Why Bingo Sites That Accept PayPal are the Best to Play at?

It is not surprising that more and more bingo fans are looking for bingo sites that accept PayPal when you have in mind that PayPal is one of the most preferred and widespread online payment instruments.

paypal offers verified payment safetyWhat this article aims at is namely helping you get an objective overview of what you need to know about PayPal and bingo. To do so, we have included diverse sections covering various aspects, such as what PayPal is and what advantages go hand in hand with using this e-wallet system.

By the end of your reading, you will also know how to set up a PayPal account, as well as how to link a bingo account to PayPal. Make sure you go through the whole PayPal Bingo article because you can expect to find out which are the top bingo PayPal bingo sites and more specifically the best PayPal sites in the UK. Enjoy!


Before we dive deep into the world of PayPal, it is worth clarifying why it is so helpful to be clear about sites that accept PayPal. The answer is simple. However easy and flexible it might be to deal with online payments via PayPal it is important to take into account that there are bingo operators which do not accept this particular payment method. This means that each player has a choice to make.

You can either decide to use another payment option, or you are also put some effort into finding out which are the best bingo sites that accept PayPal.

What is PayPal?

In order to explain to you how bingo websites that accept PayPal work, we shall begin by defining what PayPal is. To put it simply we can say that this is a specific e-wallet system that enables dealing with online payments. In addition to this, it is important to stress on the fact that users do not need to reveal their confidential financial information to third parties which is the reason why PayPal is recognised for being such a safe and secure payment instrument.

It does not take any effort to set up a PayPal account. Once you just link it to a bank card, you will be able to benefit from the incredible data encryption. As a result of this, you will no longer need to undertake any risk when playing at sites that accept PayPal.

bingo sites that accept paypal registration

For those of you who might be interested in knowing some more details related to PayPal, let us share that the company was founded in 1998 and is based in California, USA. Between 2002 and 2014 it was subsidiary to the leader in the world of online auction – eBay. However, to stay focused on providing quality services related to online payments and to be more effective in the process of entering new markets, one year later PayPal became an independent company again.

At this point, PayPal claims to be operating on 203 various markets and to be in charge of more than 162 “active digital wallets.” As far as their way of making money is concerned, it is good to know that similar to MasterCard and Visa; PayPal charges the vendor (the online bingo site) for processing the payment.

Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With PayPal Bingo

As you can probably guess, there are both pros and cons when it comes to bingo websites that accept PayPal. Let us start with the benefits. First, whether we talk about making deposits or withdrawing money, using PayPal makes the process practically effortless. Before you know it, you will already have made the deposit that allows you to start playing or you will have received the winnings you have earned into your bank account.

The best part is that you will no longer need to reveal your bank information to multiple bingo operators since PayPal acts as a third party in between. Taking into consideration that the e-wallet system is specifically focused on ensuring secure online payments it is no wonder why so many people, including bingo fans, choose to trust the expert in the field.

coral is a paypal bingo siteThis article about sites that accept PayPal would not be complete without outlining the drawbacks of the payment method. Even if PayPal is an excellent alternative for online payments take notice that it is not accepted by multiple US bingo operators.

In the same countries, there are also a lot of countries, where you would not be capable of using the service at all. In regards to PayPal bingo, this means that you will need to choose from a limited amount of sites that accept PayPal.

For example, two great operators that do not accept the payment method are Money For Bingo and Cyber Bingo. One of the main reasons why also popular bingo rooms might not allow you to use this particular payment instrument has to do with the company being based in a country where specific types of online payments cannot be processed via PayPal.

If you happen to be interested in such an operator, you can check out the other options you can use to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. Some of the standard alternatives are the e-wallets Ukash, Skrill and Moneybookers, and credit and debit cards.

Set up a Paypal Account and Link a Bingo Account to Paypal

Now that we checked the main specifics related to PayPal, it makes sense to see what steps you need to undertake to set up a PayPal account and use it when playing at bingo websites that accept PayPal. The very first thing you need to do is go to PayPal and click on the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ page. Having in mind that we do not talk about doing business but about PayPal bingo, you should rather select the option ‘PERSONAL ACCOUNT’.

What you will have to do next includes providing PayPal with some personal data like your email address, your location, address, phone number and a password you consider secure. The next step revolves around giving your card detail. Pay attention to the fact that your data is safe, so there is no room for doubt and concerns related to privacy and security.

online banking with paypalWhat is more, you have the opportunity to add more than one card or to choose multiple payment instruments you would like to use. As soon as the account is created, there is nothing preventing you from using the e-wallet no matter what kind of transactions you need to deal with (PayPal bingo included).

When it comes to playing at sites that accept PayPal, you have two options. The first one is to make deposits by adding funds to your PayPal account whereas the second one is to choose to pay directly via a credit card. In both cases, bingo operators will not be capable of getting access to your bank details.

Regarding the process of linking your bingo account to PayPal to be able to make deposits and withdraw your winnings, it is quite simple. Let us illustrate it by taking the operator Wink Bingo as an example. There are three steps.

The first one includes logging into your bingo account. Then you need to launch either the deposit section or the cashier of the website. As soon as the cashier is launched, make sure you click on ‘DEPOSIT’ and define PayPal as the payment method you prefer. And the last thing you need to do is stating the amount of money you would like to deposit via this particular payment instrument.


Now that we checked all key specifics of PayPal, it is time to sum up. As we already figured out the process of using PayPal to deal with payments when playing bingo is effortless. In addition to this, we should not underestimate the benefit of PayPal bingo in terms of security.

What is more, having in mind the variety of preferred and highly ranked PayPal Bingo sites (inc. PayPal bingo sites in the UK) it is not necessary to choose between making use of the benefits of PayPal and enjoying a great bingo experience. You can have it all!

This is all for today. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article from the beginning till the end. Have fun playing bingo and keep on exploring the world of the bingo sites

Other Methods

Here you can check out the other payment methods you can use:

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