All Details About the Paysafecard Bingo Sites

Many bingo sites accept payments through Paysafecard, so the list of Paysafecard bingo sites is growing rapidly. It is a new payment method similar to gift cards or the old-school top-up cards, with some additional advantages which make it easy to be used in the world of online bingo. It can be described as a prepaid voucher which bingo players can buy from local shops and use for online shopping or top up bingo accounts.

Above all, the vouchers can be bought as a physical card for the cash you wish to top up. The operation with these cards is simple: the card provides a 16-digit PIN which you need to enter in the bingo site you prefer which accepts this type of payment( you can check all the Bingo sites which accept the Paysafecard in the list below).

what makes paysafecard bingo sites reliableIt is not necessary to invest all your money at once. The Paysafecard works in a similar way to a Gift Card, the money that is left over is available to you when you need it.

Bingo Players can buy a Paysafecard online using the Paysafecard website. The cards are available at local shops too.

You can get this convenient payment method in 50 000 locations across 43 countries. As a real leader on the world payment stage, it provides the flexibility to refill your balance in the card in local currency or convert your payment into other currencies when needed.

Thousands of entertainment providers and online retailers prefer Paysafecard as a method of payment rather than the traditional payment options. Below we have listed some of the sites which accept Paysafecard.

Top Paysafecard Sites for Bingo

  1. Mecca
  2. Betfair
  3. Kitty Bingo


Read our review on to find out everything about the Paysafecard payment method and its benefits.

Monitor your Spendings

Those who use credit cards to shop online or to play in bingo sites know how hard it is sometimes to control your spendings especially when you have unlimited access to your credit card. The solution to this lack of control over your finances comes with this amazing payment method.

You know that nowadays you are bombarded all the time with advertisements and offers for numerous products online and offline. Having access to unlimited credit card funds puts you in the position of spending your cash in no time without any control. By using Paysafecard, you take tremendous control over yours or your loved ones’ spendings which is good for your family budget as well.

This payment method allows you to easily manage your spending and to prevent yourself from burning all your cash; you have good control over your budget.

can you get a paysafecard ticket when bettingToday time is everything and to save your time is the best you can do. When you use the Paysafecard app, you save a lot of time, and it is very convenient.

With this method, if you are short on cash you need to take action to top-up your account, which prevents you from overspending. It acts as an alarm to watch out your balance and control what you are spending, and that is one of the great advantages of this payment method.

No matter how many bingo sites a player is playing on, the Paysafecard guarantees that bingo players manage their finances because they spend from one source of money.


Signing up is easy. All you need is a valid email address and a UK mobile number and you are in the game, you can easily play in your favourite Paysafecard sites. The process of paying with Paysafecard is simple; you need neither a bank account nor a credit card.

Paysafecard ensures you have easy access to Paysafecard bingo websites by providing their product in many locations like petrol stations, stationary stores, and supermarkets. You have the exclusive ability now to top-up online via the approved Paysafecard online distributors as well.

This payment method provides the opportunity to choose how much money to top up – you can refill with £10, £25, £50 or £75 and you can use 16 digit pins to deposit larger amounts. It is up to you.

Online Safety

Regular compliance checks guarantee the legitimacy of the process, which is important when it comes to payment in Paysafecard bingo websites.

Paysafecard ensures solid protection against hackers – there is no need to enter your card details or your bank account, no payment data is required upon deposit. One of the strongest points is the online security – your payment data remains safe.

how to use paysafe to bet on bingo safelyYou can be calm using Paysafecard. Paysafecard have published some safety requirements to follow on their website. Above all, you have to share your PIN only with trusted Paysafecard websites such as those listed above, make sure not to provide the PIN to third parties.

Paysafecard offers a 24-hour hotline to freeze your funds in case you lose your PIN, or someone steals it from you – just keep your card’s serial number, you may need it in such cases.

If you lose the card itself, you will lose only the prepaid funds associated with it. No personal data like a bank account or card details can be stolen. You should stay calm, the security of this payment method is guaranteed.

Combining payment methods

Paysafecard operates very well with other payment methods. Bingo players can use their account to add money to their e-wallets such as NETELLER or Skrill.

If you choose Paysafecard as your method of payment and your Pay safe card bingo sites do not work with it, check if these sites accept any other payment method which Paysafecard can supply with funds. They do their best for their clients.

Check the list above for the top bingo sites on the web that accept Paysafecard as a payment method. Who knows – maybe your favourite site has been added just now! Our job is to regularly update this list and always offer the best bonuses! Stay tuned for updates.


Paysafecard is the perfect payment method for bingo players who do not want to share their bingo activity and financial data with third parties. The payment is visible only on the transaction history page of your Paysafecard account; there are no records of payments made to Pay safe card bingo websites.

What to Watch Out For

what bingo players should consider when using paysafePlease note that the information that we provide is in general about the payment method Paysafecard. Different bingo sites may have additional payment requirements or policies. However, you need to consider a few things before choosing this type of payment.

All that remains from your money will be charged a fee of £2 for each of the months following a 12 month period. It is important to keep track of your money, so download the app to track all your transactions.

There is an option to use multiple PINs; Paysafecard guarantees that funds are taken from the oldest PIN first, if necessary it takes from newer sources. This prevents your oldest card to expire for a given period and as a result, the fees outlined above to apply, in case there is a balance left over.

You should check for any fees upon transaction in case you wish to convert the currency of the funds in your card. As mentioned above this does not concern bingo players on bingo sites. It is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions.


Here are the best features you can enjoy at the Pay safe card sites.

My Paysafecard

A free Paysafecard account will save you time and efforts. You do not need to enter a 16-digit PIN. A simple username and password login system will give you access to your money.

No credit checks are necessary to get an account and card.

This account also provides you with complete control on your past transactions and future spendings; it enables you to monitor all your PINs in one place.

where can you find a pin for your paysafecardHaving a Paysafecard account automatically optimises the use of the remaining credit, a new payment is connected to the oldest PIN, then moves onto the following oldest. Thus you never have a balance left over on an old PIN; this eliminates the possible fees in case it remained in the card after 12 months.

A standard account can be upgraded free of charge without any limits, in this way numerous larger payments can be performed.

A Paysafecard account includes a loyalty program; you will receive a reward every time you pay.


Paying with your Paysafecard at bingo sites allows you to gain loyalty points, you can exchange them for exclusive prizes, products or services.

At my PLUS you can gain either Plus points or Level points.

Your plus points can be used on the Paysafecard site to pay off some of their services or goods in the period of 12 months after you receive them. The number of your Level points defines your status which is connected with the worth of your plus points.

To make the most of this loyalty program, you need to track your balance regularly. You can get your level points by signing in to your Paysafecard account.

The Paysafecard App

does the paysafecard have a mobile appThe Paysafecard mobile application is extremely convenient; you can use it on both iOS and Android.

The app allows you to search for your nearest location, keep an eye on your transaction history and balance. Also, you can refill your account no matter when or where you are located. You have control over your balance 24/7.

You can easily access information about competitions or promotions.

You can scan your Paysafecard’s QR code, then input your unique security code to claim the payment you made or use your fingerprint to try the TouchID. Thus the scan2pay feature makes the process even easier.


Paysafecard allows you to successfully take control over your spending with less effort and more safety because it never shows your personal data online. This payment method includes an easy to use the gift card, online top-ups and ensures the security of your data – a payment option which is a great alternative to the traditional payment methods.

More than 3500 online shops accept this method of payment, not all of them are Paysafecard sites, but for sure you will find some popular brands. The list of bingo sites includes established names like 888 Ladies Bingo, Foxy Bingo, and William Hill Bingo.

Other Methods

If you find PaySafeCard inconvenient, check out your other options.

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