What you Should Know About Neteller Bingo Sites

If you are fond of bingo and at the same time you would like to learn more about one of the newest e-wallet payment options called Neteller, then this Neteller Bingo Sites review is exactly for you. By the end of your reading, you will already be aware what Neteller is, what advantages and disadvantages go hand in hand with using it, as well as additional details related to how you can join or deal with payments when you use this particular instrument.

Having in mind that enjoying playing bingo often requires investing real cash it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of the different instruments. So, we encourage you to take a couple of minutes and consciously dive into the valuable content we are here to share with you in regards to Neteller. Enjoy!

What Is Neteller?

neteller bingo sites with mobile appBefore we talk about Neteller Bingo sites, it is necessary to clarify what Neteller is. Hardly anybody would argue that being able to pay online from the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself to be at the moment is truly convenient.

At the same time, more and more people are concerned about their security when they deal with online payments. This is how e-wallets like PayPal became popular in the recent years.

If you are familiar with PayPal, then it would not be difficult for you to understand the logic behind Neteller, neither. In comparison to PayPal, Neteller is considered to be much simpler.

In the same time, online gaming providers are known for being fond of e-wallets in general. So, it is no surprise that the amount of Neteller bingo sites has dramatically increased and that namely, this instrument is in the process of turning into a preferred way of dealing with online payments. As we will see later on, there are costs that are associated with withdrawing payouts via Neteller.

The way in which Neteller helps you send and receive money virtually quickly and without risks includes storing the cash in the server and then transferring it to a particular bingo account. As a result of a lot of transactions and more than ten years of experience in the industry, the e-wallet is considered to be a leading player when it comes to money transferring.

As soon as you open an account, which does not require any effort, you will be given a special credit card which will enable you to gain access to your funds 24/7 no matter where you happen to be. In addition to this, the transactions get processed incredibly fast and at the same time, you have the opportunity to monitor all the activities related to money going into or out of your account.

Furthermore, it is interesting to mention that you can make payments not only online but also when you are offline. And this is only one of the multiple factors that have contributed to Neteller gaining popularity in more than 200 countries.

Last, but not least, in this overview section of our Neteller Bingo websites article, it is worth mentioning that Neteller also comes in handy for businesses that are not satisfied with the standard payment methods. On the other hand, what makes Neteller such an attractive option for people playing bingo has to do with the fact that players are capable of benefiting from the offline and online options so that they can instantly access their cash whenever they would like to spend or withdraw it.

What Do you Need to Do to Join?

how to become a member of netellerAs we briefly mentioned already, creating a Neteller account is not associated with any particular effort or difficulty. It is not a rocket science, at all. Once you visit the official website of Neteller, just fill in the virtual form and give your financial information (card details). And voila, your account will become active instantaneously.

Making Deposits And Transferring Cash Via Neteller

As you can probably guess, it is pointless to open an account unless you are willing to use it and know how to do so. When it comes to Neteller Bingo sites, have in mind that you will need to use your Net+ MasterCard to make a deposit. Still, the process takes seconds, so there is nothing preventing you from starting to play on the spot. In regards to withdrawing money, you just select the Neteller option for cashing out, and that is it.

All in all, dealing with transactions via Neteller means choosing ‘Money In’ or ‘Money Out.’ Then what you need to do is define what card you are about to use for the purpose of the transfer. And after that, you select what amount of money you would like to deposit or withdraw. The last step includes confirming the particular transaction.

Note: If you are about to make a deposit via Neteller make sure you check the balance of the card you intend on using. After all, you need to have the money to be able to cash them out of the card, right?

What to Keep in Mind About Fees?

neteller card for onine paymentWhen it comes to Neteller Bingo sites and using Neteller as a payment instrument, it is helpful to inform yourself about the fees that go hand in hand with having a Neteller account.

Even if it does not cost you anything to pay via a Net+ card when playing bingo, be prepared for fees related to paper statements, ATM withdrawal, currency changes, administration.

Also, you will need to pay another fee if you happen to lose your card or in the cases when you might be willing to replace it. In spite of this, Net+ cards are recognised for being much more affordable and convenient compared to other cards you can come across on the market.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Neteller

Like anything in life, using Neteller also goes hand in hand with making use of various advantages, as well as coping with some disadvantages. Let us start with the real sites that have helped Neteller turn into one of the most widespread online payment instruments. The first one relates to privacy. As you can probably guess, it is much better to have your credit card details exposed to one account instead of giving them to every bingo site you might be willing to play at.

Using Neteller is associated with practically no risk when it comes to personal data and information related to bank accounts. At the same time it is not a coincidence that there are so many Neteller Bingo sites or in other words – regulated Bingo sites that accept this e-wallet as a payment method.

What is more, players are provided with multiple opportunities as far as accessing account funds is concerned. For instance, some of the options include using an ATM, the gaming sites themselves, as well as any online shop or location where you are allowed to pay via Net+ credit cards. What this means is that whenever you are willing to withdraw your winnings, you can do so in a glimpse of an eye. Isn’t this wonderful?

create an online neteller accountHowever beneficial it might be to use Neteller when you play online bingo, do not forget to take into account the drawbacks we are about to inform you about now. The first one relates to the fact that there is an interest fee which gets charged for new bingo players to be able to transfer cash from their bank account.

Therefore, it is worth checking out in advance what the expected amount would equal based on the bank you use. Having to cope with additional costs whenever you deal with transfers or withdrawals on Neteller is what attracts people to choose PayPal instead.

Another disadvantage is associated with the amount of time it might take for your transactions to get processed. For example, it would be no surprise if you need to wait a couple of days before your transfer can reach its final destination.

In addition to depositing money, it also helps to get familiar with the steps involved in the process of cashing out from Neteller Bingo sites. As we briefly mentioned already, you need to be prepared that you will highly likely need to pay an administration fee. Even if there are differences from site to site, it is common for sites to require a flat out fee of £5 per withdrawal.

We can easily imagine that this fact might discourage you. However, remember that e-wallets like Neteller help you take care of the privacy and security of your confidential information which is priceless.

What we dislike more is that there are countries where using Neteller is not allowed. So if you live in a country associated with limited service, you will not be capable of using this payment instrument for transactions related to gambling. On the other hand, even if you have a Neteller account, you might not manage to access it whenever you visit some of the band countries where there is no Neteller at all.

Main Specifics

neteller account for bingoNow that we checked out the main specifics related to Neteller and more precisely to using the e-wallet for gambling-related business, it is worth drawing some conclusions.

First, let us once again say that the significant popularity of Neteller is not surprising taking into consideration how successful PayPal Bingo sites turned out to be and what kind of advantages go hand in hand with using the instrument.

Some of the main benefits we highlighted relate to the fact that the process of using Neteller is quite simple and at the same time it helps you protect your confidential financial information by only sharing it with Neteller as a third party.

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, it is important to check in advance what kind of interest fee you can expect to be charged as a starter based on your bank. Also, pay attention to the fact that Neteller does not operate in each and every country and that you will need to cope with an administration fee whenever you are willing to withdraw money. Last, but not least it might take a couple of days before your transactions get processed, so have this in mind.


Hopefully, you managed to get a quick, yet objective idea about what to expect from and keep in mind about the e-wallet Neteller. Even if there is a price to pay in the form of special fees, we consider this payment instrument a great ally in the process of taking care of your privacy and security when dealing with online payments. This is namely the reason why more and more Neteller bingo sites pop up.

Other Methods

You should probably look at all of your options before you rush into choosing Neteller

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