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When it comes to playing at online casinos, one of the most frequent issues that users face is getting money on and off the site, but at the Instadebit bingo sites, players can deposit with ease and security at their favourite online casinos.

This cutting-edge and trustworthy online payment solution has quickly evolved to one of the excellent options for non-USA bingo enthusiasts. Almost every reputable online casino in more than 32 countries worldwide (except the USA) allows Instadebit transactions. With its ever-growing popularity, there is no doubt that Instadebit bingo sites have a bright future ahead.

What is Instadebit?

instadebit site logoInstadebit is an industry leader, which allows you to make payments directly from your bank account instantly‐no need to pre-fund your INSTADEBIT account. It is a simple and easy to use e-wallet which you can use to both deposits into online bingo sites and after that collect your awards directly to your account.

It is not the most popular name in the industry (with Neteller and Skrill on the market), but it is one of the most reliable and easy to use options for payment.

Originally, it was established as a small payment processor serving the needs of casino gaming sites in the US. Unfortunately, after the US government ban all online casino gaming transactions in 2006, the company had to leave the market and centre in another country – Canada.

Currently, in Canada, Instadebit bingo sites are plentiful because the gaming halls know it is a preferred method amongst players. Canada is their main point of focus, but it is worth mentioning that Instadebit can be found in various other countries.

Bingo Operators with Instadebit

There is a great number of bingo sites that accept Instadebit as a payment method. But which ones are the best? Look no further as we have done the hard work for you and collected the most recent list of the best and highly reputable online Bingo sites that accept InstaDebit. Below you can consult our online Bingo sites list, so if you want to make your first deposit with an Instadebit casino site, you know where to look.

Data Security at Instadebit Bingo Sites

Security is one of the main factors to weigh when choosing a banking method. Every bingo player seeks safety when it comes to transferring money from their bank accounts to the player`s account at famous and new online bingo website. This is why Instadebit has put safety as a priority ever since it was established. Their mission is to prove to users that they are both dependable and efficient.

Instadebit works hard to identify fraudulent behaviour and take all measure so players can feel safe. To do that their team are using several elaborate analytical tools that catch all forms of theft and fraud manner. If this is the case, they track the hackers by geographical location tools such as IP addresses and ISP (internet service providers). After which, InstaDebit reports to the police and all data gathered is handed over to the authorities.

You can see that security with Instadebit is taken to the next level, so you can rest easy knowing that all your transactions are handled with extreme caution. If you are situated in Canada, you should know that as part of the Canadian Banking System, Instadebit is considered as one of the most reliable and heavily regulated e-wallets worldwide.

Your Account

visit the best instadebit bingo sitesAs demanded by law, the total of all balances of the account owner is frozen in a separate, independent bank account, away from the operating funds of Instadebit. You may notice, that it is hardly possible to lose money stored in your account.

As for the safety of your personal information, you can be assured that it is kept safe. The payment service connects to the user`s bank account into an online merchant but without any personal details revealed. To avoid any compromise of safety, Instadebit takes advantage of a 128-bit encryption bingo software technology.

Also, the company has a certificate by VeriSign which is one the most important site security testers on the market. You have the opportunity to make deposits with real cash without sharing any of your personal financial information, which tops the advantages that make it so widely favoured.

Instadebit does not reveal any user`s data with the casinos and third parties, minimising the risk of hackers to gaining unwanted access to your account info.

Last but not least, we will have a deeper look into the way Instadebit processes withdrawals. Money is only sent to a verified bank account, which has been previously registered. So for example, if anyone steals your Instadebit password, you should not worry as anybody else can deduct money out of your account. A transaction can only be accomplished by making a payment on Instadebit bingo sites.

Other Benefits

Another significant advantage of Instadebit is how quickly users can make payments onto online casinos. Online gambling transactions with Instadebit provide the best speed than almost any other banking method. Thanks to its instantaneous transactions you can start playing your favourite bingo games pretty much straight away. You can even access your deposit instantly before it has cleared your bank.

Also, it one of the few bingo payment methods that don`t come with various fees except for withdrawing funds. You do not need to worry about hitting any unexpected fees when depositing at an online casino as Instadebit acts as a buffer-zone when making your transactions, so there is no need for extra charges. Thanks to their idea that the benefits of an economic transaction are the ones to pay for the service. So, the gaming venues are charged with a small fee every time a deposit or withdrawal is made through InstaDebit. Fair enough.

How it Works

If you now feel interested in employing InstaDebit to your games, you have to accomplish a couple of steps. First, a subscription to the service is necessary, so you have to create an InstaDebit account.

enjoy online slots with idebitTo sign up, you have to provide some personal identification data, a valid e-mail address and of course the details regarding your bank or another financial institution account which you would like to use for your future payments with InstaDebit. As we have discussed previously, the safety of your information is 100% guaranteed.

The process of registration takes only a few clicks and is free of charge. After you have verified the e-mail address and validated the funding source, your account is ready for use. To fund your InstaDebit account, there is a simple procedure that needs to be carried out.

First, choose it as a preferred deposit method and enter the required details. Once again, after authorisation and confirmation, the amount you desire will be subtracted from your bank account.

Bear in mind, that some banks that can charge you with a small service fee for this kind of transactions. InstaDebit can be used for withdrawals as well. Online gambling sites allow prizes and awards to be withdrawn along with welcome bonuses and other promotions.


InstaDebit is a very popular way to deposit into a bingo account and currently it is used by many gamblers around the globe. Instadebit sites support this highly favoured payment method with special bonus offers when you choose it to fund your account. This is because Instadebit has an excellent customer support and smooth, efficient transaction processes. There is no doubt that Instadebit is an optimal solution for both gamblers and bingo venues.

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