How to Claim a Voucher to Bet on Ukash Bingo Sites

The Ukash Bingo Sites prove that there is a large variety of options that you can use to deposit money into an online bingo site. Most of these options include additional fees which is not so pleasant. We strive to help our readers, and that is why we want to inform you about some payment methods which are both convenient and will not cost much.

Ukash is an excellent payment method which you can use in your bingo accounts. Some of its advantages are: simple operations and no hidden costs, other benefits of Ukash are security and safety. The payment process is simple. First, you need to buy a voucher. You can do this online or go physically to a shop or retailer anywhere where you notice the yellow ‘PayPoint’ logo. We recommend you to check out the Ukash website for more information on stores and outlets that offer these vouchers.

How to use your Ukash account at bingo sites? Simply tell the person in the shop or retailer at the corner that you want to buy an Ukash voucher, also specify the value of your voucher, and you will be given a unique code which you need to keep. You can easily find vouchers of £5 to £500 in thousands of shops and outlets that provide Ukash. It is up to you to decide which is the closest and most convenient.

Afterwards, you will be provided with a unique reference number. This number you need to enter in the account of one of your favourite bingo sites to transfer the amount of money which you wish to deposit from your voucher to your account. You will be amazed how quickly Ukash funds are transferred to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not miss the fun and joy of playing online bingo because you do not have an e-wallet, bank account or debit/credit card. This cannot stop you now because you have a great option – Ukash vouchers. Most probably you do not know what Ukash is and how easy the operations with it go, we have summarised the most frequent questions and detailed answers regarding Ukash. Read on to learn more.

  • How does Ukash work?

  • Anyone who wishes to play bingo online and for some reason does not have an e-wallet, credit or debit card, can use this payment method to play in their favourite Ukash sites – it is an excellent solution.

    Ukash vouchers are sold in thousands of local shops, stores. You simply need to enter one of these, purchase one and receive a voucher with a 19 digit code. You have the choice to buy a voucher from £5 to £500. Your next step is to enter the code and the amount into one of your favourite Ukash bingo sites, and that is all.

  • Where can I buy Ukash vouchers?

  • Where can you find Ukash vouchers to bet online? You can easily recognise the shops and outlets that sell Ukash vouchers by the Pay Zone or a Pay Point sign outside the store or on their window. One of the things you need to be prepared for is that you can pay only cash for Ukash vouchers. As soon as you pay, you will receive your voucher; you just have to wait a little bit until it is printed out – the process is quick and takes some minutes.

  • How old do I need to be to buy Ukash vouchers?

  • Please note that you need to be at least 18 years old to buy a Ukash voucher! If you are under 18, you can still purchase a voucher, but you cannot use it at any bingo sites. Always ask for vouchers for people over 18. If you look like you are under 18, you should show the cashier a document to prove that you are over the age of 18. Only people over 18 are legally allowed to buy Ukash vouchers and use them to play in bingo sites.

  • Are there any fees attached to buying Ukash?

  • One of the greatest advantages of Ukash vouchers is that it is free of charge, no additional fees are included. Also when you fund your favourite Ukash sites, you should pay attention because no commission or fees should apply. Some outlets may break the rules and try to charge you a small fee when you purchase your Ukash vouchers, and you should not let this to happen!

  • Can I withdraw winnings with Ukash vouchers?

  • Can bingo players withdraw winnings through Ukash? When you request to withdraw your bingo winnings with Ukash vouchers, you will see that this brand new method of payment can only be used to fund your online bingo site accounts. However, upon request, you will be provided with a unique code to get your winnings from certain ATMs.

    Make sure to search for Ukash websites which offer such service. The option to withdraw your winnings will make it easier for you especially if you currently do not have an e-wallet or you do not have the patience to wait for a cheque.

  • How fast are the Ukash vouchers processed by my bingo account?

  • Ukash vouchers save you time and are transferred instantly into your bingo account, and that is one of their greatest advantages. You simply need to enter the 19 digit code and the selected amount of money of your Ukash voucher. Once you push the deposit button and your deposit will be processed in real time, and after a short verification, the deposit amount will be visible in the bingo account.

  • Do all bingo sites accept Ukash?

  • Ukash bingo websites are easy to find, especially in the UK. Before playing check the baking page of your preferred bingo site and check if Ukash is listed among the accepted payment methods. On this page, you will be able to see the deposit and withdrawal options.


The credit cards of Ukash offer top banking options! Ukash is one of the best payment options for bingo players without a debit or credit card. It combines convenience, safety and last but not least no additional or hidden fees. Bingo players without a bank account, an e-wallet or a credit card can still enjoy the online bingo games and gambling sites by using Ukash as a payment method.

The vouchers can be found at local outlets and shops; their value is between £5 to £500.

Ukash is a preferred payment method not only for bingo sites but also for different other purposes such as shopping online. Please take into consideration that most of our listed and reviewed Ukash sites accept this type of payment. Make sure you check if your favourite sites are included in the list. We regularly update these lists for you, so stay tuned!

Other Methods

Ukash is certainly one of the most convenient payment methods, but it might not be accepted by your operator. In which case, you should check the options below.

Last modified: January 4th, 2024 by Sam Barlow