are allowed across Europe and are audited as any other electronic money issuer. The service is made available in the top and new online bingo operators.

Types of EcoCards

The first type of EcoCard we will discuss is the pre-paid MasterCard. It is for new EcoCard customers and is the same as a regular MasterCard, but you can set limits. The card will be sent to you, and you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The second type of EcoCard is for users who have already made deposits above certain limits. It is called an Eco Web card and is a virtual card, which can be used online without the need for a physical card.

How to Get an EcoCard?

What you need to get a prepaid EcoCard you need to sign up and provide the required details. These are usually name, address, contact details and currency you prefer to work with. The second step is to select your security options like username, password, and secret question. You will then get an activation email.

Once you confirm the activation, your card and pin will be sent to you, and you can fill the card with funds. This you can do through a credit or debit card or via a bank transfer.

To transfer money to the card you need just to log in and open the ‘Money Deposits section, there you have to choose your deposit method and follow the next steps of the process.

Once you load your card with funds, you can go to the Ecard Bingo site of your choice, log in and go to the ‘Banking or ‘Cashier’ option. There you need to choose EcoCard as your payment method, and you will be asked to enter your details – the username and password of your EcoCard. After that, your funds can be transferred straight to the bingo account, where you will be able to see them instantly.

You do not need to provide any sensitive details to the Bingo operator, nor there are background checks needed to use your funds.

Advantages of Using This Payment Method

The biggest advantage of using an EcoCard is that you cannot spend more money than the amount you have pre-loaded onto the card. Unlike credit cards, you can control better how much you spend.

how safe are the ecocard websitesTo make controlling and managing your funds even easier EcoCard has introduced three levels. Upon registration, you will start at the Classic level, which allows you to apply later for the pre-paid MasterCard. You can deposit up to 2500 EUR onto the card. There are also some limits of how much you can transfer onto the card – 10, 40 and a maximum payout per day 800 EUR.

Users who have reached the 2500 EUR limit and have some payment history with the EcoCard progress to the Silver level, where limits are higher, and they can already apply for the virtual MasterCard. The highest Level is Gold, with the highest deposit and payout limit, there are also international money transfers and a lower fee for all e-wallet transactions.

EcoCard Fees

Talking about fees, we need to mention several that apply to the use of EcoCard. For credit and debit card deposits, users are charged with 2.9% fee, for deposits by bank transfer the fee is between 0-7%, depending on the bank used for the transfer. There are also fees for currency conversions, and they are between 2.99%-1.49%. Depositing at EcoCard bingo sites is free and so is receiving withdrawals from the bingo operator. There is a flat fee for transferring from an EcoCard to a bank account, and it is 10 EUR.

EcoCard Bingo Sites

In this section of the page, we will list some of the best EcoCard Bingo sites out there are. We have made a selection of highly respected, safe and secure online Bingo sites, which accept EcoCard.

register at ecocard bingo sitesAs we already mentioned above EcoCard is a simple to use e-wallet which allows you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily from various online bingo sites. You can feed your account and receive your winnings by using a single EcoCard account.


conclusion about ecocard mastercardEcoCard is a convenient payment method with growing popularity. It gives you the opportunity to fund your bingo balance at EcoCard bingo sites, without the need to provide any financial data and without credit checks. The method is easy, quick, safe and secure and with no hidden fees. Bingo operators are not charging you anything for using this payment method. Deposits are instant, withdrawals too after they are approved by the operator.

Other Methods

Ecocard is not convenient for everyone, so we present to you more payment options in the table below.

Last modified: January 4th, 2024 by Sam Barlow